When it’s crunchy and crisp… it’s ISLAY, a chocolate bar with PORT CHARLOTTE whisky

21/08/2019 - Nicolas PIEROT signs here the later of its creations published this summer : ISLAY, a chocolate bar composed of muscovado crunchy, ganache and salt caramel both with Port Charlotte® whisky. A special thank you from RÉMY COINTREAU GASTRONOMIE.   Discover ou discover again the summer recipes: Caribbean with Mount Gay® rum Crisp with Amaretto Cointreau® Signature Rémy Martin® Spirale  


AMARETTO and dried fruits… in this dessert very crunchy !

2019/08/14 - Discover this new recipe by Nicolas PIEROT in which the flavours of coffee, praline and almond go perfectly with AMARETTO!  


Nicolas PIEROT proposes us a concentrated exoticism…

2019/08/07 - Caraïbes, a name evoking… the MOUNT GAY® rum ! Thank you to Nicolas PIEROT for this new recipe, very original !


Demonstrations by Johnny CHEN in China

2019/07/31 - COINTREAU® and AMARETTO was held in the new recipes of breads and Viennese pastries presented by Johnny CHEN the last week in China. Many professionals who came for the 3 exceptional occasions (to Wenzhou, Xi An and Qingdao), have been captivated by the Bakery World Champion. Thank you to our importer, Bakers Kingdom, and to the Chef, for this demonstrations who are highly successful.   See the video 1 See the video 2  


This week, discover the recipe ‘COINTREAU SIGNATURE’ by Nicolas PIEROT

2019/07/25 - In its refined decor in white and orange, this new entremets marrying successfully hazelnut, mandarin, Ceylon cannelle and COINTREAU® !


This summer: 5 new recipes, created by Nicolas PIEROT

2019/07/18 - Discover this week the recipe of RÉMY MARTIN® SPIRAL, based on peanut-chocolate-caramel and of course RÉMY MARTIN® !



07/10/2019 - Before being pastry laboratory manager for Cacao Barry, Nicolas PIEROT has worked in some famous institutions: Jean-Paul Hévin, George V, Epicure restaurant (Hotel Bristol), Barry Callebaut France and the French gastronomic school ‘Belle vie’ in China. This pastry who was only 28 years old, which has carried out a number of consultant missions in Eastem Europe, has won renown through many competitions. This includes winning gold at ‘Championnat de France des 42ème Olympiades des métiers’ (confectionery pastry category) in 2012, and the silver medal during the international final in Germany. He was also junior World Vice-Champion in pastry and confectionery. It is both pride and pleasure that RÉMY COINTREAU GASTRONOMIE welcomes this talented Chef as an ambassador of its spirits brands.


The Guidelines to use COINTREAU: advice #7

07/03/2019 - In professional environment, a precaution about your packaging: food safety ! COINTREAU satisfies this requirement.   > Check out this video in Fullscreen mode > Complete video "The 7 GUIDELINES to use COINTREAU"

The Guidelines to use COINTREAU: advice #6

06/25/2019 - COINTREAU is a 100 % natural flavor, without added sugar. But what is its another advantage used in pastry?? To discover now on our video !     > Check out this video in Fullscreen mode > Complete video "The 7 GUIDELINES to use COINTREAU"

Frédéric BOURSE in China

06/20/2019 - Very nice display of the talent of Frédéric BOURSE, famous international pastry chef, at the end of May in the northern part of China – in Beijing, Shenyang and Zhengzhou – in the presence of many professionals in the pastry field, invited by Bakers Kingdom, our importer and organiser. Pastries presented: ‘So good’, tart with ST-RÉMY, ‘Amanda’, puff cake with AMARETTO, ‘Gourmandise vanille & COINTREAU’, the cake, ‘Baya’, the white entremets with COINTREAU and ‘Raspberry JACOBERT and green tea Pavlova’. Thank to Chef and Bakers Kingdom, in partnership with Demarle and Premium Chef.



06/17/2019 - The 8th edition ot the Belgium Chocolate Awards, organized on Wednesday, 5 June, in Anvers at the Chocolate Nation, recognized the best chocolate confectioners and chocolate apprentices: Best praline Professionals: Wim Vyverman (Chocolade-Atelier Vyverman) Best praline Students: Louisa Hilger (Ter Groene Poorte) Best Filled Bar: Jurgen Baert with a creation with cherries and COINTREAU!!! RÉMY COINTREAU GASTRONOMIE, partner of this competition, congratulates the winners.



06/14/2018 -  Happy birthday for the 170 years old of the creation of COINTREAU: it was Tuesday evening at the Pavillon Elysée in Paris, in the presence of many personalities among whom us Rémy Cointreau Gastronomie Ambassadors: Jean-Michel Perruchon, Laurent Moreno, Emmanuel Ryon, Etienne Leroy, Stéphane Glacier, Bruno Van Vaerengberg, Thierry Dumouchel, … and our importers and partners NFS and BAKERS KINGDOM who have done us the honor and the pleasure of being with us, as well as Yeslicake and Nihao Jojo. Thank you so much!! The COINTREAU COCKTAIL SHOW continues until 16 June, with cocktails workshops, master classes led by famous bartenders, 3 cocktail bars, an ‘à la carte’ menu created by Thierry Marx and a tasting area on the terrace! Enjoy this extraordinary event !! Register on http://spr.ly/6187EUVbb * Free entry and entertainments. Reserved to people over the age of 18. Paying consumptions. Paying master classes :12€


COINTREAU celebrates its 170th birthday!

06/07/2019 - COINTREAU, the essential cocktail ingredient and iconic orange liqueur, celebrates its 170th year in a colourful and delicious COINTREAU COCKTAIL SHOW. Come meet us from 13 to 16 June at the Pavillon Elysée in Paris. A key component of 350 different cocktails, COINTREAU invites both amateurs and experts to attend this event and learn how to appreciate the art of cocktails. The programme includes participatory workshops, master classes led by famous bartenders, cocktail experiences and a tasting area on the terrace! In the special presence of our RÉMY COINTREAU GASTRONOMIE ambassadors: Emmanuel RYON, winner of the Meilleur Ouvrier de France (MOF) award in the ice cream category and Pâtisserie World Champion, Jean-Michel PERRUCHON, Pâtisserie MOF, and Michelin-starred chef, Pascal FAVRE D'ANNE. To find out more about this event: https://www.cointreau.com/int/en/ To be continued on social media!!


Visit to METAXA

06/04/2019 - In the end of May, RÉMY COINTREAU GASTRONOMIE had the pleasure to accompanying its distributors and partners, LUXARDO (Italy), with Mr Filippo LUXARDO and its commercial team, and YANNIKAS (Greece) with its commercial director, Mr STAVROS, Vicky, sales manager, and Mrs Elena SIAMPOU, marketing manager, to the METAXA distillery in Athens. Thank you to Mr Costas RAPTIS, Master distiller, and Huity KONSTANTINIDOU, for this enriching visit !


Demonstration by Emmanuel RYON at DOUCE FRANCE in China

05/31/2019 - Emmanuel RYON was in Xiamen the last week for a demonstration of preparation of frozen desserts with COINTREAU. Great success to this MOF glacier which immediately pleased the pastry chefs and the customers present at Douce France!


A team-building RÉMY COINTREAU Special chocolate !!

