07/01/2020 - A big thank you to Philippe RIGOLLOT, World pastry Champion, Best pastry Chef in France, for sharing with us some recipes in recent weeks!


Mandarin chestnut LOG with Cointreau

06/25/2020 - Chestnut sponge, clementine compote, Ativao cream and chestnut Chantilly with Cointreau compose this creation of Philippe RIGOLLOT, World pastry Champion, Best pastry Chef in France, whose the Pastry is located in Annecy, France.


We continue our focus on the LOG

06/22/2020 - For this week, two publications:  discover today the recipe of the coconut raspberry log with Jacobert Kirsch. Friday, we’ll publish the recipe of mandarin chestnut log with Cointreau. Two creations of our Ambassador, Philippe RIGOLLOT.


Summer Opera… with Cointreau!

06/18/2020 - The recipe of ‘Summer Opera’ is also possible with strawberries and Cointreau! A variant of Philippe RIGOLLOT, World pastry Champion, Best pastry Chef in France.


A fresh DUO for the summer!

06/16/2020 - This Opera, composed by Philippe RIGOLLOT, World pastry Champion, Best pastry Chef in France, celebrates the summer in the fresh, by combining raspberry and Sudachi citrus, flavors highlighted by the Jacobert® Raspberry Brandy.



06/12/2020 - Its dream has become a reality when Philippe RIGOLLOT joined Lenôtre, after an apprenticeship in pastry. Seven years on, he joined the 2-star ‘Pré Catelan’ restaurant as pastry chef, then in 2000, the team of Anne-Sophie Pic in Valence (3-star). In 2010, he inaugurated with his wife, his own pastry in Annecy, then its tea shop. Philippe RIGOLLOT won numerous awards: World pastry Champion in 2005, Best pastry Chef in France in 2007, Best pastry of the year in 2008, Knowledge Award in the field of chocolate in 2015. International consultant for various companies, Philippe RIGOLLOT chairs the International Organizing Committee for the Pastry World Cup. This true creator submits that the France owns a real culture of dessert, that the taste can again and again be worked, by using high quality raw materials.     RÉMY CONTREAU GASTRONOMIE is honoured to host Philippe RIGOLLOT onto the Ambassador team. We will publish several Chef’s recipes in the days ahead.


This summer, focus on the LOGS to prepare the end of the year

06/09/2020 - Just to give you new log ideas for this end of the year, RÉMY COINTREAU GASTRONOMIE will publish this summer several new log recipes. First, discover the creation of Jean-Michel PERRUCHON, M.O.F. pastry: Enchanted Log with apples, yuzu and Père Magloire Calvados. 


The baba with Mount Gay rum by Aurélien TROTTIER

06/05/2020 - In this new recipe, the baba combines pineapple, exotic fruits, vanilla and Mount Gay rum. Thank you to Aurélien TROTTIER (Chocolates & Creative Pastries, Artisan Passionné in Angers) for allowing us to share some of its recipes in recent weeks  


The last of three cakes: with Jacobert® Kirsch

06/02/2020 - Thank you to Bruno VAN VAERENBERGH, Creative Pastry Chef Debic Europe, for allowing us to share its beautiful recipes in recent weeks.


A NEW baba!

05/29/2020 - With its flavour of blood orange and COINTREAU, with both fruity and tangy notes, this baba is subtle! A creation of our Ambassador, Aurélien TROTTIER (Chocolates & Creative Pastries, Artisan Passionné in Angers).  


Second act of our trilogy of cakes!

05/26/2020 - This Tuesday, our Ambassador, Bruno VAN VAERENBERGH, created his recipe of cake with lemon and COINTREAU. A real citrus fruit concentrate !


A new entremets!

05/22/2020 - Composed of a soft biscuit, a fruits confit and a crispness, all recovered with a chestnut mousse with RÉMY MARTIN Cognac, the ‘Mont Blanc’ is a creation of Pastry Chef, Aurélien TROTTIER, Relais Dessert member (Artisan Passionné, Angers).


Our Tuesday’s meetings… around the Cake!

05/19/2020 - The Creative Pastry Chef Debic Europe, Bruno VAN VAERENBERGH, revisits the recipe of Cake and proposes us three creations with the RÉMY COINTREAU GASTRONOMIE spirits brands. This Tuesday, discover the RÉMY MARTIN caramel Cake. Follow our Tuesday’s meetings to find out more !



05/15/2020 - Since his childhood, Christophe ROESEMS has had a passion for gastronomy. He earned his first stripes with his father Willy ROESEMS, former starred chef, who advised him to have a career in pastry. In 1986, he started his apprenticeship at the house of Wittamer, this prestigious establishment in which he acquired his diplomas. The following 4 years, he gained experience in several respected establishments (La Table d’Hôtes, Papadopoulos, Despina) before returning the house of Wittamer, headed by Myriam and her brother, Paul Wittamer. Since then, curious and perfectionist, Christophe is always looking for the best, tastes, flavours, textures, mouth feel, which he defines both in pastries, biscuits and chocolates.    Very early every morning, the Chef leads the pastry, Place du Grand Sablon, in order to prepare the delicacies of the establishment and to honour orders. It’s a daily challenge met by its team of 25 collaborators of which he’s very proud. Since 1999, Wittamer is Official Supplier to the Court of Belgium, a recognition for which Christophe ROESEMS welcomes. RÉMY CONTREAU GASTRONOMIE is honoured to host Christophe ROESEMS onto the Ambassador team. Discover the recipe of Cointreau pear verrine of Chef.


The Cointreau Baba by Laurent MORENO

05/12/2020 - Discover on our website the recipe of Cointreau Baba of Laurent Moreno (Le Bonheur Chocolaterie, Paris). Find on video on its social networks, Instagram and Facebook.


A cappuccino with Cointreau : salty ! by Samuel ALBERT, Top chef 2019 winner

08/05/2020 - The result of a successful marriage between deer fillets and cooked foie gras, with a flavour of orange and Cointreau!


Thank you!!!

05/05/2020 - Thanks to the health personnel who are working every day, all over the world, to fight Covid-19 and to take care of us.


Cointreau gambas tartar by Samuel ALBERT

01/05/2020 - This tartar is a perfect example of the ‘fusion’ cuisine of Samuel ALBERT, bringing the great classics of French gastronomy with influences from the various countries he passed through: a gambas tartar seasoned with a sauce Chermoula made of candied oranges and Cointreau.  


We can’t stop GASTRONOMY!

