A creation by Laurent Moreno

04/19/2024 - In this new recipe, Cointreau transcends apricot and passion fruit in the heart of a bonbon topped with a lime ganache. A chocolate we'd love to be able to enjoy... Thanks to Laurent Moreno, pastry chef (Le Bonheur, Paris)

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Bonbons coeur agrumes_NEWS.jpg

Pretty, colorful and... delicious!

04/16/2024 - Discover the Mount Gay rum-flavored candied fruit cake recipe! When Jean-Michel Perruchon, M.O.F. pastry chef, explains how to prepare this classic cake and reveals his tricks of the trade, you'll want to take action!

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Cake fruit MG_NEWS.jpg

Relais Desserts Congress

04/15/2024 - The Relais Desserts spring seminar took place this weekend. Nearly 100 renowned pastry chefs were hosted by Patrick Agnellet, the pastry and chocolate chef, in his home town of Annecy. RÉMY COINTREAU GASTRONOMIE is proud to be a sponsor of this exceptional event.  

RD Seminaire 2024.news.jpg

Michalis' baba

04/09/2024 - Michalis Chatzikalimeris' career path has always been dictated by his passion for creating exceptional desserts and his taste for innovation. Michalis began his career at the Dorchester Collection, a collection of internationally renowned luxury hotels. He went on to perfect his skills in other prestigious establishments across Greece: Santorini, Mykonos and Athens, before finally taking on a leading role at the Four Seasons Astir Palace as Executive Pastry Chef. This pastry artist creates unexpected taste experiences, brilliantly blending classic Greek flavors with global influences, in an inventive aesthetic. One sentence sums up this passionate pastry chef, named Best Pastry Chef of the Year 2023 at the Best Restaurant Awards: "I'm always excited about inventing and discovering new possibilities in my profession." Discover his original recipe for baba flavored with Metaxa!


3 starters, 3 main courses, 3 desserts

04/05/2024 - 9 new recipes flavored with Cointreau, St-Rémy brandy or Mount Gay rum, created by Top chef 2019, Samuel Albert. Coming soon to www.remycointreaugastronomie.com


An Asian success

04/02/2024 - This creation by M.O.F. glacier and World Pastry Champion Emmanuel Ryon is composed of a sober Cointreau yuzu vanilla mousse with macerated candied fruit, in the heart of a Cointreau-punched Savoy cookie. Cointreau enhances the vanilla fragrance, while adding its own freshness!

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Ambassadeur Cointreau_News.jpg

Happy Easter!

03/29/2024 - Chocolate at the heart of our Ambassadors' creations around Mount Gay rum, St-Rémy brandy and Iles du Vent rum. Thanks to Jean-Michel Perruchon, MOF pastry chef (Bellouet Conseil), Nicolas Pierot, international pastry chef, Manuel and Alexis Bouillet (Twins' Creative Lab).


An unique kouglof!

03/26/2024 - Manuel Bouillet revisits kouglof, the traditional Alsatian brioche, with a perfect balance of chocolate and Cointreau! The originality doesn't stop there, however, as the pastry chef adds a new twist to this fermented pastry... Discover it in the recipe! Thanks to Manuel Bouillet

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Kougelhopf Cointreau_NEWS.jpg

Magoa truffles from Giorgos Avgeros

03/22/2024 - Giorgos Avgeros, originally from Kalambaka, a small Greek town in Thessaly, initially turned to the fine arts. He studied woodcarving, free drawing, ceramics, hagiography and metalwork before working for 4 years as a sculptor. His love of gastronomy took him to Thessaloniki, where he learned pastry-making. He completed his studies with numerous internships at the Ecole Lenôtre and with world-renowned pastry chefs. In 2009, he won 1st prize for artistic chocolate composition in Greece and the Balkans. A member of the French Embassy's jury for pastry competitions for 2 years, he has also worked as a confessional technical advisor, production manager in a confectionery, pastry chef in 5-star restaurants and hotels, and as a teacher in vocational training establishments in Greece. From 2018 to 2023, he joined the Sani Resort as executive pastry chef, consulting in Greece, Cyprus, Russia and Germany. Today, he has opened his own boutique, Magoa Patisserie in Thessaloniki. Discover his recipe for Metaxa-flavored truffles!


Mount Gay rum at the heart of a new chocolate bonbon

03/19/2024 - Old Fashioned is a cocktail made with honey, orange and Mount Gay rum. The theme of this new creation by M.O.F. pâtissier Jean-Michel Perruchon. Watch the video!