05/31/2019 - On May 8, the DARCIS Chocolaterie in Verviers, Belgium, received a team of RÉMY COINTREAU staff for a very original team-building!! After the visit to the Museum of chocolate and the presentation of the chocolate fabrication, our 38 colleagues clashed in small groups (from four to six persons) in order to create an individual dessert, with the ingredients selected by Jack BODARD, the pastry chef of Darcis company. Jack, the chef assitant of Borith Ortega, and Emeline, the decorations manager, designated the winning team. The dessert tasting finished the day. An event placed under the sign of good mood and greed! We thank to the DARCIS Chocolaterie for its warm welcoming.


BELGIUM CHOCOLATE SUMMIT from 5 to 7 June 2019

05/28/2019 - Top chocolatiers gather in June in Antwerp. Chocolaterie, the leading chocolate trade magazine in Belgium, is organising an international three-day chocolate event for the second time : Belgium Chocolate Summit. Wednesday, June 5 : Belgium Chocolate Awards You will participate in demos in the studios of differents partners as RÉMY COINTREAU GASTRONOMIE with the Executif Chef Thomas Van de Weyer and Patrick Aubrion, Master Chocolatier, on the issue: Chocolate and Cocktail pairing. Tasting of the cocktail COINTREAU and ginger. Meanwhile, you can also discover and taste the participating creations of the Belgium Chocolate Awards. The day ends with the presentation of the Belgium Chocolate Awards 2019. Thursday, June 6: Chocolate Inspiration Conference During the Chocolate Inspiration Conference, you will be inspired by international experts, trendwathers and chocolate innovators, in the world of chocolate. Friday, June 7: Belgium Chocolate Experience You will visit 'Chocolate Nation', the largest Belgian chocolate experience museum in the world!


Our thanks to YESLICAKE

05/24/2019 - The great audience ratings on social networks on the COINTREAU DAY is also linked to the collaboration of YESLICAKE who relayed this event among more than 11.000 people ! Many thanks from RÉMY COINTREAU GASTRONOMIE.


Our thanks to BAKERS KINGDOM

05/24/2019 - RÉMY COINTREAU GASTRONOMIE thanks the BAKERS KINGDOM company in China, in the person of its President, Mr LU, for its broad support for the organization of COINTREAU DAY.


’L’ASSIETTE’ competition in Japan

05/21/2019 - Mr FUJIWARA NAOYA, pastry chef at NIKKO Hotel in Himeji, is the second winner of 'L’ASSIETTE' competition with a delicious COINTREAU ice-cream. Thank you for using so brilliantly COINTREAU in its creation, congratulations for this award.      


Our thanks to Mrs Coco

05/17/2019 - The success of the COINTREAU DAY due also to the dedication of « L’Arôme », French Culinary Institute, in Shanghaï, represented by its Director, Mrs Coco, which we thank, and his team.


Our thanks to Nihao Jojo

05/17/2019 - 97.000 people (final digit) followed the COINTREAU DAY the last week, our event with Alfred Cointreau and the pastry chefs Alexis and Manuel Bouillet, relayed live with professionnalism by Nihao Jojo, Chinese journalist whom we thank.

Nihao_Jojo (2)___.jpg


05/14/2019 - Incredible! Around 93.000 web surfers followed the COINTREAU DAY in live Friday in China! never mind the many professionals who have come to be with us. Discover all the photos from this special day with the exceptional participation of Alfred COINTREAU and the demonstrations of pasty Chefs Alexis and Manuel BOUILLET. The dessert of the year 2019, the Orange Cointreau, has been one of the major recipes of the event !! A warm thank you to all who participated in the COINTREAU DAY, passionates about pastry !!! Special thanks to Alexis and Manuel Bouillet for their brilliant performance, and our Chinese partner, L’Arome, for their support and confidence.


To conclude BAKERY CHINA

05/14/2019 - After four intenses days, BAKERY CHINA ended Thursday the 9th of May, in the evening. Around 2.200 exhibitors, more than 240.000 visitors are the key figures of this edition. A must for RÉMY COINTREAU GASTRONOMIE present with its own stand and also represented over that of its chinese partner, BAKERS KINGDOM. The leading brands of gastronomy department have been exposed and presented by the team to many visitors on stand, while demonstrations of pastries by Alexis, Manuel Bouillet and Camille Cheng found the large and enthusiastic approval of the public of professionals around recipes with COINTREAU, RÉMI MARTIN and ST-RÉMY, and tips and advices of experienced Chefs to use this spirits, true culinary flavours with lots of advantages. Alfred Cointreau, Frédéric Ratajczak and the RÉMY COINTREAU GASTRONOMIE team warmly thank Alexis Bouillet, Manuel Bouillet and Camille Cheng for their brilliant demonstration. We also want to thank our partners BAKERS KINGDOM and L'AROME, INSTITUT CULINAIRE FRANCAIS, for their support and of course thank to the many visitors interested in our products.


BAKERY CHINA opened its doors!!

05/07/2019 - Our team, Melody Meluo, Lin Hao, Frédéric Ratajczak and the talented pastry chefs Alexis and Manuel Bouillet, looks forward to seeing you on the COINTREAU stand – E5K03 – where we will be presenting our products. Also visit the BAKERS KINGDOM stand : W3B11 to taste beautiful pastries with Cointreau, Rémy Martin and St-Rémy !! We would like to thank to M. Lu, the President of BAKERS KINGDOM, our partner and importer in China.


From May 6 to 9: BAKERY CHINA

05/03/2019 - It’s imminent!! BAKERY CHINA will open tis gates in Shanghai Monday, May 6th. Come to our Stands with the Pastry Chefs Alexis Bouillet, Camille Cheng and Manuel Bouillet. Stand Cointreau : E5K03 Stand Cointreau in our partner Bakers Kingdom : W3B11 We look forward to seeing you soon !!


Fine demonstration in BELGIUM

05/03/2019 - Nearly 70 professionals came to the demonstration organized by DEBIC (Friesland Campina Food service) in Lummen, in partnership with CALLEBAUT, GAULT & MILLAU and RÉMY COINTREAU GASTRONOMIE. « The 5 new trends in the world of chocolate and sugar» have been the subject of debate directed by Gault & Millau between the Chefs Fréderic Blondeel, Gault & Millau 2019 The Chocolate Master of the year, Jo Groetaerts, Gauld & Millau Young 2018 Chef of the year, Bruno Van Vaerenbergh, Debic Culinary Advisor and Rémy Cointreau Gastronomie Ambassador, and Alexandre Bourdeaux, creator of the Ganache Solution® concept. Jurgen Baert, Finalist of the Chocolate Master B-C, delivered a World Chocolate Masters-creations workshop. « A four-handed between chef and chocolate master » was held Frédéric Blondeel and Jo Grootaers for the preparation of an unique dessert. The day finishes with the chocolate bars prepared by Ryan Stevenson, Barry Callebaut Institute Belgique, and the presentation of Ganache Solution® software by Alexandre Bourdeaux. RÉMY COINTREAU GASTRONOMIE thanks its partners and is very pleased with the success of this event.

photo demo Vipam (5)__.jpg

We’ve met some great people in AUSTRALIA

04/30/2019- A 100% French success: LAURENT BAKERY. Soon a total of 18 shops created in Australia and the control of the science of bread as leitmotiv. The secret of its success ? An specialized know how and never gave up on the quality of raw materials used. Many thanks to Laurent and Julie Boillon, worthy ambassadors for REMY COINTREAU GASTRONOMIE, for their wonderful welcome.   Thank you to HAMISH & HALEY for their great welcoming! RÉMY COINTREAU GASTRONOMIE is delighted to associate its brands with the creativity of this craft firm whose quality is the rule.     Superb discovery in Australia! The delicious Nougats of BRAMBLE & HEDGE, made by traditional methods only in Melbourne but supplied around the world ! This company have revisited the ancient recipe and proposes a version with a « foraging » sauce… Montélimar won’t know what’s hit it !