04/28/2020 - In this time of containment, the cuisine is more than ever synonym for caring and sharing, source of comfort. Many Chefs’re taking advantage of this enforced free time to create their tomorrow’s cooking. We are looking forward to discover their news!    See you on Friday: Gambas tartar, sauce Chermoula with candied oranges and Cointreau, pistachios and almonds crumble, by Samuel ALBERT.



04/24/2020 - It’s in Anjou in the heart of an exceptional family that Samuel ALBERT had the chance to grow : mother and grandmothers in kitchen, father in vegetable garden, grandparents in farming!... enough to arouse his curiosity from childhood for gastronomy. His career choice was obvious! At the age of 19, he joined the Joël Robuchon’s team, at Métropole palace in Monaco. After 6 years, and 3 diplomas, driven by the desire of interesting discoveries and new experiences, beautiful trips, he decides to go all over the world, with his friend Julien with whom he shares the same passion for hotel-restaurant field. During 10 years, he discovers England, Switzerland, Australia, China and Japan, and constructs his international career. In 2019, he won the prestigious cooking competition « Top Chef », then he decides to back home and to open his restaurant : « Les Petits Prés » in Angers. Samuel ALBERT imagines a cooking in a simple or sophisticated style, with local products and flavours back from his travels. A fusion cuisine between Europe and Asia, to be shared with good friends. Welcome to Samuel ALBERT, the first Chef restaurateur to reach the RÉMY COINTREAU GASTRONOMIE Ambassadors. The Cointreau pork is the first of the recipes proposed by the Chef, the other two will be published shortly.


Happiness is in the KITCHEN!

04/21/2020 - During the confinement, many Chefs offer on their network recipes at home : Laurent MORENO, Christian SEGUI, Christophe ROESEMS, … Then, to illuminate your day, enjoy once again the simple pleasures : to cook, to taste!


An eskimo, a childhood memory

04/17/2020 - Aurélien Trottier, Pastry Chef, created this greed with chocolate, flambé with Cointreau just before… to taste.


Maison COINTREAU mobilizes against Covid-19 in collaboration with the RÉMY COINTREAU Group

04/14/2020 - AS COINTREAU HAS SUSPENDED ITS DISTILLATION AND SPIRIT PRODUCTION ACTIVITIES SINGE MARCH 17, A SCALED-DOWNED TEAM REMAINS MOBILIZED AT THE PRODUCTION SITE TO SUPPORT THOSE FIGHTING THE EPIDEMIC IN THE ANGERS REGION.  ln Angers, a donation of 2,700 liters of alcohol and 23,000 liters of hydroalcoholic solution is being prepared.  The mobilization began on March 19, when Cointreau donated a portion of its neutral alcohol supply to pharmacy students at the University of Angers. This 96% alcohol, used to produce Cointreau liqueur, has similar characteristics to the main ingredient in hydroalcoholic solution. A total of 2,700 liters have been delivered to the students (appx. 300 liters per day) for the production of hydroalcoholic solution, which were then distributed by the university's hospital, Centre Hospitalier Universitaire D'Angers (CHU Angers), to health institutions around the region (other hospitals, Covid-19 consultation centers, doctors, nursing homes, and more).  Since April 2, the team, which has grown to include volunteers, has been working with a licensed pharmacist to develop a ready-to-use hydroalcoholic solution. To support this effort, a glycerine supply is being stored and employed, and the production line normally dedicated to bottling the orange liqueur has been adapted to handle the bottling, labeling, and packaging of the solution. Cointreau is currently expecting to produce 23,000 liters (and more if necessary), which will be delivered to CHU Angers and then distributed to pharmacies and other institutions in need.  This initiative is being carried out in partnership with Giffard, another historie liqueur maker in Angers, and reflects the values of community spirit that have always been part of Cointreau's history. 

Angers 2.jpg

New recipe of Aurélien TROTTIER : the Mini Orange

04/10/2020 - Very delicate, this mini orange with Cointreau! 1, 2, 3 parts make up this greediness created by Aurélien TROTTIER, Pastry Chef.



04/07/2020 - To get through this great crisis, we can rely on each other. The self-help initiatives multiplied to carers, people who continue to work, the family, the neighbours, the people who are isolated, … A fantastic spirit of solidarity is in motion!


RÉMY COINTREAU teams mobilize around the world

04/03/2020 - SOLIDARITY ACTIONS AGAINST CORONAVIRUS  Loyal to its values and signature – Terroir, People and Time – the Rémy Cointreau Group has been mobilizing, for several weeks now, to support health organizations in their fight against the global Coronavirus pandemic. Around the world, our teams are spontaneously committing to implement solidarity actions, focusing mainly on the delivery of alcohol and masks, but also by supporting their communities and populations, made fragile by the current situation, in particular our bartender colleagues. In China, the group donated 1 million yuan to the Shanghai Soong Ching Ling foundation for the purchase of protective medical equipment in February. This amount was supplemented, in a second step, by collecting 200,000 yuan, bringing together the donations of our Chinese collaborators and the matching amount paid by the Group. There are many solidarity initiatives, across Europe: In France, the production sites of Cognac (Rémy Martin), Angers (Cointreau) and Triève (Distillery of the Domaine des Hautes Glaces) have commenced their donations of neutral alcohol to local health organizations, in order for them to make hand sanitizer for pharmacies, doctors and hospitals within their region. For it to be done, some company employees are voluntarily reconditioning the alcohol directly into useable containers before delivering them. They will continue these initiatives for as long as is necessary. In addition, Rémy Martin made a total donation of 8,000 surgical and FFP2 masks to the hospitals of Cognac and Saintes. On the island of Islay in Scotland, our Bruichladdich distillery cooperated with the local soap manufacturer to make hand sanitizer and distribute it directly, as needed, to the hospital and doctors on the island. In the United States, Rémy Cointreau made a donation of 200,000 dollars to the “US Bartenders Guilds National Charity Foundation”, which financially supports bartends whose establishments are currently closed due to the epidemic and are thus deprived of income. The Cointreau brand, especially close to the bartender community, participated for half of this donation. In Seattle, our Westland distillery has been producing, since the 23rd of March, hand sanitizer for several social and medical establishments of the Washington state, one of the most affected by the virus in the United States. Finally, in Barbados, our Mount Gay Rum Distillery started delivering alcohol to pharmacies fabricating hand sanitizer for hospitals on the island, last week. Eric Vallat, Chief Executive Officer of the Rémy Cointreau Group, added: “Since the beginning of this crisis, more than ever, it seemed essential for us to embody our values, to show solidarity and mutual aid. It is as close as possible to our markets and our production sites that our teams personally commit to help, to the extent of their human resources and financial capabilities, and for as long as the pandemic requires it.”