Metaxa and gastronomy

03/15/2024 - Do you know Metaxa, the amber spirit with its roots on the Greek island of Samos? A perfect blend of the finest Muscat wines, a secret selection of Mediterranean herbs and May rose petals. The result? A unique fragrance that inspired three renowned Greek personalities at the initiative of our importer, the Stelios Yiannikas company: Michalis Chatzikalimeris, Head Pastry Chef at the Four Seasons Astir Palace Hotel in Athens, Louizos Symeonidis, whose "Vanilla gelateria" boutique is located in Thessalonica, Giorgos Avgeros, owner of the "Magoa Pastry Shop", also in Thessalonica. Stay tuned for more from these chefs and their creations!

More about Metaxa

2024 Dutch Pastry Award

03/12/2024 - The Dutch Pastry Award, the most prestigious pastry competition in the Netherlands, took place yesterday at the Bakkersvak trade fair in Gorinchem. For this 25th edition, the theme was naturally Celebration. As a sponsor alongside our importer, Vipam International, we were delighted to present a set of utensils to the winner, Ms Noah Vlemmix, crowned Best Pastry Chef of the Netherlands 2024. Congratulations to all the winners:  @noa.v_chocolatier @rostrianapermatasari @luukrenckens  

DPA_news 1-min.jpg

A new recipe video with Jean-Michel Perruchon

03/08/2024 - Jean-Michel Perruchon, M.O.F. pastry chef, presents his recipe for a chocolate bar with St-Rémy brandy: the preparation of the praline, the ganache and the crunch will hold no secrets for you!

Barre chocolatee St-Remy_NEWS-min.jpg


03/06/2024 - Many thanks to SAMUEL ALBERT for his 3 successful presentations in Japan. Over 900 tastings served during this Japanese stopover. All this would not have been possible without the technical team at NFS, our long-standing partner, and without the help of the teams at the KAGAWA school in Tokyo. Many thanks to Mr HONDA and Mr ITO of the Grand Hyatt Tokyo Roppongi Hills for their invaluable technical support. Congratulations to Mr OYAMA for the perfect organization of this event.  

Matrice_news copie.jpg

Day 2: Samuel Albert in Tokyo

03/05/2024 - The success of a presentation also and above all depends on what happens behind the scenes. 9 recipes for 60 people to be served in tasting format in just a few minutes, at the perfect temperature - this was the challenge brilliantly met by Samuel Albert and the team! Thanks to all those who worked behind the scenes.

Demo Japon S. Albert-Jour 2_news.jpg

Day 1: Samuel Albert in Tokyo

03/04/2024 - Our ambassador Samuel Albert demonstrates Cointreau, St-Rémy brandy and Mount Gay rum at Tokyo's Kagawa International School.  

Demo Japon S. Albert-Jour 1_news.jpg

Chef Samuel Albert returns to his roots

03/02/2024 - After working in Japan for 3 years prior to his TOP CHEF adventure, Samuel Albert returns to Tokyo for 3 days of demonstrations for RÉMY COINTREAU GASTRONOMIE with the help of our partner NICHIFUTSU.  


Toyosu Market

03/01/2024 - Toyosu Market, located on Toyosu Island in Tokyo Bay, is a major wholesale food trading center. A veritable institution, Samuel Albert discovered it this morning while shopping for his next demonstration. Welcome to Japan!  

Toyosu Market_news 1.jpg

Final afternoon of demonstrations in Korea

02/28/2024 - Samuel Albert's road trip to Korea came to an end today, in front of an audience of professionals enchanted by his creations, both savoury and sweet, flavoured with Cointreau, St-Rémy brandy or Mount Gay rum, such as the Mount Gay Okinawa soufflé. Many thanks to the teams at our importer SUNIN for their professionalism in organizing this Korean week. Special thanks to Samuel Albert.  