They tell you all about the COINTREAU DAY!

04/26/2019 - As we have revealed recently, an unprecedented event is preparing with RÉMY COINTREAU GASTRONOMIE: the COINTREAU DAY! Alexis BOUILLET, Best Young Pastry Chef of the World 2011, and his brother, Manuel BOUILLET, Executif Pastry Chef within our partner, The Arôme French Culinary Institute, will feature live demonstrations in the use of COINTREAU on 10th May next in Shanghai, in the exceptional presence of Alfred COINTREAU. In the programme, an introduction of The Arôme, this fine school with which we host a number of presentations in China around our brands throughout the year. Alfred Cointreau, worthy successor to the Cointreau family, which founded the company, will host first-hand this event by sharing the history of Cointreau, his memories and his passion for gastronomy since childhood. Among the four recipes selected by the twin brothers Bouillet, the delicious Cointreau Orange, emblematic dessert of the year, will be made honor. Most of the customers from of China answered present at the invitation, like the journalists that will relay the Cointreau Day in live network news. The Cointreau Day will close with an After Party with tastings of Cointreau Fizz cocktails and desserts cooked by the talented Pastry Chef. Thank you to The Arôme and Bakers Kingdom, ours unavigable partners in China. Folloy us!


The Guidelines to use COINTREAU: advice #5

04/23/2019 - Did you know that using COINTREAU 60%, your preparations will contain less sugar ? Sugar = 0 !!   > Check out this video in Fullscreen mode > Complete video "The 7 GUIDELINES to use COINTREAU"

Famous Chefs will be on our stand at BAKERY CHINA

04/19/2019 - Come to our stand to attend demonstrations of Camille CHENG, Pastry Chef of "Escape from Paris" to Taipei, Alexis BOUILLET, Best Young Pastry Chef of World 2011, and Manuel BOUILLET, Executif Pastry Chef at The Arôme French Culinary Institute, during BAKERY CHINA from 6th to 9th May in Shanghai. This talented Chefs will share with you some tricks, advices, recipes around our brands COINTREAU, RÉMY MARTIN, ST-RÉMY in pastry for all four days of the show, in collaboration with The Arôme and Bakers Kingdom. We would like to thank our partners. The complete programme will soon be available online.


The Guidelines to use COINTREAU: advice #4

04/16/2019 - Perfect, the texture that results from COINTREAU 60% ! Watch the tutorial of the Chefs Alexis and Manuel BOUILLET !.

The Guidelines to use COINTREAU: advice #3

04/09/2019 - More flavour! It makes the difference between COINTREAU 60% and an orange liqueur 40%... without having to add a large quantity!. See the Chefs Alexis and Manuel BOUILLET in action.

REMY COINTREAU GASTRONOMIE will be exhibiting during BAKERY CHINA in May

04/05/2019 - The international trade fair for Bakery and Confectionery, BAKERY CHINA, will be held from 6th to 9th May in Shanghai. RÉMY COINTREAU GASTRONOMIE will participate in this new edition. The most important brands of spirits available to the food professionals: COINTREAU 40% and 60%, RÉMY MARTIN Cognac, ST-RÉMY Brandy, JACOBERT Eaux-de-vie, AMARETTO, …  will also be present on the stand of our importer BAKERS KINGDOM, and in the International ingredients area, in collaboration with our partner. Follow us and discover very shortly the major animations that are going to mark this edition !


The 7 Guidelines to use COINTREAU: advice #2

04/02/2019 - At what temperature should your preparation be to add COINTREAU 60%? This is the question to which Alexis BOUILLET, Best Young Pastry Chef of the World 2011, answers in this tutorial.

RÉMY COINTREAU GASTRONOMIE wishes to thank its distributors

03/29/2019 - RÉMY COINTREAU GASTRONOMIE thanked its distributors throughout the globe for their involvement, their professionalism and their talent to highlight its brands of spirits. As such, Miss Wang, the Chef Chen Youde and the Chef Huang from BAKERS KINGDOM have just been handed the COINTREAU Gastronomie suitcase.

WeChat Image_20190307164231.jpg

The 7 Guidelines to use COINTREAU: Advice #1

03/26/2019 - In pastry, the dosage is essential! as shown by Manuel BOUILLET, Exécutif Pastry Chef, and Alexis BOUILLET, World’s Best Young Pastry Chef 2011 in the use of COINTREAU.

The ‘Viennoiseries’ by Johnny CHEN

03/22/2019 - Thank you to Johnny CHEN, Baker World Champion, for its brilliant demonstration at TIBS, the bakery pastry Show in Taiwan. Many breads and ‘viennoiseries’ made with COINTREAU 60% vol. and ST-RÉMY were highly successful among professionals during their visit at the show.



03/19/2019 - DEBIC is organizing on 29 April a seminar dédicated to chocolate makers, in partnership with CALLEBAUT, GAULT & MILLAU and RÉMY COINTREAU GASTRONOMIE. The new trends of snacking in the field of chocolate products is the thematic of this conference in Lummen, animated by several internationally renowned chefs. Space limited. For more information: www.debicpromotions.be/fr/seminairechocolatiers (in French)  

Seminare DEBIC-1.jpg

Our thanks to VIPAM on BAKKERSVAK

03/14/2019 - On the booth of our Dutch importer, VIPAM INTERNATIONAL, on BAKKERSVAK, the most important bakery event in the Netherlands ending March 12, 2019 : beautiful presentation of COINTREAU and our ‘COINTREAU ORANGE’ dessert, RÉMY MARTIN cognac and MOUNT GAY rum.

Next meeting on the Swiss trade fair for bakery pâtisserie

03/11/2019 - FBK, the only Swiss specialist trade fair for bakery, pâtisserie, confectionery, chocolate and ice-cream, will be taking place from 17th to 19th March in Berne. For its 34th edition, approximately 25,000 visitors and 180 exhibitors are expected on an area covering over 22,000 m2. As a showcase of the latest trends and innovations, the FBK establishes itself as a genuine exchange center and a source of inspiration for professionals. The RÉMY COINTREAU GASTRONOMIE range will presented by our Switzerland supplier PATISWISS on its stand : Hall 3.0 / F 32.


The most important bakery event in the Netherlands: BAKKERSVAK 2019

03/07/2019 - Over 180 suppliers will be presents on the 8th edition of Bakkersvak on 10,11 and 12 March 2019 in Evenementenhal Gorinchem. Within 3 days (instead of two), 8.500 bakers, pâtisseries, confectioners, chocolate makers, catering professionals and ice cream makers will come together on the only and most important bakery event in the Netherlands. Our Dutch importer, VIPAM INTERNATIONAL, will exhibit our range: COINTREAU, RÉMY MARTIN cognac, AMARETTO,  PÈRE MAGLOIRE calvados, JACOBERT eaux-de-vie, … and the novelty: MOUNT GAY rum. Visit on the stand D145

COINTREAU in Shanghai

03/05/2019 - Thank you to ICHIDO for your fantastic welcome during our visit in Shanghai ! Major projects are going to emerge between COINTREAU and this prestigious brand. Stay connected for more details!


