The RANSON team in Angers!

06/10/2024 - We were delighted to welcome some twenty people from Belgium, and more specifically from our distributor Ranson: among them Bruno, Charlotte and Michaël Ranson, the marketing-sales-purchasing manager and the sales force of 14 representatives!

Highlights of the trip to France included a visit to Parisian MOF glacier Emmanuel Ryon (Une glace à Paris) in the company of our ambassador Bruno Van Vaerenbergh, a shared dinner at La Richardière in the presence of Alfred Cointreau, a visit to the Cointreau distillery followed by lunch at the famous Halles d'Angers and a guided tour of the city.

Many thanks to the Ranson teams for all their hard work throughout the year!

Many thanks also to Bruno Van Vaerenbergh, Emmanuel Ryon and Alfred Cointreau for their warm welcome.


Visite_Ranson2024_news_2-min.jpg Visite_Ranson2024_news_3-min.jpg