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Second day in Korea

27/02/2024 - Second day of demonstrations with Samuel Albert in Korea: After Dongtan yesterday, it's now Seoul that welcomes us for an afternoon of presentations to Korean restaurant professionals around Cointreau, Mount Gay rum and St-Rémy brandy. > Video 1 > Video 2 > Video 3


Start of 3-day demonstration in Korea with Samuel Albert

02/26/2024 - Our Ambassador, Samuel Albert, winner of Top Chef 2019, starts today a demonstration in Korea at our importer, Sun-in. The chef has come up with recipes combining French culinary tradition and Asian ingredients: 10 starters, main courses or desserts, flavored with Cointreau, Mount Gay rum or St-Rémy brandy. And off you go! > VIDEO 1 > VIDEO 2 > VIDEO 3


Sweet potato flan, flavored with Iles du Vent rum

02/22/2024 - The flan, a classic French pastry recipe, is revisited by Junko Nishikori, who introduces an ingredient typical of Japanese gastronomy: the sweet potato. Among the sixty or so varieties of sweet potato grown in Japan, Beniharuka is the most suitable, its sweet taste and high water content combining perfectly with the exotic fruit, citrus, dried fruit and spice aromas of Iles du Vent rum.

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Flan patate douce IDV_NEWS-min.jpg

Belgium in the World Cup!

02/20/2024 - At Sirha-Europain in Paris, the Pastry Lions took the first step towards qualifying for the international final of the Pastry World Cup, to be held in Lyon in January 2025. After two days of competition, the Belgian team, comprising Raoul Andriessen, Marijn Coertjens and Djordy Van Kemseke, was awarded the precious sesame by the jury and the event's honorary president, Stéphane Leroux, M.O.F. pâtissier. 5h30 to create an artistic piece of chocolate and sugar, 8 plated desserts, 3 revisited Paris-Brest and 3 iced cakes, on the theme of Belgian autumn desserts: this was the challenge taken up by the Pastry Lions, who thus enter the circle of 20 finalist teams in this prestigious world competition. Congratulations to the 3 teams on the podium in this European selection: France, Italy and the United Kingdom. Congratulations to the Lions and good luck for the future!

PastryLions_selection_news 1.jpg

Continuing our nod to Asia!

02/16/2024 - Sudachi is a Japanese citrus fruit that is harvested green for its acidic juice. Renowned Belgian pastry chef Niek Bossaert, member of the 'Créateurs de desserts' association, adds a refreshingly tangy, exotic touch to his dessert of mango, chocolate and sesame, subtly flavoured with Mount Gay rum.

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Valentine's Day in the land of the rising sun

02/13/2024 - In Japan, Valentine's Day is an important holiday during which, unlike in the West where men men give gifts and flowers, it's the women who spoil the gentlemen with chocolates. A way of celebrating affection and friendship! Chocolatiers have created a variety of chocolates: Giri-choco for male colleagues, Honmei-choco for lovers, Tomo-choco for friends, Kazoku-choco for family, Jibun-choco for herself. Around 20% of annual chocolate consumption is linked to this event. JR Nagoya Takashimaya, a renowned department store in Nagoya, achieved record sales of over 21 million Euros from January 19 to February 14, 2023, an increase of 42% on 2022, and welcomed over 700,000 customers. The tradition continues on March 14, White Day: men give gifts back to the women who have spoiled them, often cookies, marshmallows or sweets. Nama-choco is characterized by its ganache with a high water content, which gives it a soft texture much appreciated by the Japanese. This "fresh" chocolate should be eaten within a week of production. Thanks to our ambassador, Junko Nishikori, for this Cointreau-flavored creation.

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A new tartelette recipe to discover on video

02/09/2024 - A perfect combination of pecan, almond, banana, chocolate and St-Rémy brandy. Just the right balance of flavors in this exotic tartelette created and presented by Jean-Michel Perruchon, M.O.F. pastry chef.

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Tartelette exotique_NEWS.jpg

Celebrating Chinese New Year with Emmanuel Ryon

02/06/2024 - Let's continue our nod to Asia as it celebrates New Year with this dessert imagined by World Champion pastry chef, M.O.F. glacier Emmanuel Ryon. "Asia Dream" combines Matcha tea, vanilla and fresh raspberries with the delicate aromas of St-Rémy® brandy.

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Reve d Asie Cointreau_news.jpg

Chinese New Year: Happy Spring Festival! 新年快乐

02/02/2024 - To celebrate Spring Festival, the first stage of China's New Year festivities, we offer this recipe named "Flower" flavoured with Iles du Vent rum. Created by Sinodis, our importer, whom we warmly thank.

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Fleur Iles du Vent_news.jpg

What's the secret behind this Mount Gay rum sablé?