A partnership for an EXCEPTIONAL EVENING

02/26/2019 - RÉMY COINTREAU GASTRONOMIE is proud to be a partner with SUNIN of Cordon Bleu Sookmyung Academy’s « Soirée of Friends » in Seoul.


Many THANKS in South Korea

02/26/2019 - Thank you to EJ BAKING STUDIO for your support around COINTREAU and RÉMY MARTIN. We wish EJ LEE the very best in its new shop, OWNER’S GRAM, in Seoul.


Beautiful visits of shops in SOUTH KOREA

02/26/2019 - Thank you to our partner SUNIN in the visits we have just make in Séoul. We are very pleased to discover the top level of creativity using the orange and COINTREAU! Such is the case, for instance, of NOAH’S ROASTING, a coffee shop in which COINTREAU is remarkably used. Thanks to the talent of Mr Song Young Moon whom we congratulate. Thank you for your warm welcome.


Launching of MOUNT GAY rum in Japan on the MOBAC 2019

02/22/2019 - Our partner NFS INTERNATIONAL presents to the many professionals of bakery and confectionery in visit on its booth on the MOBAC 2019 in Tokyo its new reference : MOUNT GAY rum, the oldest brand of rum in the world, offered in a version adapted to the needs of pastry.


02/22/2019 - The MOBAC SHOW is the only trade exhibition for bakery and confectionery organised every two years in Japan: an international must! For this 26th edition in Tokyo, RÉMY COINTREAU GASTRONOMIE presents its complete range of spirits – culinary flavours now! - on its Japanese partner’s booth, NFS INTERNATIONAL, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. RÉMY COINTREAU GASTRONOMIE warmly thanks Mr Jun TSUTSUI, Chairman of this Company, with which RÉMY COINTREAU GASTRONOMIE has been honoured to share this great adventure for more than 10 years.         In the video: Mr TARO, Sales Manager for COINTREAU in Japan In photographs: Mr Jun TSUTSUI, Chairman of NFS INTERNATIONAL Mr TARO with Mr Frédéric RATAJCZAK

Jean-Michel PERRUCHON revisits the BABA!

02/19/2019 - A baba with red fruit syrup and JACOBERT Raspberry Brandy, with a raspberry glaze, along with a mascarpone whipped cream and decorate with a few poppy seed streusels... Jean-Michel PERRUCHON, MOF Pastry, revisits the recipe of Baba and offers us an unconventional version, very fruity and original!   -> Discover the recipe: Red fruit baba



02/15/2019 - A light chocolate mousse, a vanilla-JACOBERT Kirsch foam and raspberries, and a chocolate sponge… Jean-Michel PERRUCHON, MOF Pastry, created for you this new entremets with chocolate, for the next Easter holidays.   -> Discover the recipe : Black Forest Cake


Stéphane GLACIER, the school

02/12/2019 - Stéphane GLACIER, MOF pastry, founded his school in 2011 in Colombes (Hauts-de-Seine). This training centre organises pastry and culinary workshops for amateurs throughout the year, while enabling cooking professionals to perfect their knowledge of areas of pastry, confectionery and chocolate maker. Nearly twenty internships are animated every year by Stéphane GLACIER, Alexandra GARAFFI, and other actors recognized into the world of gastronomy such as Stéphane LEROUX, MOF Pastry, Emmanuele FORCONE, Pastry World Champion, Serge GRANGER, MOF Chocolate maker, Gérard TAURIN, MOF Ice-cream, … The school also offer trainings at the homes of artisans, organises demonstrations for some top gastronomy brands and publishes a number of books in order to promote the French pastry around the world. RÉMY COINTREAU GASTRONOMIE provides Stéphane GLACIER, ambassador and prescriber of our spirit brands. Website : http://www.stephaneglacier-lecole.com/  


A heart with COINTREAU to celebrate VALENTINE’S DAY

02/08/2019 - Composed of an orange pain de gênes, a mandarine jelly, confits of apricots and a delicate COINTREAU mousse, this small pastry is the ‘Coup de coeur’ with COINTREAU! In terms of chocolate, get inspiration from our recipes, only creations of star chefs !   -> Discover the recipe : 'Coup de coeur'  -> Discover our recipes : Chocolates


Near Year in China

02/05/2019 - RÉMY COINTREAU GASTRONOMIE whishes a happy new year to all its Chinese partners and friends ! A new year placed under the sign of earth pig, symbol of luck and prosperity, illustrated on the poster designed for this event and associated with the recipe of Cointreau Orange, creation by Laurent LUO, Pastry Chef in Anhua, Hunan, China.


SIRHA 2019 : a sucess !

02/01/2019 - We are very pleased for our participation to SIRHA 2019 which beat record numbers of visitors. Thank you to Laurent MORENO, our talented chef, thank you to our visitors, ambassadors of our brands around the world, thank you to our parnerts in Europe, to Philippe Vauzelles in Australia, to Bakers Kingdom in China, to Nichifutsu in Japan. Thank you to the wonderful team of Malaysie winner of 'Coupe du Monde de la Pâtisserie'!! Next meeting in 2 years!!

SIRHA 2019 : World famous Chefs on our booth!

01/30/2019 – Since Saturday, numerous personalities from the world of gastronomy came to greet our team on our booth. Emmanuel RYON, M.O.F. Ice-cream maker and World Pastry Champion, Jean-Michel PERRUCHON, M.O.F. Pastry, Thierry DUMOUCHEL, the baker, pastry and chocolatier who has enchanted the British, Sébastien SERVEAU, International Consultant pastry and chocolatier, Patrick CASULA, World Pastry Champion, Jérôme CHAUCESSE, M.O.F. Pastry, Johan MARTIN, teacher at Bellouet Conseil, the prestigious Parisian school of Jean-Michel PERRUCHON, Tristan ROUSSELOT and Cedric MATON, the RITZ-ESCOFFIER team, David BRIAND, new M.O.F. Pastry, teacher pastry chef at VALRHONA school, Nicolas RIVEAU, ‘Concours Charles Proust’, also teacher pastry chef at VALRHONA, Vincent DURANT, new M.O.F. Chocolatier,... Thank you so much to all of you!!


SIRHA 2019: Have a look through our booth!

01/29/2019 - Here are a few pictures of our booth on which Frédéric RATAJCZAK, Paul SEGERS, Melody LUO and Lin HAO are welcoming you. Laurent MORENO, our talented pastry chef, prepares you delicious tastings with Cointreau, Rémy Martin, Mount Gay rum and The Botanist gin. He shares his secrets for cooking throughout demonstrations organized every day. Gastronomic atmosphere, studious atmosphere, also breaks time between each influx of visitors on our booth, here is what would happen our days on SIRHA 2019. Join us at booth 4C24.


SIRHA 2019: Visit by Christophe Roesems

01/27/2019 - Thank you to the prestigious Wittamer company represented by Christophe Roesems for his visit to our stand !


SIRHA 2019: Visit of Vincent Boué on our stand

01/27/2019 - Vincent Boué, new laureate of ‘Meilleurs Ouvriers de France’ Ice-cream, in visit on our booth, with Laurent Moreno. Congratulations to Vincent for this prestigious title!