04/03/2020 - After earned 7 professional diplomas in the field of pastry and confectionery, and after working in well-known establishments, Aurélien TROTTIER opened in 2007, just 25 years old, the pastry & chocolate making ‘Artisan Passionné’ in the heart of Angers. The company was immediately successful and is becoming an inevitable address.                  The gourmet creations of Aurélien TROTTIER combine authenticity and originality. He likes playing with the textures to create delicate and harmonious pastries, prepared from rigorously selected ingredients. ‘Goût et Santé’ Prize laureate in 2008, he is a member of the international ‘Relais Desserts’ and instructor at the ‘Ecole Nationale Supérieure de la Pâtisserie’ in Yssingeaux. RÉMY CONTREAU GASTRONOMIE is honoured to host Aurélien TROTTIER onto the Ambassador team. We are pleased to post in the coming weeks several recipes of the Chef. Firstly, discover the recipe: Angel Cream. 


RÉMY COINTREAU GASTRONOMIE communication against the Coronavirus

03/31/2020 - The main thing is to respect the recommendations on the Covid-19 : the home confinement, the gestures of protection and the social distance. We need each other.


The asparagus, the unexpected guest of this new dessert with COINTREAU

03/25/2020 - Emmanuel RYON, MOF Glacier, World Pastry Champion, proposes us an verrine with flavours of COINTREAU, white chocolate and… asparagus!  


Our support to the catering professionals

03/20/2020 - During this troubled period, we wish to offer our support to catering professionals and the general population. Our hearts go out to the bakers, confectioneries, caterers, who are doing their best to respond to demande of their customers… and we share the distress of the restaurateurs that have had to close their doors until further notice. It’s essential to follow the recommendations of the authorities for our collective safety. Stay home and stay safe everyone! This enforced free time may be an opportunity to prepare pastries with your family. Don’t hesitate to share your homemade preparations!

Restez a la maison.jpg

COINTREAU Cloud by Emmanuel RYON, Meilleur Ouvrier de France Glacier

03/17/2020 - In this new recipe, Emmanuel RYON, MOF Glacier, World Pastry Champion, dared to new associations of tastes: to discover now!


A new recipe with AMARETTO by Alexis BOUILLET

03/12/2020 - Alexis BOUILLET revisits the recipe of Tiramisu with boldness! With the traditional flavours of coffee and Amaretto, the World’s Best Young Pastry Chef 2011 created a tasty dessert, in a refined style and a novel approach! A new recipe that is subject to an article in the new issue of ARTISANS, the magazine of Stéphane Glacier.


New recipes of Emmanuel RYON, Meilleur Ouvrier de France Glacier

03/10/2020 - The MOF Glacier, World Pastry Champion, Emmanuel RYON, created for the Cocoa & Cointreau recent dinner in Angers 3 original recipes that he had agreed to share with us the secrets… Discover the first recipe: the Cointreau Macaroon !  


The custard pie revisited by Stéphane GLACIER

03/05/2020 - Stéphane GLACIER, Meilleur Ouvrier de France Pâtissier, had a very good idea to combine Cointreau and Rémy Martin Cognac in a delicious recipe of custard pie. Result: a flavour that will blush with envy ours grandmothers!   Photo credit (dessert) : Adeline Monnier


CHOCO by Bruno Van Vaerenbergh

03/03/2020 - What’s the secret of this dessert ? A tender heart in a creamy Rémy Martin chocolate mousse… Click on the link to learn more about this new recipe of Creative Pastry Chef Debic, Passion Pâtisserie, Bruno Van Vaerenbergh.


Welcome to the Baker Exhibition in the Netherlands tomorrow!

02/29/2020 - Some key figures of the BAKKERSVAK exhibition in the Netherlands: 9 095 attendees: cooking professionals 176 exhibitors in the field of raw materials, end products, machinery & tools, … 87% of the attendees say they will visit Bakkersvak again next edition! From 1st to 3 March in Gorinchem, our importer, VIPAM, invites you on its E132 stand to discover the RÉMY COINTREAU GASTRONOMIE range : COINTREAU, RÉMY MARTIN, MOUNT GAY rum, AMARETTO, PÈRE MAGLOIRE calvados, JACOBERT eaux-de-vie …  

View the images of the last edition


02/28/2020 - Son of a butcher, Christian SEGUI began his apprenticeship as a cook at an early age at the Golf of   Saint-Cyprien with Michel GUILLAUMOU, former Chef of Michel GUERARD. From 1986 to 1994, he took his initial knowledge out of its department, Pyrénées Orientales, with different Chefs. Then, with his wife, he bought in 1994 the delicatessen of her home village. Here, he developped the activity in creating a catering offer (shop and receptions). At the same time, he acquired his master brevets in cooking and catering trades, then in 2011 the title of ‘Meilleur Ouvrier de France Traiteur’. In 2015, he joined the prestigious hotel school in Lausanne as a teaching master of practical arts, then he became Executif Deputy Chef. From 2011 to 2019, he is directing professional training in company and different professional schools. He coaches the Swiss team who won the Catering World Cup at the SIRHA 2017. Today, Christian SEGUI is the Executive Chef of the Hotel School of Lausanne. RÉMY CONTREAU GASTRONOMIE is honoured to host Christian SEGUI onto the Ambassador team. Discover the creations of Christian SEGUI: GAMBAS & CRUNCHY VEGETABLE TARTARE WITH COINTREAU® PIG’S TROTTER AND GARDEN SNAIL WITH RÉMY MARTIN® COGNAC


The PARIS ANJOU in the spotlight!

02/21/2020 - In its special edition dedicated to Paris-Brest recipe, the recipe of PARIS ANJOU with Cointreau has the honour on the new issue of 'JOURNAL DU PATISSIER' (page 57), and the Cocoa & Cointreau evening (page 62). Thank you to 'JOURNAL DU PATISSIER'.


COCOA & COINTREAU evening: Discover the video of the event!

