The demonstrations of chefs attracted the Belgians !

09/24/2019 - Around 160 professionals participated on the first two dates of demonstrations by Dimitri SALMON and Joost ARIJS (16 September in Brussels, 17 September in Hoeselt).

The two pastry chefs submitted their recipes created by this event :

  • ‘Letter box’ log with Mount Gay rum,

  • ‘Amarillo’ log with The Botanist gin,

  • ‘Matcha’ with Cointreau (individual dessert),

  • ‘Cube’ entremets with gin The Botanist,

  • ‘Argousier’ with Cointreau and ‘Smokey’ with Port Charlotte whisky (pralines).

Next dates: 30 September in Gosselies and 1 October in Brugge.

Don’t miss this event organised by REMY COINTREAU GASTRONOMIE in partnership with Les vergers Boiron, Callebaut, Debic, Ranson and Bruyerre.

Stay connected : the recipes will be provided shortly!


The first 4 photographs: Around the Chefs in Brussels with Sofie VANDERHASSELT and the production team.

The last 5 photographs: Around the Chefs in Hoeselt with Paul SEGERS who introduced THE BOTANIST gin, used in two recipes.


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