SIRHA 2019: Significant number of visitors on our stand, around Laurent MORENO

01/27/2019 - This Sunday 27th January 2019, second day of SIRHA 2019 in Lyon. We welcomed considerably more visitors to our stand!!! Many professionals in the food industry come to discover our spirits and to see the demonstrations of Laurent MORENO with COINTREAU, REMY MARTIN, MOUNT GAY and the novelty: THE BOTANIST gin. Join us at booth number 4C24.

SIRHA 2019 :  our 3 Ambassadors on our stand RÉMY COINTREAU GASTRONOMIE !

01/26/2019 - Alexis Bouillet, World Best Pastry 2011, Laurent MORENO, Consultant Pastry Chef, and Luo Mengxiang, Pastry Chef at « Douce France » in Xiamen, directly on our booth 4C24. Thank you to all three !


SIRHA : visit by Jean-Thomas SCHNEIDER

01/26/2019 - We are pleased to receive the visit of Jean-Thomas SCHNEIDER, World’s Champion Pastry 2017 and  World Cup ice 2018. Thank you Jean-Thomas ! Meet our specialists at booth 4C24!


For the SIRHA, our Ambassadors from Asia visited COINTREAU

01/25/2019 - Alexis BOUILLET, World Best Pastry 2011, Camille CHENG, Pastry Chef at pastry « Escape from Paris » in Taipei, and Luo MENGXIANG, Pastry Chef at « Douce France » in Xiamen, are newcomers from Asia for the exceptional opportunity of SIRHA. They absolutely wanted to discover COINTREAU in Angers. They are delighted with their visit!


SIRHA 2019 : launch of THE BOTANIST and MOUNT GAY in Gastronomy on our booth!

01/22/2019 - RÉMY COINTREAU GASTRONOMIE will showcase on our booth THE BOTANIST gin and MOUNT GAY rum, enriching the range of spirits proposed to pastry, catering and industrial professionals. THE BOTANIST is the first and only gin of the island of Islay in Scotland signed by Bruichladdich, in Gastronomy Edition. MOUNT GAY is the oldest brand of rum in the world, produced in Barbados, Caribbean island. Two new brands whose fine flavours will improve the palette of tastes proposed at Chefs! Please visit us in the hall 4 : BOOTH 4C24


SIRHA 2019 : Visit us at our stand to discover the fingers food of Laurent Moreno!

01/17/2019 - RÉMY COINTREAU GASTRONOMIE invites you in paricipating in demonstration of Laurent MORENO. Learn all the secrets of the Chef about its fabulous fingers food, proposed in 3 flavours : THE BOTANIST gin, RÉMY MARTIN cognac and MOUNT GAY rum. Please visit us in the hall 4 : BOOTH 4C24



01/14/2019 – For the SIRHA 2019, RÉMY COINTREAU GASTRONOMIE proposes you a tutorial which explains the 7 guidelines to use COINTREAU in pastry. Alexis and Manuel BOUILLET, two French Chefs of international reputation, lent themselves enthusiastically to the shooting of scenario constructed around the recipe of cream puff. Discover and share without moderation this simple and effective short clip.


SIRHA 2019: Discover the Orange Cointreau and enjoy our exclusive offer!

01/11/2019 - This dessert with COINTREAU, the latest new recipe proposed by RÉMY COINTREAU GASTRONOMIE, has the particularity to reproducing the form of an orange and uses a specific mould. We propose you to acquire this mould at special conditions ! Please visit us in the hall 4 : BOOTH 4C24


RÉMY COINTREAU GASTRONOMIE will be present in the SIRHA 2019 with Laurent MORENO

01/08/2019 - The Chef Laurent MORENO which has an impressive professional career - the Tour d’Argent, Pierre Hermé at the age of Fauchon and Ladurée or else the Delicabar of Bon Marché with Sébastien Gaudard – will show his talent and know-how on our booth, through our flagship brands : COINTREAU, RÉMY MARTIN, MOUNT GAY, ST-RÉMY, PORT CHARLOTTE, THE BOTANIST, METAXA, …. Please visit us in our booth 4C24 26 - 30 JANUARY 2019 EUREXPO / LYON / FRANCE


Ultimate recipe by Arnaud LARHER: « Toulouse Lautrec », a chocolate entremets with METAXA

12/14/2018 - RÉMY COINTREAU GASTRONOMIE thanks very much Arnaud LARHER, MOF Pastry, who signs here last of 4 recipes created for this end of year. Chocolate lovers will love this entremets with a black decoration in tribute to the painter Toulouse Lautrec. METAXA and chocolate make a perfect duo in this dessert.


Honolulu Tart with METAXA, by Arnaud LARHER

12/11/2018 - This week, we continue the publication of new recipes proposed by Arnaud LARHER, MOF Pastry. This recipe revisits the tart on the subject of passion fruit, mango, vanilla, coconut… just a quick hello to Hawaï and its charming fruits… underlined by METAXA! Thank you to Arnaud LARHER for this sunny tart during freezing winter!

tarte honolulu.jpg

The Chef’s baba with MOUNT GAY rum, by Arnaud LARHER

12/07/2018 - The baba is THE DESSERT that sublimes the MOUNT GAY rum! Its aromas of vanilla and sweet caramel are transcended in this greed with no one another similar ! Thank you to Arnaud LARHER, Meilleur Ouvrier de France Pastry.

baba du chef.jpg

Joséphine genoise log with METAXA, a creation of Arnaud LARHER

12/04/2018 - The tradition is respected in this new recipe created by Arnaud LARHER, Meilleur Ouvrier de France Pastry: around an almond genoise rolled like it was in the past, an orange marmalade then a delicious vanilla mousseline cream. The METAXA soaks the genoise and emphazises each flavours of this delicat dessert.


MOUNT GAY rum, the major ingredient of this love of « MINI PASSION FRUIT CARAMEL CAKE »

11/30/2018 - On a delicious sablé pastry, imagine a choux sponge, a chocolate cream then a passion fruit cream and a passion fruit mousse… Add some Brazilian almonds to give crisp and a few passion fruit-coconut meringues for the decoration. MOUNT GAY brings an indispensable exotic touch. Congratulations and thank you to Jean-Thomas SCHNEIDER, World Pastry Champion in 2017, who signs here the last of 3 recipes created this end of year for REMY COINTREAU GASTRONOMIE.


New entremets with COINTREAU: « TROPICAL HAZELNUT», by Pascal De Deyne

11/27/2018 - Hazelnut, almond, lemon, yuzu, orange, mango and passion fruit: it’s the judicious association of flavors suggested by Pascal De Deyne, Pastry Chef at the Maison Van Dender in Brussels, official supplier of the Belgian Royal Court, in this dessert whose the citruses notes are enhanced by COINTREAU. Entremets or individual desserts at your convenience !


A brioche with COINTREAU created by the winner of 2018 « COUPE LOUIS LESAFFRE »

11/23/2018 - Kaori SOBAJIMA has presented in the 2018 LOUIS LESAFFRE COMPETITION in Japan, an original recipe of brioche with honey, orange and COINTREAU which has enchanted the jury.


New log with chestnut and PORT CHARLOTTE whisky, creation by Pascal DE DEYNE

11/20/2018 - Pascal DE DEYNE has worked in top establishments such as De Baere, Joost Arijs, Painture, and has won several competitions: 1st place 2014 Chocolate Award in Bruges, 3rd place 2011 Pastry World Cup in Lyon and 2nd place 1999, 3rd place 2009 World Chocolate Master national selection, … Pastry Chef at the Maison Van Dender in Brussels, official supplier of the Belgian Royal Court, he established himself as a multidisciplinary chef, devoted to his profession, always curious about new techniques and trends in the world of the pastry and especially keen to share new ideas. The chestnut is the main ingredient of this new log with PORT CHARLOTTE whisky, in a decor of undergrowth of Périgord (France), very original.