01/26/2024 - The secret lies in the filling, to which is added an ingredient - in this case Kintoki from Japan - whose pronounced sweetness and soft, chewy texture contribute to the success of this sablé. Mount Gay rum adds vanilla, oak and sweet caramel aromas. Created by our ambassador, Junko Nishikori.

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Sables Mount Gay_NEWS.jpg

Next step towards the Coupe du Monde de la Pâtisserie

01/19/2024 - Good luck to the Pastry Lions, the Belgian team, at the European selections for the Coupe du Monde de la Pâtisserie, which will take place on Monday January 22 in Paris!!!! Follow the highlights on their Insta account: @cmpatisserie_belgium and their Facebook page: Club Coupe du Monde de la Pâtisserie - Team Belgium

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Sweet potatoes, a traditional ingredient of Japanese gastronomy

01/16/2024 - Introduced to Japan in the 17th century, sweet potatoes have become a popular autumn dish, thanks to their sweetness and richness in dietary fiber, vitamins and other nutrients. The sweet potato season runs from September to November. As they are sweeter after storage than when freshly picked, they are refined for about a month after harvest before being shipped. Some sixty varieties are grown in Japan, and are used in a wide range of sweet and savoury dishes, including : Tempura: slices coated in egg and flour, then deep-fried, Hoshi-imo: steamed, sliced and dried potatoes, Imo-kenpi: a sweet snack made with long, thin French fries, cooked in oil and candied. Yaki-imo: confectionery cooked for a long time at low temperature on hot stones. This cooking process eliminates excess water to bring out their natural sweetness. There is currently talk of a fourth yaki-imo boom. Sweet potato: Western-Japanese fusion pastry made with sweet potato purée, milk, egg, granulated sugar and butter, in the shape of a sweet potato. Imo-jochu: a type of alcohol that uses their natural sugars in the distillation process. Stay tuned for more recipes from Ms. Nishikori!


Junko NISHIKORI: new ambassador for Rémy Cointreau Gastronomie

01/09/2024 - RÉMY COINTREAU GASTRONOMIE is privileged to welcome Ms Junko Nishikori as ambassador for its brands of excellence: Cointreau, St-Rémy brandy, Mount Gay rum, ... After working in the financial sector, Ms Junko Nishikori studied at the École Ferrandi in Paris, where she obtained her C.A.P. pastry. After gaining experience in patisseries, restaurants and chocolate shops in Paris, Edinburgh and London, she returned to Japan to join the research and development department of Nichifutsu Shoji in Kobe. An ambassador for French gastronomy brands in Japan, this company has been importing raw materials and equipment for the Japanese culinary trades for over 50 years. Ms Junko Nishikori has created several recipes based on sweet potatoes, a traditional ingredient of Japanese gastronomy appreciated for its mild flavor and health benefits. Discover this ingredient in our next publication.


Gâteau de Savoie flavoured with Mount Gay rum

01/05/2024 - Manuel and Alexis Bouillet revisit the gâteau de Savoie, a soft sponge with its origins in eastern France, perfect for snacking.  To your screens!

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Happy Epiphany!

01/02/2024 - The galette will be in the spotlight throughout January. A lovely tradition that has inspired our ambassadors, Jean-Michel Perruchon, M.O.F. pastry, and Alexis Bouillet, Best Young Pastry Chef 2011. Their recipes, flavoured with Mount Gay rum or St-Rémy brandy, are available on our website. https://www.remycointreaugastronomie.com/pdf/3056 https://www.remycointreaugastronomie.com/pdf/5143


Our best wishes

We wish you all the best for the New Year... and a pinch of madness!


Surprise, surprise!

12/29/2023 - Under this Chesterfield sofa, you'll find a dessert that's just as... soft! Made with shortbread dough, covered with a thin layer of frangipane, apricots, vanilla mousse and a Cointreau-flavoured wild strawberry coulis, this dessert is the creation of Belgian pastry chef Marijn Coertjens (Ghent).

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Merry Christmas 2023!

The whole RÉMY COINTREAU GASTRONOMIE team wishes you a merry Christmas, surrounded by your loved ones and shared gourmet moments!


An old fashion brownie

12/22/2023 - To create a brownie on the old fashioned cocktail theme, Jean-Michel Perruchon, M.O.F. pâtissier, layered his brownie cookie with a black and milk honey ganache, a pecan cookie, then an orange vanilla cream, all 3 flavoured... with Mount Gay rum. An original, gourmet association!  