02/20/2020 - Great retrospective, a point of pride of our communication on this exceptional event. Thank you to Cacao Barry. Production: Sacha Bodiroga – Production Assistant: Nicolas Moneuse - Editing: Vladimir Bodiroga


COCOA & COINTREAU evening: Emmanuel RYON, MOF Glacier and World Pastry Champion

02/19/2020 - The Pastry Chef Emmanuel RYON created : Macaroon, turmeric, hazelnut and Cointreau Jerusalem artichoke with Cointreau and milk chocolate New Millefeuille with flavours of Voatsiperifery pepper, asparagus and Cointreau


COCOA & COINTREAU evening: Aurélien Trottier, Pastry Chef

18/02/2020 - For sweetness, Aurélien Trottier (Artisan Passionné in Angers) has delighted the palates of the guests with his original creations : Memory: Marshmallow with chocolate, flamed at Cointreau Mini orange: Orange and vanilla confit, citrus creamy, praline crisp  Cream of angel: Hazelnut praliné creamy heart, caramelized whole hazelnuts, light cream with orange zests and blood orange sauce. Photo credit: @aeternopraesenti


COCOA & COINTREAU evening: Samuel Albert, Chef and Top Chef 2019 winner

02/17/2020 - Discover the creations of Samuel ALBERT with Cocoa & Cointreau : Obsiblue Gambas tartar, coriander, caramelized pistachios and candied orange in Cointreau, Chermoula sauce and almond crunchy    ‘Foie gras’ and Cointreau cappuccino, game meat with orange, Madirofolo 65% chocolate crunchiness Capelin pork belly confit (similarly pig with caramel), Zephyr Caramel 35% white chocolate, sweet pepper and pieces of hazelnut with caramel Photo credit: @aeternopraesenti


COCOA & COINTREAU evening : Pascal Favre d’Anne, starred Chef

02/15/2020 - For this exceptional event, Pascal Favre d’Anne created and prepared the following dishes :   · Eskimo of ‘foie gras’ marinated in Cointreau, artichoke with white chocolate · Scallop cauliflower, jelly of beef, vapor of Cointreau, roasted cocoa nibs and salt flower, Saint Domingue 70% chocolate · Veal carpaccio, Jerusalem artichokes with soya, Venezuela 72% bitter chocolate vinaigrette, red cocoa powder and Black Cointreau   Photo credit: @aeternopraesenti


COCOA & COINTREAU evening in the presence of Alfred Cointreau

02/14/2020 - Alfred Cointreau has prepared some cocktails with Cointreau, for the great satisfaction of guests! Black Cointreau, maceration of cocoa nibs for 24 hours, strawberry juice and lime juice Black Cointreau, maceration of cocoa nibs for 24 hours, pear juice and lime juice Cointreau 40% with a cocoa liquor, The Botanist gin, lime, drop of homemade bitter Cointreau 40%, maceration of cocoa nibs for 24 hours, lime, egg white, with Perrier

Aeterno Praesenti Photography_CB x& Cointreau-72.jpg

COCOA & COINTREAU evening: enchanted guests!

02/13/2020 - About 80 people were present last week, cooking professionals and general public, during a dinner with delicious and surprising flavors associations around Cointreau and Cocoa. First images from this evening at Carré Cointreau, during which guests were amazed by the Chefs, the audacity and quality of their creations. Cacao Barry and Rémy Cointreau Gastronomie greet their performance! This event was part of the Food Angers festival. Photo credit: @aeternopraesenti

Aeterno Praesenti Photography_CB x& Cointreau-91.jpg

COCOA & COINTREAU evening: close-up on the Chefs!

02/12/2020 - Discover Pascal FAVRE D'ANNE, starred Chef, Samuel ALBERT, Top Chef 2019 winner, Aurélien TROTTIER, Pastry Chef, and Emmanuel RYON, MOF Glacier, last week at the COCOA & COINTREAU dinner, at Carré Cointreau in Angers. A wonderful evening! Congratulations to Cacao Barry at the initiative of this gastronomic event.    Photo credit: @aeternopraesenti

Aeterno Praesenti Photography_CB x& Cointreau-28_____.jpg

Our CHINA’s support

02/11/2020 - In this difficult time, we think of our friends in China. We express them our sympathy and we give them our support in fighting the epidemic.       


Last night at CARRÉ COINTREAU…

02/05/2020 - Discover the dishes cooked by the Chefs piloting the COCOA & COINTREAU dinner, organised by Cacao Barry in Angers.   FOR SALTY FOODS   -> by Pascal FAVRE D'ANNE, starred Chef Eskimo of ‘foie gras’ marinated in Cointreau, artichoke with white chocolate Scallop cauliflower, jelly of beef, vapor of Cointreau, roasted cocoa nibs and salt flower, Saint Domingue 70% chocolate Veal carpaccio, Jerusalem artichokes with soya, Venezuela 72% bitter chocolate vinaigrette, red cocoa powder and Black Cointreau   -> by Samuel ALBERT, Chef and Top Chef 2019 winner ‘Foie gras’ and Cointreau cappuccino, game meat with orange, Madirofolo 65% chocolate crunchiness Capelin pork belly confit (similarly pig with caramel), Zephyr Caramel 35% white chocolate, sweet pepper and pieces of hazelnut with caramel Obsiblue Gambas tartar, coriander, caramelized pistachios and candied orange in Cointreau, Chermoula sauce and almond crunchy      FOR SWEETNESS   -> by Emmanuel RYON, MOF Glacier Macaroon, turmeric, hazelnut and Cointreau Jerusalem artichoke with Cointreau and milk chocolate New Millefeuille with flavours of Voatsiperifery pepper, asparagus and Cointreau   -> by Aurélien TROTTIER, Pastry Chef Memory: Marshmallow with chocolate, flamed at Cointreau Cream of angel : Hazelnut praliné creamy heart, caramelized whole hazelnuts, light cream with orange zests and blood orange sauce. Mini orange : Orange and vanilla confit, citrus creamy, praline crisp    


OUR WEBSITE evolves!

01/31/2020 - Visit the « CHEF RECIPES » page to discover with just one click the news! By clicking on the button below, you will have access to more than a hundred recipes! You could then sort the recipes by Chef or by brand. Our recipes collection is growing steadily.



28/01/2020 - Camille CHENG is inseparable from her husband, Alexis BOUILLET. In 2014, Camille began the professional French pastry program at Ferrandi in Paris. After that, she interned with Four Seasons George V, where she met Alexis. Their « Escape from Paris » boutique opened in 2016 to Taipei, an unique and original concept, giving them the opportunity to apply every day their philosophy: no limit to the creation! They especially appreciate to mix the basics of French pastry with the fine Taiwanese gastronomy. Her latest creation for RÉMY COINTREAU GASTRONOMIE : Delicacy with The Botanist gin.