The PÈRE MAGLOIRE Calvados sublimate by Alexis BOUILLET!

11/15/2018 - What is this delightful pastry? Its name, « Apple Blossom », will provide you some clue to guess the main ingredients. It’s an elegant ode to apples and PÈRE MAGLOIRE Calvados! Let be tempted by this dessert and discover this new recipe online on our site. It’s an original creation of Alexis BOUILLET, a young and talented pastry chef.


Jean-Thomas SCHNEIDER reprises the cake and creates a perfect tasty with COINTREAU!

11/13/2018 - Jean-Thomas SCHNEIDER, World Champion Pastry 2017, propose a cake whose the association of flavours is audacious: raspberry, sesame, dark chocolate and COINTREAU. He gives the decor a highly graphic touch, in red and black. In the end : an invitation to greed !!!


New recipe of Jean-Thomas SCHNEIDER: Strawberry-Pistachio Log with MOUNT GAY rum

11/09/2018 - Jean-Thomas SCHNEIDER has a passion for pastry. For 20 years, he worked in many Michelin-star restaurants: the Arnsbourg, the Espérance, the Relais Bernard Loiseau, the Georges V Hotel, the Meurice, the Tour d'Argent, ... After 2010 and its step in Café Pouchkine, he has developed its training centre. This World Champion Pastry 2017 and World Champion Ice cream making proposes a new recipe, full of delicateness: Strawberry-pistachio log with MOUNT GAY rum. A good idea for the next happy festive season!


The SAINT SYLVESTRE 2018 approved by the Belgians!

11/06/2018 - After France and China, our SAINT SYLVESTRE was presented this week in Belgium. Christophe ROESEMS, Pastry Chef in the Pastry Chocolate factory WITTAMER in Brussels, has just offered some customers an pleasant tasting : our entremets with Cointreau has enjoyed great success ! The proof that the WITTAMER society has decided to add this pastry to its dessert menu for of the end of this year. Thank you to this famous maison!

The SAINT SYLVESTRE 2018 highly appreciated in China!

10/30/2018 - It’s in the pastry DOUCE FRANCE, located in Xiamen, in the Fujian area, that our new entremets with COINTREAU has recently been tasted. Thank you to DOUCE FRANCE for sharing this greedy moment with us!

Launch of Mount Gay rum, Port Charlotte whisky and Amaretto in Korea over the demonstrations of Laurent MORENO

10/26/2018 - During 3-day seminar (at Le Cordon Bleu-Sookmyung Academy in Seoul, in the offices of our distributor SUNIN in Yongin and Lacucina in Busan), Laurent MORENO presented new recipes in particular with AMARETTO and MOUNT GAY rum. From October, these spirits as well as PORT CHARLOTTE whisky will be available in Korea to SUNIN, in addition to COINTREAU and RÉMY MARTIN. These demonstrations are opportunity to explain at the participants – coming from diversified horizons (hôtel, shop, school of pastry, students), the difference between conventional products and our concentrated products and the best way to use them. Participants particularly satisfied with the demonstration of Laurent MORENO, himself pleased.


Nearly 200 persons at the demonstration of Jean-Michel PERRUCHON to MESMACQUE!

10/23/2018 - On October at Saint-Omer (North in France), the MESMACQUE Society had the pleasure to welcome pastry professionals at the demonstration of Jean-Michel PERRUCHON, M.O.F. Pastry, assisted by Marc HEMERY, pastry chef. Around the theme «2018 year-end trends », the Chefs presented the « Amaretti Log » with AMARETTO and GRIOTTINES COINTREAU, the « Black Forest of the Advent » with JACOBERT KIRSCH, chocolate and raspberries, the « Christmas Baba » with JACOBERT RASPBERRY BRANDY and the Saint Sylvestre 2018 with COINTREAU. Recipes very creative, shortly available on our website. Congratulations to our distributor MESMACQUE and pastry chefs for the quality of their benefit.


Tasting of SAINT SYLVESTRE 2018 in Shanghai

10/19/2018 - On the far side of the world, some people are happy to taste the SAINT SYLVESTRE 2018! In our importer BAKERS KINGDOM, customers were delighted with the tasting of this new entremets with COINTREAU! Thank you to our partner for sharing this moment with us!

Superb demonstration in Holland with Jeroen GOOSSENS and Peter REMMELZWAAL

10/16/2018 - During this day organized by our importer VIPAM, Jeroen GOOSSENS, “One of the best pastry Chef in the world” in the words of Pierre Hermé, Pastry Chef at the Dutch Royal court, and Peter REMMELZWAAL, Dutch Champion of Pastry in 2012, presented new recipes created for this event: Puffs Banana with vanilla cream, pieces of banana and cream with COINTREAU, COINTREAU, pistachio and vanilla Tart, Cake with mandarin-flavoured sponge, apricot coulis and cream with COINTREAU. Thix exceptional workshop was attended by about 105 professionals. Thank you to VIPAM and thank you to ours partners.


Degustation of SAINT SYLVESTRE 2018 in Bakery Pastry VIENNE in Santes

10/12/2018 - M. Hubert VIENNE has just organised a really nice tasting in its establishment in Santes, in the north of France, this week: the SAINT SYLVESTRE 2018 was introduced to customers, delighted to participate at this animation. They loved this new entremets with COINTREAU, available in the end of the year. Thank you to M. VIENNE for sharing your event with us!

Next demonstrations by Laurent MORENO in Korea

10/09/2018 - It’s confirmed: Laurent MORENO will be on Tuesday, October 16 at Le Cordon Bleu-Sookmyung Academy in Seoul, Wednesday, October 17 in the offices of our distributor SUNIN, and Friday, October 19 at Lacucina in Busan. Program of these demonstrations, several preparations of desserts: Orange COINTREAU, RÉMY MARTIN Ceylon Valley (with apricot, yuzu and ceylon tea), Cake with white sesame and MOUNT GAY rum, Cake with AMARETTO pistachio cream, strawberries and raspberries, accompanied by a tasting of ‘Miroir de Loire’. For informations/registration, thank you for visiting the website of our Korean partner SUNIN: www.ppang.biz


Launch of the SAINT SYLVETRE 2018 by Jean-Michel PERRUCHON

10/05/2018 - To celebrate the new year in greediness, REMY COINTREAU GASTRONOMIE asked to Jean-Michel PERRUCHON, M.O.F. pastry, the creation of a entremets with Cointreau dedicated to this event: the SAINT SYLVESTRE 2018 is born! Listen to the Chef introduce its dessert and download the recipe.


PÈRE MAGLOIRE calvados spotlighted by Thierry DUMOUCHEL

10/02/2018 - It’s a entremets composed of a flourless sponge, a PÈRE MAGLOIRE calvados mousse and a caramel cream… but not simply! Add caramelized apples with PÈRE MAGLOIRE calvados according a seasonal recipe created by Thierry DUMOUCHEL inspiring to his native Normandy in France.