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Brownie old fashioned_NEWS.jpg

This verrine has swing!

12/18/2023 - This verrine imagined by Emmanuel Ryon combines Carambar®, hazelnut chocolate mousse and caramelized hazelnut vanilla ice cream, with the exquisite flavours of gingerbread, candied apricots and dates from St-Rémy brandy. A perfect balance of taste and festive aesthetics!

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Verrine PopArt_NEWS.jpg

An irresistibly fresh verrine!

12/15/2023 - In this verrine inspired by the Mojito cocktail, Emmanuel Ryon, World Pastry Champion, M.O.F. Glacier, combines the lemony cucumber juice and minty fragrance of shiso with the sweet Islay flowers and botanicals of The Botanist gin in an astonishing combination of textures...  

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Verrine shizo The Botanist_NEWS.jpg

A St-Rémy cappuccino tart

12/08/2023 - Pastry chefs Alexis and Manuel Bouillet found their inspiration in a cup of cappuccino coffee! They came up with a tart that combines the coffee and milk flavours of a cappuccino with the aesthetics of a cup topped with an artistic latte art effect. The St-Rémy brandy enhances the coffee flavour, while adding notes of gingerbread, candied apricots and dates.

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In December : 3 verrines by Emmanuel Ryon

12/05/2023 - What's the secret behind this first chestnut-themed creation? A combination of chestnut ice cream and Matcha tea ice cream. For texture, we add the crunchiness of vanilla meringuettes and the creaminess of a chestnut coulis. Port Charlotte whisky adds notes of peat, gently spiced with black pepper. An elegant contrast! Thanks to Emmanuel Ryon, World Pastry Champion, Meilleur Ouvrier de France Glacier.

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Stollen recipe revisited

11/24/2023 - With the festive season just around the corner, Adeline Vancaster (Pâtisserie Ducobu) has come up with her own version of Stollen, the fruit bread that originated in Germany. The pastry chef has chosen Cointreau, which adds freshness and the full aromatic power of orange.

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Cointreau ivory log

11/20/2023 - Cointreau emphasizes the mango and passion fruit flavours of this exotic log created up by MOF pastry chef Arnaud Larher. Delicate, fruity and delicious all at once!

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Jean-Michel Perruchon's Mount Gay cake

11/17/2023 - Watch this month's video to find out how to prepare the Mount Gay Rum Banana Hazelnut Cake, which combines two textures in a highly original new cake!

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12 videos with Jean-Michel Perruchon!

11/16/2023 - M.O.F. pastry chef Jean-Michel Perruchon (Ecole Bellouet Conseil) has come up with 12 recipes flavoured with Cointreau, St-Rémy brandy or Mount Gay rum, presented for the first time on video by the chef, giving tips and tricks. Stay tuned! Recipes coming soon. First appointment: tomorrow!


When the giraffe inspires a world pastry champion...

11/10/2023 - In harmony with this sublime animal, Otto Tay has imagined a travel cake with flavours of caramel, coffee, nuts and chocolate. The St-Rémy brandy, with its exquisite aromas of gingerbread, candied apricots and spicy dates, is the perfect complement to this palette of flavours. Thank you to Otto Tay for sharing this new creation with us.


Jean-Michel Perruchon in Krakow: packed house!

11/09/2023 - Second demonstration in Poland by our ambassador and Meilleur Ouvrier de France pâtissier, Jean-Michel Perruchon, with the preparation of 4 Cointreau-flavoured desserts. Among them, the Margarita éclair, a creation whose recipe we'll soon be sharing with you... on video! We would like to thank our partners SAVPOL, Les vergers Boiron and Barry Callebaut for organising this master class.

Demo_Cracovie_news 1.jpg

A banana and caramel brioche flavoured with St-Rémy

11/09/2023 - A new video from the brothers, Alexis and Manuel BOUILLET, presenting their favourite brioche. What makes it special? A combination of Viennese fermented dough and brioche dough. One of know-how that they share with us.

Discover video & recipe card
Brioche banane St-Remy_NEWS.jpg

Demonstration in Poland with Jean-Michel Perruchon

11/07/2023 - First day of demonstrations in Lodz, in front of an attentive audience of professionals. A master class organised in collaboration with SAVPOL, Les vergers Boiron, Barry Callebaut and RÉMY COINTREAU GASTRONOMIE represented by Paul Segers.