« Délicacy », by Camille CHENG

01/24/2020 - Camille CHENG, Pastry Chef (Escape from Paris, Taipei, Taïwan), created for RÉMY COINTREAU GASTRONOMIE a very delicate entremets… The Botanist gin sublimates the flavors of strawberry, the king fruit of its round of flowers ! Thank you to Camille for this beautiful creation.



01/22/2020 - Many thanks to our importer in Italy, LUXARDO, for 25 years partnership with RÉMY COINTREAU in the field of gastronomy. Thanks to Piero and Filippo LUXARDO for their warm welcome at the SIGEP in Rimini.

SIGEP 2020 - Luxardo.jpg

SIGEP 2020

01/21/2020 - What a joy it is to find our Malaysian partners, World Pastry Champions 2019 ! Cointreau thanks to Otto Tay for its loyalty to our brand.

SIGEP 2020 Otto Tay.JPG

On February 4th, at CARRÉ COINTREAU

01/21/2020 - The Carré Cointreau in Angers will host on 12 February next the ‘CACAO & COINTREAU’ dinner, directed by 4 famous Chefs : On a salty note, Pascal Favre d’Anne, starred chef, and Samuel Albert, chef and winner of ‘2019 Top Chef’ competition, On a sweet note, Aurélien Trottier, pastry chef, and Emmanuel Ryon, ‘Meilleur Ouvrier de France Glacier’.



01/17/2020 - We are pleased to welcome BAKERS KINGDOM, our long-term partner in China, at COINTREAU in Angers. Thank you for your visit!

visite BK Cointreau (1).jpg

COCOA & COINTREAU at the heart of an exceptional evening!

01/14/2020 - An exceptional evening is preparing behind the scene, on the initiative of Cacao Barry which, for two years, has organised a number of ‘CacaoCollective’ events, real social and inspiring moments, with French gastronomy experts around innovative culinary creations with cocoa. This time, CACAO BARRY and COINTREAU contacted 4 famous Chefs !!! Find out more the next week !!



01/13/2019 - Nicolas PIEROT, International Pastry Chef Consultant, created this superb baba with the tropical tastes of pineapple and Mount Gay rum. A new recipe which had been subject of an article in a recent edition of ARTISAN!


New Chef recipe with COINTREAU

01/11/2020 - What a wonderful Cointreau mandarin pound cake in the form of a gold ingot, created by Alexis BOUILLET, Best Pastry Chef of the World 2011!


A complete range of desserts in Japan to end the old year on a perfect note!

01/07/2020 - Discover the splendid buffet of Alexis BOUILLET, World’s Best Young Pastry Chef 2011, during its 2019 last demonstration in Japan, in partnership with our importer, Nichifutsu, and Demarle Society.


As in every first Sunday of the year, it is time to taste… the « GALETTE DES ROIS » !

01/03/2020 – It has a great tradition of tasting the « Galette des Rois » in early January. Originally, it  was only a puff pastry, simply cooked and browned in the oven. Jean-Michel PERRUCHON imagined a recipe with a salpicon of pineapple and a coconut and Mount Gay® rum cream. An exotic touch!


Happy New Year!!

01/01/2020 - Our team is pleased to present you its best wishes for the new year!



12/23/2019 – RÉMY COINTREAU GASTRONOMIE wishes you a very happy festive season. Discover our homage to the traditional Christmas log. The recipes of this creations of well-known Chefs are available on our website.


The round of chocolates

12/20/2019 - Many well-known Chefs created Chocolate candies with Cointreau, Rémy Martin cognac, Port Charlotte whisky or Jacobert Kirsch: Jean-Michel Perruchon, MOF Pastry, Jean-Pierre Wybauw, 'Mr Chocolat', Serge Granger, MOF Chocolate maker, Joost Arijs, Best Chocolate maker of Flandres 2019, Dimitri Salmon, Best Chocolate maker of Belgium 2009, Eric Perez, Jacques Bellanger, MOF Pastry, Nicolas Pierot, ...

Discover their original creations

Diner at Samuel ALBERT

20/12/2019 - Pleasent evening to a restaurant LES PETITS PRES in Angers with Alfred Cointreau, Cécile Roudaut, St-Rémy Master Blender, Benoît Coubronne, Gastronomy R&D Technician, and Paul Segers. A delicious meal and a perfect Cointreau Soufflé!!

repas dec 2019 paul (2).jpg

On the eve of the festive season, here are a few verrines recipes...

12/17/2019 - Chestnut-lychee-Rémy Martin cognac, crumble-chocolate-Rémy Martin cognac, lime & Cointreau, banana-almound-chocolate-coffee-Rémy Martin cognac or coconut-cocoa-cherries-Rémy Martin cognac, the associations of tastes won't miss! To also discover a salty verrine with gambas and crisp vegetables tartar with Cointreau.  


David WESMAEL continued the demonstrations in China

12/12/2019 - In Qingdao on 29 November, the space was packed! Almost 80 professionals enjoyed the demonstration of David WESMAEL, to the distributor Rui Teng. Five preparations of desserts with Cointreau, St-Rémy brandy and Amaretto have captured the attention of this very attentive public. Thank you to our partners.


David WESMAEL with LE CAKE to Shanghai

12/10/2019 - On 26 and 27 November, David WESMAEL was present at Le Cake to Shanghai for a demonstration. A made-to-measure service for 18 employees of the web greatest pastry in China. The Chef, MOF ice cream manufacturer and World pastry champion, has prepared 6 successive desserts, principally with COINTREAU and AMARETTO. Thank you to our partners.

demo shanghai (1).jpg

A new entremets with Cointreau : JADE TROPICAL

12/06/2019 - Creation by Laurent MORENO (Chocolaterie Le Bonheur in Paris) composed with a morello cherry confit and a pistachio mousse, enhanced by Cointreau note. This new complements our beautiful recipes library. Thank you to Chef!


Food Ingredients Europe opens tomorrow!

12/02/2019 - In advance, some pictures. Meet us on our booth 7Q120 – Hall 7 to discover our new products : Mount Gay® rum, Cointreau® 76 % adapted to the needs of manufacturers, etc. Looking forward to welcoming you !  


Johnny CHEN in action to LESAFFRE with COINTREAU and RÉMY MARTIN

12/02/2019 - Our ambassador, Johnny CHEN, World Baker Champion, to LESAFFRE for amazing innovation. Stay connected!

PHOTO 1 (1).jpg

Perfectly round, totally EXOTIC!