World launching of METAXA in Gastronomy with Arnaud LARHER

09/28/2018 - The world launching of METAXA in gastronomy edition took place on September 25th in Athen at the foot of the Acropolis, with over 350 pastries. Programme: demonstrations of new recipes created for this event by Arnaud LARHER, MOF Pastry, with METAXA, but also with COINTREAU and MOUNT GAY rum. The Chef was supported by Petros and Brabis, patissiers, and Elena Siampou, interpreter, every three from the YIANNIKAS company. These recipes will soon be available on our website. Thank you to your partner and thank you to Arnaud LARHER for this exceptional event.


A recipe with COINTREAU acclaimed by the Belgian TV magazine BAKE OFF VLAANDEREN

09/25/2018 - The TV culinary magazine BAKE OFF VLAANDEREN (Canal 4) in Belgium had just elected the best recipe of the last week : a delicious pastry with Cointreau ! Congratulations to the recipient !


Great success of CULINARY WORKSHOPS in Belgium

09/21/2018 - The pastry demonstrations of Jean-Thomas SCHNEIDER and Pascal DE DEYNE had just ended. 5 new recipes have been shown to the public, creations with COINTREAU, of course, but also with new brands of RÉMY COINTREAU GASTRONOMIE : MOUNT GAY rum and PORT CHARLOTTE whisky. More than 360 participants for the one of the biggest events in pastry in Belgium, with so many customers in 4 days ! Thanks to our partners, RANSON and BRUYERRE, and chefs which professionalism attitude won everyone over. Recipes will be online shortly.


Laurent MORENO creates the Mooncake with Cointreau to celebrate the Moon Festival in China

09/19/2018 - Laurent MORENO is native to the South of France where he made his first experiences in pastry, before work at the Hôtel Majestic in Cannes, the Tour d’Argent in Paris, then Fauchon, Ladurée with Pierre Hermé, and other renowned institutions. He currently works as a consultant in pastry, chocolate making and dessert for restaurant in his own firm and he travelled the globe to deliver training. The Moon Festival, called also Mid-fall Festival, «Zhongqiu Jie», will be held in China on 24 September ; during this traditional ceremony, Chinese enjoy the Mooncake or Yuebing, this cake is composed of a fine crisp fesh on the outside, with a sweet or salty filling. On this occasion, Laurent MORENO has created a Mooncake with Cointreau, with mango, coconut, chestnut and cherry. The Cointreau adds an authentic freshness to this dessert… and a little French Touch! In October, Laurent MORENO will make demonstrations in Korea and in China. The programm will soon be available.



09/10/2018 - RÉMY COINTREAU GASTRONOMIE with M. Paul SEGERS guided a team of Swiss pastries in the most pastries in Brussels : Centho chocolate factory in Duisburg, Van Dender chocolate factory in Schaerbeek, De Baere pastry in Woluwe-Saint-Lambert, Ducobu Pastry in Waterloo, Wittamer pastry-chocolate factory and Yasushi Sasaki pastry in Brussels. We thank each of this companies for the warmth of their welcome.


The Coupe LOUIS LESAFFRE in Japan: the winner has presented a brioche with Cointreau

09/07/2018 - Kaori SOBAJIMA had just won the ‘Coupe Louis Lesaffre’ in Japan, she has presented an original recipe of brioche with honey, orange and COINTREAU. The ‘Coupe Louis Lesaffre’ was born in 2003 through the impetus of Christian Vabret, Meilleur Ouvrier de France. This event is today the unmissable meeting point in the bakery world. More than an international competition, it’s a real learning programme, an opportunity to reveal talents, a moment of exchange and an unique professional and human experience. The recipe will soon be available on our website.  www.lesaffre.com/ https://lesaffre.jp/


3 news brands available: PORT CHARLOTTE, THE BOTANIST and METAXA!

09/04/2018 - RÉMY COINTREAU GASTRONOMIE adds three new exceptional brands in portfolio of outstanding spirits brands to pastry, catering and industrial professionals : PORT CHARLOTTE whisky, THE BOTANIST gin and METAXA spirit. Free up your imagination!


Pastry demonstration by Arnaud LARHER on Tuesday Sept. 25 for the launch of METAXA in Greece

08/29/2018 - RÉMY COINTREAU GASTRONOMIE organizes with our importer YIANNIKAS a pastry demonstration with Arnaud LARHER, MOF Pastry and member of Relais Desserts International, for the launch of Metaxa® in Greece. Date: Tuesday 25 September at 5 p.m. Duration: 4 hours Place: ELEON LOFT – A/T Velous 3 & Naftikou – 10447, Botanicos, Athènes Program: - Baba with Mount Gay® rum - Joséphine log with Metaxa® - Metaxa® Religieuse - Honolulu tart with Cointreau® - Toulouse Lautrec entremets with Metaxa® - Miroir of Loire with Cointreau® Registration: Elena Siampou / STELIOS YIANNIKAS AEBE - headoffice@yiannikasgroup.com


THIERRY DUMOUCHEL… a French pastry chef in United Kingdom!

08/21/2018 - Childhood memories are important in shaping our identity… Thierry DUMOUCHEL still remember about apple pie and mille feuilles prepared by her aunt… in Normandy! The memory for good things in live, the taste awakening, the terroir, also the sense of sharing, are undoubtedly the ultimate basis of its career choice. After obtaining an NVQ in pastry and an NVQ in bakery from INBP in Rouen, Thierry DUMOUCHEL had the opportunity to work in prestigious houses such as Lucien PELTIER and FAUCHON. Furthermore, he moved to Japan for 3 years where he worked for PATISSERIE FRANCAIS LECOMTE, then LE CORDON BLEU. He also lived in Lebanon. These two destinations aren’t out of the ordinary. Why Thierry DUMOUCHEL lives in United Kingdom? Because he wanted to learn English to indulge his passion for travel. Then, struck by freedom of expression in this country (non-conventional !) and people very sympathetic, he stayed there. He was elected Best Bakery in this country in 2010. RÉMY COINTREAU ambassador for a very long time, Thierry explains that the use of COINTREAU or RÉMY MARTIN in its desserts produces a real statement, an authenticity, more sharper tastes, a sweetness. It’s a secret: he working on a new recipe for September, a creation inspired by the softness of Normandy. http://www.dumouchel.co.uk/


To discover the CARRÉ COINTREAU in Saint Barthélémy d’Anjou

08/08/2018 - As Maison Cointreau celebrates its 150th birthday in 1999, it created a real museum which tells the story of Cointreau. 3 000 items and documents are arranged along the visit tour which passes through the room with functioning stills and overlooks the workshops of packaging line. Instructional explanations are provided to the distillation, the family tree and the advertising serial of Cointreau brand. The Carré Cointreau has been open to public in new space using techniques of scenography since 2007. A central bar – at the cutting-edge technology of mixology – and a bar-workshop provides since 2017 new experiences around the Cocktail or the Gastronomy. These installations show the impact of Cointreau in the group Rémy Cointreau, in both worlds and underline incomparable know-how.