Demo Pologne Lodz 2023 (5).jpg

A Christmas brioche like no other...

11/03/2023 - The Botanist gin was the inspiration for this recipe, an unexpected ingredient in Viennese pastries which, combined with lime, gives this brioche a decidedly cocktail flavour. Richly filled, on a breakfast table or at a festive brunch, it’ll be an original alternative to classics such as panettone or stollen. Thanks to Alexandre Morsomme, Belgium's Bakery Champion 2016 & 2019, Belgium's best Croissant 2019, Golden Croissant 2023, and Michelle Grimmelprez (Pâtisserie De Baere, Belgium).

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Laurent Surut, new ambassador

10/30/2023 - With 30 years' experience in the restaurant business, Laurent SURUT is a passionate, rigorous and perfectionist chef who works closely with his suppliers and producers to create his dishes. His professional career began at L'Auberge de l'Eridan (3 Michelin stars) in 1994. He through the ranks: commis de cuisine to chef de partie, pastry chef, assistant chef and then owner and operator of the restaurant Les Délices partagés in Vihiers (49) in 2004, an address which he ran for 7 years before joining the Abbaye de Villeneuve in Les Sorinières (49) as chef de cuisine and catering manager. Since 2012, he has owned and operated the Belle Rive restaurant in Angers. Laurent SURUT takes part in a number of culinary events and enjoys sharing his passion during culinary courses open to the general public. We are delighted to welcome Laurent SURUT as an ambassador for our culinary flavours.  


Next demonstration in Poland

10/16/2023 - Jean-Michel Perruchon, Meilleur Ouvrier de France pâtissier, will be hosting a demonstration at our importer SAVPOL on 7, 8 and 9 November, in the cities of Lödz and Krakow. On the programme? Preparation of several recipes, including a cake, an éclair, a special Christmas dessert and a travel cake, flavoured with Cointreau. A master class organised in collaboration with SAVPOL, Les vergers Boiron, Barry Callebaut and RÉMY COINTREAU GASTRONOMIE. We'll be sharing these new products with you shortly. Contact to register: gourmet_polska@barry_callebaut.com specifying whether you are coming to Lödz or Krakow.

Demo Pologne_news.jpg

The perfect Tonic log!

10/25/2023 - Featured in the latest issue of the Journal du pâtissier, this new creation by Belgian pastry chef Niek Bossaert (Heule) is based on the trendy theme of The Botanist gin combined with citrus fruit and Cointreau.

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Buche Gin Tonic_news.jpg

A baba by Arnaud Larher

10/13/2023 - Arnaud Larher, Meilleur Ouvrier de France, Relais Desserts, shares with us his recipe for Elixir baba with notes of Cointreau and Mount Gay rum. Delicious! Thanks to the chef!

Discover the recipe

Choco Exotic log

10/10/2023 - As promised, in October we will be publishing 3 new log recipes. This first log, created by Belgian pastry chef and chocolatier Patrick Aubrion, consists of an almond dacquoise, a vanilla flan with a touch of Cointreau, a feuilletine praline and a milk chocolate mousse.

Discover the recipe
Exotic choco Cointreau_news.jpg

The podium of a successful competition

10/09/2023 - Congratulations to the winners of the 25th Finale romande et tessinoise des apprentis-confiseurs, held at the end of September at the Ecole professionnelle in Montreux: 1. Corentin Comte, Ackermann Artisan in Grandson (VD) 2. Lorie Rossat, Romain Lemann's Artisan in Bulle (FR) 3. Emma Gauthier, Réseau Formation Vaud (VD) Congratulations to all the candidates, who are among the best graduates in their canton. 6 girls and 3 boys who had 5 hours to present a table filled with a variety of creations, including an artistic piece on the theme of "Celebrating 25 years". A competition in which RÉMY COINTREAU GASTRONOMIE is a partner. We'll be sharing their praline recipes very soon.


St-Rémy chocolate warm tart

10/06/2023 - In this video, Manuel and Alexis Bouillet present us with an unexpected creation, full of delicacy, combining hot and cold in the same dish. The St-Rémy brandy brings a real freshness and taste balance to the whole.

Discover video & recipe card

Emmanuel Ryon on show in Belgium

10/04/2023 - On October 17 and 18, Emmanuel Ryon, Meilleur Ouvrier de France Glacier, World Pastry Champion and Relais Desserts, will give a master class organized by Ranson in collaboration with Carpigiani, Debic and Rémy Cointreau Gastronomie. The theme will be ice cream, featuring Cointreau, St-Rémy brandy, The Botanist gin and Port Charlotte whisky. Course already full !!