11/29/2019 - This very luminous little cake with exotic flavours of passion fruit, coco and MOUNT GAY rum, with different textures well balanced, was a creation of Jean-Thomas SCHNEIDER, World Pastry Champion 2017, who entrusts its recipe, share without moderation!


David WESMAEL in China

11/26/2019 - David WESMAEL, Meilleur ouvrier de France ice cream manufacturer and World pastry champion, has just finished a brillant demonstration in Changsha around desserts with Cointreau, St-Rémy brandy and Amaretto. Over 60 professionals were present at this presentation organised by our importer, BAKERS KINGDOM, DEMARLE and RÉMY COINTREAU GASTRONOMIE. Thanks to Chef and our partners.


A real treat with Cointreau!

11/22/2019 - Thank you to Jean-Thomas SCHNEIDER, World Pastry Champion, for this red and black cake, with flavours of raspberry, sesame, dark chocolate and Cointreau.


Come and meet us on the exhibition FIE

11/19/2019 - Food Ingredients Europe will be held from 3 to 6 December in Paris. We are looking forward to welcoming you on our booth 7Q120 (Hall 7) in order to present our new products : Mount Gay® rum, Cointreau® 76% adapted to the needs of manufacturers, etc. Mr Paul SEGERS, Key account Manager, and Mr Benoît COUBRONNE, Head of Research & Development, will be at your disposal to reply to your questions.


Demonstration in Tokyo by Alexis BOUILLET

11/14/2019 - Thank you to Alexis BOUILLET for this week of presentation in Tokyo to our importer Nichifutsu, in partnership with DEMARLE. A big thanks also to Junko and Harumi for their assistance.


A log with soft heart

11/12/2019 - Imagine a duo pistachio jelly-strawberry cremeux in the heart of a strawberry mousse, the all lot laid on a almond-pistachio pain de Gênes. The MOUNT GAY rum adds a tropical touch while delicately flavouring the pistachio jelly. Thank you to Jean-Thomas SCHNEIDER, World Champion Pastry 2017.

Buche fraise pistache.jpg

Big thanks to Camille CHENG and Alexis BOUILLET

11/08/2019 - Thank you to Chefs, Camille CHENG and Alexis BOUILLET (‘Escape from Paris', Taipei, Taiwan), for creating for RÉMY COINTREAU GASTRONOMIE the Saint Sylvestre 2020 : an entremets that combines with harmony the orange, yuzu and mandarin, magnified by Cointreau, a tasting that should satisfy all gourmets !

Alexis and Camille__ok.jpg


11/04/2019 - RÉMY COINTREAU welcomes to SAMUEL ALBERT in Angers and wishes great success from the opening of its restaurant, LES PETITS PRÉS, tomorrow. On the menu for Cointreau lovers, a soufflé to taste as soon as possible!


A wonderful COINTREAU soufflé !

10/31/2019 - In the Ocean Hotel Restaurant in Le Croisic, the Cointreau soufflé is a speciality ! prepared according to the recipe of Bruno Braconnier, Pastry Chef for nearly 32 years.



10/30/2019 - We are privileged to be home monday to our partner, Mr. Jun TSUTSUI, CEO of NFS INTERNATIONAL, Mr. DAISUKE and their sales team, during a guided visit of COINTREAU. Thanks for your visit.  


Seabuckthorn Praline of Dimitri SALMON

10/29/2019 - Dark ganache with Cointreau & seabuckthorn coulis: a fruity duo created by Dimitri SALMON at the heart of a praline with modern design.


The cube by Dimitri SALMON

10/25/2019 - Discover this new entremets, created by Dimitri SALMON, with mango, passion fruit, chocolate and gin The Botanist flavours !.


Laurent MORENO in China

10/22/2019 - Great ambiance last week in China during the demonstrations of Laurent MORENO in Chengdu, Changsha and Xi’an around the desserts with Cointreau, Rémy Martin and St Rémy, before a large audience of very interested professionals. Thanks to our importer BAKERS KINGDOM, the school SWEET TIME and YESLICAKE.



10/18/2019 - MATCHA is a fine dessert: white chocolate mousse, citrus coulis with COINTREAU, and Matcha cremeux, on a soft sponge and a crispy shortbread pastry, with Matcha flavour. Discover this new creation by Joost ARIJS, Best Chocolatier maker of Flanders 2019!


20th anniversary of the «SENSIBILITÉ GOURMANDE» association

10/15/2019 - The association of pastry chefs « Sensibilité Gourmande » has put every effort into organizing a exceptional event on 10 October : his 20 years of existence! An festive and gourmet evening ceremony, sponsored by great Chefs such as Gabriel Paillasson, Olivier Bajard, Philippe Parc, Patrice Ibarboure, … in the presence of over 200 guests, who have answered present at the invitation of president of the association, Patrick Casula. This association, created in 1999, is a group made up of pastry chefs (shops and restaurants) and pastry teachers, in the Rhône-Alpes and Auvergne regions, driven by the same passion of the pastry that they wish to share through of professional meetings, in the various gastronomic events. Welcome cocktail hosted by COINTREAU, historical partner.


THE BOTANIST gin in the heart of a new log

10/10/2019 - Joost ARIJS, Best Chocolatier maker of Flanders 2019, offers us a new creation with THE BOTANIST gin: the AMARILLO log! Exotic, creamy and crunchy at the same time!


The SAINT SYLVESTRE 2020 was well-received by pastry chefs

10/08/2019 - Since the launch of the new SAINT SYLVESTRE with COINTREAU in September, many professionals tells us about the positive results from the preparation of this dessert. Also Mr Jean-Pierre BATAILLE, faithful user of our brands, will propose this new entremets to its customers at the end of the year, in his shop : Pâtisserie Normandie – 76 avenue du Bourgmestre Jean Materne – Jambes (Namur) in Belgium, for the great delight of gourmets !!


New recipe : LOG with MOUNT GAY rum!

10/04/2019 -  Discover the first recipe created by Dimitri SALMON (1st chocolatier of Belgium in 2009) for the demonstrations that have just taken place in Belgium: a log with MOUNT GAY rum, with a very original style!


Joost ARIJS, Best Chocolatier maker of Flanders of the year!

10/02/2019 - Gault & Millau has just presented its Guide with the best chocolatier makers of Belgium and Luxembourg. The selection, based on degustations carried out in full independence, includes 88 artisans, who account for no less than 130 shops. Traditionally, the Guide published its ranking of Best Chocolatier maker of the year: Joost Arijs, prescriber of our brands, has been elected for Flanders ! Jérôme Grimonpon in Bruxelles and Ariqua Denis in Andenne. Congratulations to all the winners!