Allée Marmites___.jpg

COINTREAU® ORANGE: creation by Chinese Pastry Chef, Laurent LUO

08/01/2018 - Presentation of Laurent LUO: I began doing Pastry since I was a kid, because my mum is a Pastry Chef and my father is a Bakery Chef. I often went to help them in their store. After that I went to Changsha for my first job and then I went to Shanghai because Shanghai was for me the reference in term of french Pastry and I worked in a shop called Fascino. In 2018, I decided with one friend to open our own shop in Xiamen (in the province of Fujian) called ‘Douce France’. We are going to open our second shop in September. « COINTREAU ORANGE » is a seasonal recipe that I created during the oranges period. I also imagined this dessert because there is a trend about dessert in the fruit shape in France and the Chineses are looking for this kind of desserts. So, I should like to surprise them also by bringing this subtle and fresh taste associated with COINTREAU. This dessert became the signature recipe of the shop. This recipe needs some technical skills and a meticulous work in order to have the sensation of a real orange. The first layer is made with chocolate and its interior consists of an orange and white chocolate mousse. The heart of the dessert is made with fresh orange and orange biscuit, all perfumed with COINTREAU. Since the beginning, I had a preference for COINTREAU for my desserts. I really appreciate its orange taste and its fresh perfume which perfectly match my desserts. When I use COINTREAU, I don’t need to put a lot of product and it won’t change the texture of my pastries. On the contrary, the taste will be much better. I like to use COINTREAU in chocolate desserts and I use it to perfume mousse, fruits… Douce France shop : Fujian province, Xiamen , district Siming, Guanreng road 2-8



07/27/2018 - There are local recipes, delectable treats that demonstrate the traditions and the French good taste. MIROIR is a good example. This cake, called « Miroir de Loire » flavoured with COINTREAU or « Miroir Charentais » flavoured with RÉMY MARTIN cognac, has become over the years a regional speciality very appreciated. It’s probably because it’s a creation of Jean-Michel PERRUCHON, MOF pastry !



07/24/2018 - Created in 1989 by Gérard Joël BELLOUET, a former professor at Lenôtre School, and Jean-Michel PERRUCHON, previously pastry chef at Fauchon, both ‘Meilleurs Ouvriers de France’, BELLOUET CONSEIL has become a professional and international key place due to a rich network and many contacts established over the years, thanks to a team of highly qualified teachers, for most ‘Meilleurs Ouvriers de France’ or ‘Champions du Monde’. Their claim : the quality work and devotion to serving catering professionals. From Bakery to Ice cream, from Pastry to desserts plate many specialities are available all year round, the school provide long term for adults beginners, with technical advice to businesses in food industry and research and development in order to monitor consumers’ palates. RÉMY COINTREAU GASTRONOMIE provides Jean-Michel PERRUCHON, head of the school since 2006, ambassador and prescriber of our spirit brands. Some key figures : BELLOUET CONSEIL welcomes every year almost 1 000 students, from over 110 countries. Top 5 : France, Belgium, United States, Japan, Korea and China. 1989 – 2019 : BELLOUET CONSEIL will soon celebrate thirty years of existence!! Website : ecolebellouetconseil.com


Yuzu tart… with COINTREAU !

07/20/2018 - On a sweet pastry, imagine a yuzu flavoured cream and the entire covered with a COINTREAU cream… It’s exceptional, it’s delicious, it’s a creation of Sadaharu AOKI, the most Parisian of Japanese pastry chefs ! http://sadaharuaoki.com/


RÉMY COINTREAU GASTRONOMIE’ll organize pastry demonstration in GREECE in September

07/17/2018 – See pastry demonstration Tuesday, September 25 to Athens, organised with our importer YIANNIKAS and given by Arnaud LARHER, MOF Pastry and member of Relais Desserts. This great name in the pastry world is the head of three prestigious establishments in Paris. He learned his profession in practice from pastry chefs like Peltier, Dalloyau and Fauchon, he was a member of the Pierre Hermé team. Several desserts will be shown with the brands Cointreau, Metaxa and Mount Gay Rum. The precise program (recipes and meeting place) will soon be available.


A new entremets, The SAINT SYLVESTRE 2018, in the next issue of « ARTISANS »

07/13/2018 - Stéphane GLACIER, M.O.F. Pastry, created in 2017 a magazine dedicated to the defence and promotion of French craftsmanship: « ARTISANS ». This new bimonthly presents the work of various pastry chefs, chocolate makers, ice-cream makers and bakers in France, preferably with men and women a few or not known. The issue number 8 will be sent in September, naturally dedicated to Christmas and New Year holidays. RÉMY COINTREAU GASTRONOMIE supports this great magazine. You’ll found firstly on this new issue, the SAINT SYLVESTRE 2018 with Cointreau, entremets and individual dessert, created by Jean-Michel PERRUCHON, M.O.F. Pastry, to celebrate the New Year with delicacy and refinement!


COINTREAU supports the traditional French good bread

07/10/2018 - COINTREAU has been partnering with ‘Commanderie de France des Talmeliers du Bon Pain’, an institution founded in 1986 which promotes the traditional French good bread around the world. The commandery hosted its 32nd formal chapter in the prestigious ‘Greniers St-Jean’ in Angers in April. Among the inductees, it mentions M. Dominique ANRACT, President of the National Confederation of French bakery and pastry chefs. Jean-Louis LAGNEAU received in 2017 the Medal of ‘Grand Ambassadeur des Talmeliers’, prior to her retirement. To this day, 1,300 inductees have been sworn to promote the French good bread. The Talmeliers support the registration of traditional French stick on the Unesco Heritage, a project initiated by the National Confederation of French bakery and pastry chefs.

Photo 1.jpg

Professionals, join in CULINARY WORKSHOPS in September in BELGIUM

07/06/2018 - RÉMY COINTREAU GASTRONOMIE offers you to participate in september in pastry demonstrations in Belgium with two pastry chefs of international fame:   Jean-Thomas SCHNEIDER World’s Champion Pastry 2017 (Lyon) - World Cup ice 2018 (Rimini) Pastry Chef for: L'Arnsbourg***, L'Espérance***, Relais Bernard Loiseau***, Hôtel George V**, Hôtel Meurice*** 2 years in the workshops Café Pouchkine (Paris), with Emmanuel Ryon (MOF Ice Maker, World Champion Pastry) Consultant (JTS consulting)   Pascal DE DEYNE Pastry Chef for Van Dender (Bruxelles) - Pastry Painture - Golden Chocolat Award 2014 (Bruges) Pastry World Cup 2011 (Lyon) :Bronze medal - World Chocolate Master 2009: Number 3 Dutch Pastry Award 2008: Number 2 - George Boute: Number 1   These workshops, organised in partnership with our distributor, BRUYERRE, will take place: - Monday, 17 September: BRUYERRE – 34 Rue François-Léon Bruyerre – 6041 Gosselies 13h30 reception - 14h00-17h00 demonstration - Tuesday, 18 September: Salons Ter Groene Poorte - Spoorwegstraat 14 - 8200 Brugge 14h30 reception - 15h00-18h00 demonstration   and our distributor RANSON : - Wednesday, 19 September: Institut Emile Gryzon – CERIA - Avenue Emile Gryzon 1 - 1070 Bruxelles 13h30 reception - 14h00-17h00 demonstration - Thursday, 20 September: Ranson Hoeselt - Industrielaan 24 - 3730 Hoeselt 13h30 reception - 14h00-17h00 demonstration   Registration rate: 30 € per person (handling free included) – Course and degustations included. For more information, please contact Paul SEGGERS : paul.sergers@remy-cointreau.com


The first 'WE CARE DAY'

07/03/2018 - From this year, one a year, each one of 1,800 RÉMY COINTREAU team members around the world will devote a day to serving our local terroir! Last Thursday, in Singapore, RÉMY COINTREAU teams have worked in an organic farm, in order to be sensitised to the importance of ours terroirs, essentials in ours activities.