Belgium returns to the Pastry World Cup

10/03/2023 - RÉMY COINTREAU GASTRONOMIE is proud to be a support partner of the Belgian team "Pastry Lions", candidates for the 2025 Pastry World Cup. A trio made up of : Marijn Coertjens, captain, chocolate specialist, Djordy Van Kemseke, ice cream specialist, and sugar specialist Raoul Andriessen, coached by Belgian chocolate ambassador Jean-Philippe Darcis. The experienced pastry chefs’ll guide these young talents, at the Belgian Pastry Club (ASBL) chaired by Raphaël Giot, Jean-Philippe Darcis, vice-president, and Patrick Aubrion, general secretary. First step: Win one of the 5 European qualifying places for the world championships. We wish them all the best! Stay tuned!


End of year demonstration in Belgium

10/03/2023 - The first day of the RANSON demonstration took place yesterday in Hoeselt, today in Bruges and tomorrow in Brussels, with pastry chefs Marijn Coertjens and Niek Bossaert taking it in turns to present their creations, their philosophy and their working methods, and Patrick Aubrion presenting some of the recipes he has devised using marzipan. A presentation organised in collaboration with RÉMY COINTREAU GASTRONOMIE, Debic, Les vergers Boiron and Callebaut.

Demo Ranson_news 1.jpg

A square cake? Why not?

09/28/2023 - In this gourmet recipe, the cake dough is embellished with small cubes of banana caramelized with Mount Gay rum, under a milk gianduja coating. A travel cake created by Peter de Volder and David van Acker (Zuut, Leuven, Belgium).

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Log special: Cointreau duo log

09/26/2023 - Cointreau goes very well with strawberries, as it adds a touch of orange that enhances the taste of the fruit. A subtle, fruity accord that creates a contrast between sweet and tart... especially as the duo log is also flavored with pistachio, passion fruit and raspberry. Created by Meilleur Ouvrier de France pâtissier Jean-Michel Perruchon (Bellouet Conseil, Paris). Stay tuned in October, 3 new log recipes coming soon!

Discover the recipe

Log special: Pure chocolate log

09/22/2023 - When chocolate meets raspberry, it's a party! A marriage of flavors in which the rich creaminess of the chocolate and the softness of the chocolate sponge combine perfectly with the tangy sweetness of a raspberry jam... underlined by a dash of Jacobert raspberry brandy! Thanks to Patrick Aubrion (Belgium).

Discover the recipe
Buche Pur Chocolat_news.jpg

The Cointreau signature croissant

09/19/2023 - In this new video, Alexis and Manuel Bouillet present their creation: a croissant topped with a gellan mandarin and Cointreau marzipan insert. When the airy puff pastry of a viennoiserie reveals at its heart the subtle, sweet fragrances of an orange-mandarin-Cointreau trio, what a success!

Discover video & recipe card

Special log: Chef’s favourite log with Mount Gay

09/15/2023 - To accompany the vanilla, oak and sweet caramel aromas of Mount Gay rum, Relais Desserts' Marc Ducobu has combined chestnut, blackcurrant and blueberry. An explosion of flavors, this log!

discover the recipe

Emmanuel Ryon continues his demonstration

09/14/2023 - After Shenzhen, the M.O.F. glacier and World Pastry Champion, Emmanuel Ryon has just completed his demonstration in Shanghai before an attentive audience of professionals, nearly 70 people seduced by the chef's creations and the assets represented by the RÉMY COINTREAU GASTRONOMIE brands, true culinary flavours: Cointreau, St-Rémy brandy, Iles du Vent rum and Jacobert eaux-de-vie. Thanks to Emmanuel Ryon, Sinodis and all the participants. We'll be sharing these recipes with you, so stay tuned!


Demonstration in China

09/13/2023 - Our ambassador, Emmanuel Ryon (MOF glacier & World pastry Champion), has just given a demonstration in Shenzhen of 5 entremets flavored with Cointreau, St-Rémy brandy, Iles du Vent rum and Jacobert eaux-de-vie. The event, organized by our importer SINODIS, was attended by 65 customers who were delighted by the beauty and quality of the desserts and the chef's professionalism. A surprise Cointreau sorbet brought the day to an enthusiastic close. Many thanks to Emmanuel Ryon, Sinodis and all the participants.


