End-of-year demonstration with FOUR HANDS

09/08/2020 - Our Belgian importer, BRUYERRE, organizes its end-of-year demonstration, in partnership with RÉMY COINTREAU GASTRONOMIE, Les vergers Boiron, Silikomart, Candia and Leman :

· Monday, September 28 in GOSSELIES (in French),

· Tuesday, September 29 in NOSSEGEM (in French and Dutch).


Two Belgian Pastry Chefs will be in the kitchen:


David REDON, Finalist at the World Pastry Cup

Pastry cook for more than 20 years now, trained in the school of “Compagnons du Devoir du Tour de France” and during its travels around the world, the Chef likes to create gourmet pastries, with original flavours and elegant design, as well as proposing less sweet recipes.


François GALTIER, Bronze medalist at the World Pastry Cup

Since his success to the World Pastry Cup, the Chef travelled across the world to help several national teams for competitions, and to share knowledge as a consultant. Creative, ingenious, perfectionist, François GALTIER is in a continuous quest of new tastes, new textures and new designs to arouse the emotion through its recipes.


New recipes, created for the event, are being kept secret!