Demonstration by Alexis BOUILLET in Xiamen

10/01/2019 - A demonstration on the theme of COINTREAU has just taken place in China, by the Best Pastry Chef of the World, Alexis BOUILLET, in front of a large public of professionals, in the offices or our importer Bakers Kingdom. Thank you to the team of Bakers Kingdom for its support and thank you to our Ambassador, Alexis BOUILLET!

demo 9.jpg

An unpublished recipe of Jean-Michel PERRUCHON, MOF Pastry, for year-end festivities!

09/27/2019 - A log in red, consisting of a reconstituted shortbread, a hazelnut sponge with a Morello cherry and COINTREAU® GRIOTTINES® compote, and an almond milk cream delicately flavoured with RÉMY COINTREAU GASTRONOMIE AMARETTO. Recipe online!!!


The demonstrations of chefs attracted the Belgians !

09/24/2019 - Around 160 professionals participated on the first two dates of demonstrations by Dimitri SALMON and Joost ARIJS (16 September in Brussels, 17 September in Hoeselt). The two pastry chefs submitted their recipes created by this event : ‘Letter box’ log with Mount Gay rum, ‘Amarillo’ log with The Botanist gin, ‘Matcha’ with Cointreau (individual dessert), ‘Cube’ entremets with gin The Botanist, ‘Argousier’ with Cointreau and ‘Smokey’ with Port Charlotte whisky (pralines). Next dates: 30 September in Gosselies and 1 October in Brugge. Don’t miss this event organised by REMY COINTREAU GASTRONOMIE in partnership with Les vergers Boiron, Callebaut, Debic, Ranson and Bruyerre. Stay connected : the recipes will be provided shortly!   The first 4 photographs: Around the Chefs in Brussels with Sofie VANDERHASSELT and the production team. The last 5 photographs: Around the Chefs in Hoeselt with Paul SEGERS who introduced THE BOTANIST gin, used in two recipes.  

Bruxelles (2).jpg


09/19/2019 - As happens every year, we offer professionals a new recipe with COINTREAU to celebrate the « SAINT SYLVESTRE ». For this edition, it's the pastry chefs Alexis Bouillet, World Pastry Champion, and Camille Cheng, who worked on this project, a Franco-Taiwan couple in the city as well as in their pastry shop (Escape from Paris in Taipei), a lovely link between Europe and Asia.


Partnership with Escape From Paris for the Rémy Martin pop-up boutique opens in Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport

09/17/2019 - Rémy Cointreau Global Travel Retail (GTR) has partnered with Ever Rich Duty Free to open a Rémy Martin boutique in Terminal 1 of Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport. The boutique, which is open from July until October 2019, immerses the consumer in the heritage of the Cognac Fine Champagne house through an engaging in-store experience. Thanks to a partnership with Alexis BOUILLET and Camille CHENG (Escape From Paris), customers that purchase a bottle of Rémy Martin XO in September will receive a premium giftbox containing limited edition Rémy Martin mooncakes.


New address for Raphaël GIOT

09/13/2019 - Raphaël GIOT and his team have just inaugurated a new shop based at Chaussée de Louvain in Lasne in Belgium. In this new space more user-friendly, greater (600 m²), with a tearoom and a large parking, the artisan offers you different products manufactured at the site (the workshop is visible from the shop) obtained from local raw materials : entremets, pralines,truffles, ice creams, viennese pastries, bakery products, … Before the creation of its first store in 2012, Raphaël’s professional career begins with his studies at ITN in Namur.He subsequently worked in well-known firms in Brussels, then in New-York as a pastry chef in the Belgian bewery The Markt, upon its return home. In 2009, he won bronze at the Pastry World Cup with its speciality «The crystal», a mixture of chocolate mousse with a slight hint of violets, with blackcurrant. Discover – or rediscover – this entremets in this new shop beginning this Friday, September 13, a very happy day for Raphaël GIOT which used with talent the REMY COINTREAU GASTRONOMIE brands for a long time. >


New verrine with RÉMY MARTIN cognac, created by Bruno Van Vaerenbergh

09/10/2019 - Discover this recipe of pastry chef Bruno VAN VAERENBERGH, with the tastes of coconut, cocoa and RÉMY MARTIN Cognac : a sweetness to also prepare with ST-RÉMY Brandy.


TEA TIME on the MEUSE on 8 September

09/05/2019 - PASSION PATISSERIE, the association of the Best confectioners in Belgium, will organize on 8 September : TEA TIME on the MEUSE, the biggest exhibition dedicated to the pastry in Belgium ! Free admission, open to the general public Place: « Ile Robinson », near the downtown core of Visé. Program: Pastry demonstrations all day long, by performed by Belgian famous Chefs. Boat trip, converted into a party reception, for 200 people (entrance is not free) who will have the privilege of tasting a buffet with sweet and savoury mignardise, created specially for the occasion by the PASSION PATISSERIE members. Many other tastings will also be proposed aboard ! RÉMY COINTREAU GASTRONOMIE, partner of this exceptional event, will proposed during the closing dinner reserved for the bakery and confectionery trades (on reservation) a cocktail with COINTREAU. For more information :


OPEN DAYS at our importer, BRUYERRE, in Belgium

09/03/2019 - Come to BRUYERRE to Gosselies on 9 and 10 September for the Open Days, an unprecedented event in Wallonia, which connects more than 40 different suppliers in order to present you the trends and innovations in the baking and pastry-making sector. Among them, Mr Paul SEGERS wil welcome you to show you our wide spirits range : real culinary flavours ! Two exceptional days, especially as BRUYERRE celebrates its 110th birthday this year ! And reserves you a few surprises !


Thank you to Samuel ALBERT

09/02/2019 - A very big thank you to Samuel ALBERT, winner of the latest season of the 'Top Chef' show, for his availability and his kindness. We are proud to have a globe-trotter native of Angers, who returns to his lands to express fully his talent! Opening of his restaurant next november, Place du Ralliement. Stay online!


Participate in the DEMONSTRATIONS with CHEFS in september in Bemgo in BELGIUM

2019/08/30 - RÉMY COINTREAU GASTRONOMIE, in partnership with Les vergers Boiron, Callebaut, Debic, Ranson and Bruyerre, is organizing several demonstrations around the brands COINTREAU, MOUNT GAY, THE BOTANIST and PORT CHARLOTTE, with two famous pastry chefs: Joost ARIJS, trained in the Ter Groene Poorte school in Brussels, then at Marc DUCOBU before to become che pastry chef of the Belgian best starred restaurant (Hof van Cleve***), opened with Elke De Baerdemaeker in 2011 his own pastry-chocolate, soon gained the rank of Best pastry of Belgium by Gault & Millau. Perfectionism, innovation, purity of the ingredients, tastes and textures… sum the philosophy of Joost ARIJS. Dimitri SALMON : Several awards: 2nd chocolatier of Belgium in 2009, 4th of the Bakery World Cup in 2005, 1st of the Belgium Bakery Cup in 2004, best baker and confectioner in Belgium in 2002… are marking the career of its new trends creator. In its own establishment, La Dacquoise, Dimitri SALMON, expresses indeed his creativity and clearlystated his unassailable position in the world of the luxury gastronomy. Dates & places: - Monday, 16 September : Institut Emile Gryzon – CERIA - Avenue Emile Gryzon 1 - 1070 Bruxelles - Tuesday, 17 September : Ranson Hoeselt - Industrielaan 24 - 3730 Hoeselt - Monday, 30 September : BRUYERRE – 34 Rue François-Léon Bruyerre – 6041 Gosselies - Tuesday, 1er October : Salons Ter Groene Poorte - Spoorwegstraat 14 - 8200 Brugge   Registration rate: 25 € per person (excluding taxes) Registration: 1 week before the date of the demonstration If you wish to participate, please contact Mr Paul SEGERS :  


Great collaboration with the 2019 Malaysian World Pastry Champion!

2019/08/27 - Great demonstrations the last week in Hangzhou and Guangzhou with the pastry Chefs : Loi Ming Ai, Wei Loon Tan and Otto Tay, World Pastry Champion 2019, around the brands Cointreau and Rémy Martin. Many thank to this talented young chefs !!! Thank you as well to ours partners : Baker's Kingdom, Demarle, Premium Chef, Chef Nary and Yeslicake.

demo_Guangzhou (3)___.jpg

When it’s crunchy and crisp… it’s ISLAY, a chocolate bar with PORT CHARLOTTE whisky

21/08/2019 - Nicolas PIEROT signs here the later of its creations published this summer : ISLAY, a chocolate bar composed of muscovado crunchy, ganache and salt caramel both with Port Charlotte® whisky. A special thank you from RÉMY COINTREAU GASTRONOMIE.   Discover ou discover again the summer recipes: Caribbean with Mount Gay® rum Crisp with Amaretto Cointreau® Signature Rémy Martin® Spirale  


AMARETTO and dried fruits… in this dessert very crunchy !

2019/08/14 - Discover this new recipe by Nicolas PIEROT in which the flavours of coffee, praline and almond go perfectly with AMARETTO!  


Nicolas PIEROT proposes us a concentrated exoticism…

2019/08/07 - Caraïbes, a name evoking… the MOUNT GAY® rum ! Thank you to Nicolas PIEROT for this new recipe, very original !


Demonstrations by Johnny CHEN in China

2019/07/31 - COINTREAU® and AMARETTO was held in the new recipes of breads and Viennese pastries presented by Johnny CHEN the last week in China. Many professionals who came for the 3 exceptional occasions (to Wenzhou, Xi An and Qingdao), have been captivated by the Bakery World Champion. Thank you to our importer, Bakers Kingdom, and to the Chef, for this demonstrations who are highly successful.   See the video 1 See the video 2  


This week, discover the recipe ‘COINTREAU SIGNATURE’ by Nicolas PIEROT

2019/07/25 - In its refined decor in white and orange, this new entremets marrying successfully hazelnut, mandarin, Ceylon cannelle and COINTREAU® !


This summer: 5 new recipes, created by Nicolas PIEROT

2019/07/18 - Discover this week the recipe of RÉMY MARTIN® SPIRAL, based on peanut-chocolate-caramel and of course RÉMY MARTIN® !


Stéphane GLACIER, the school

02/12/2019 - Stéphane GLACIER, MOF pastry, founded his school in 2011 in Colombes (Hauts-de-Seine). This training centre organises pastry and culinary workshops for amateurs throughout the year, while enabling cooking professionals to perfect their knowledge of areas of pastry, confectionery and chocolate maker. Nearly twenty internships are animated every year by Stéphane GLACIER, Alexandra GARAFFI, and other actors recognized into the world of gastronomy such as Stéphane LEROUX, MOF Pastry, Emmanuele FORCONE, Pastry World Champion, Serge GRANGER, MOF Chocolate maker, Gérard TAURIN, MOF Ice-cream, … The school also offer trainings at the homes of artisans, organises demonstrations for some top gastronomy brands and publishes a number of books in order to promote the French pastry around the world. RÉMY COINTREAU GASTRONOMIE provides Stéphane GLACIER, ambassador and prescriber of our spirit brands. Website :  



01/14/2019 – For the SIRHA 2019, RÉMY COINTREAU GASTRONOMIE proposes you a tutorial which explains the 7 guidelines to use COINTREAU in pastry. Alexis and Manuel BOUILLET, two French Chefs of international reputation, lent themselves enthusiastically to the shooting of scenario constructed around the recipe of cream puff. Discover and share without moderation this simple and effective short clip.



07/24/2018 - Created in 1989 by Gérard Joël BELLOUET, a former professor at Lenôtre School, and Jean-Michel PERRUCHON, previously pastry chef at Fauchon, both ‘Meilleurs Ouvriers de France’, BELLOUET CONSEIL has become a professional and international key place due to a rich network and many contacts established over the years, thanks to a team of highly qualified teachers, for most ‘Meilleurs Ouvriers de France’ or ‘Champions du Monde’. Their claim : the quality work and devotion to serving catering professionals. From Bakery to Ice cream, from Pastry to desserts plate many specialities are available all year round, the school provide long term for adults beginners, with technical advice to businesses in food industry and research and development in order to monitor consumers’ palates. RÉMY COINTREAU GASTRONOMIE provides Jean-Michel PERRUCHON, head of the school since 2006, ambassador and prescriber of our spirit brands. Some key figures : BELLOUET CONSEIL welcomes every year almost 1 000 students, from over 110 countries. Top 5 : France, Belgium, United States, Japan, Korea and China. 1989 – 2019 : BELLOUET CONSEIL will soon celebrate thirty years of existence!! Website :