Special log: The Botanist sun log

09/12/2023 - Pastry chef Andy Verstraeten (Grains de Vanille, Rixensart, Belgium) imagined this recipe inspired by Japanese pastry and its ingredients, such as yuzu, lemon, sesame and fresh cheese, combined with the freshness of The Botanist gin. The perfect balance! Featured on the new issue of "Journal du Pâtissier".

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Special log: St-Rémy vanilla log

09/08/2023 - Composed of a vanilla, cardamom and St-Rémy brandy flavoured mousseline at the heart of a vanilla bavaroise set on a crunchy cara crakine base, this original recipe is the creation of Belgian pastry chef and chocolatier Patrick Aubrion. Find out more in the September issue of Passionnément Artisan magazine.

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In September, the focus is on logs!

09/05/2023 - Throughout the month, discover several log recipes based on the RÉMY COINTREAU GASTRONOMIE brands: 08th: Patrick Aubrion's St-Rémy vanilla log, 12th: The Botanist sun log by Andy Verstraeten (Grains de Vanille) 15th: Marc Ducobu - Chef’s favourite log with Mount Gay 22nd: the Jacobert pure chocolate log by Patrick Aubrion 26th: the Cointreau duo log from Jean-Michel Perruchon (MOF pâtissier) To inspire you this end of year.


When Kouignette is flavoured with Cointreau

08/30/2023 - Have you ever heard of Kouignettes? They're pretty little pastries made from pure churned butter flaky pastry dough, and they're a must-have speciality of Maison Georges Larnicol. Among the variations, discover the Kouignettes delicately flavoured with Cointreau, which we particularly appreciated...

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A little shiso raspberry cake

08/23/2023 - With its fresh and delicate look, this dessert hides a most interesting composition, alternating shortbread, cream, sponge and gel, with flavours of shiso, raspberry... and Cointreau! Thanks to Nicolas Pierot.

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Shiso-framboise Cointreau_news.jpg

The summer entremets!

08/09/2023 - Pastry chefs Manuel and Alexis Bouillet have come up with a tasty mango charlotte, flavoured with Cointreau. Its originality? Its composition: alternating soft Japanese sponge, Cointreau bavaroise mousse, exotic confit and cubes of fresh mango. A dessert full of freshness, balanced in texture and flavors, to share with family and friends!

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The Cointreau soufflé: a must!

07/19/2023 - Manuel and Alexis Bouillet reveal their secret to make a perfect soufflé, delicately flavoured with Cointreau. A video to look carefully…

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A cup cake love

07/05/2023 - To emphasize the flavour of strawberry, nothing better than Cointreau! Thus in this dessert imagined by our ambassador, Nicolas Pierot, strawberry and Cointreau form a balanced and delicate duo at the heart of a cup cake, definitely not like the others!

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So good to eat this Lemon flower!

06/23/2023 - In terms of appearance, it has everything to seduce, this new tartlet created by the pastry chef, Nicolas Pierot… On the flavours side, too! with the lemon and the subtle addition of Rémy Cointreau Gastronomie Amaretto. A new recipe at your disposal.

Fleur citron_news.jpg

When two talented chefs revisit the Vacherin…

06/20/2023 - Discover the video of Manuel and Alexis Bouillet (Twins’ Creative Lab) around the preparation of their recipe of Vacherin, a frozen dessert on the plate, subtly flavoured with Cointreau!

Vacherin Cointreau News.jpg

We tell you all about this new dessert!

06/13/2023 - Created by the Greek pastry chef, Babis Polykateros, this individual entremets hides a blueberry cremeux, covered with a milk chocolate cremeux, all set on a sachet biscuit soaked in Jacobert raspberry syrup. The crispier touch? Puffed rice covered with purple chocolate!

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New praline, new recipe

06/09/2023 - This praline consists of marzipan confit and Cointreau star anise ganache, with dark chocolate cover. A creation by Tio Van Ginneken (Arto, Stekene), winner of the 2022 Belgium Chocolate Awards, whom we thank!

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When Belle Hélène pear meets St-Rémy brandy…

06/06/2023 - As pretty as it is gourmet, this poached pear with St-Rémy brandy is a creation of the pastry chef, Nicolas Pierot. It combines the delicate flavour of pears with the contrasting flavours of cocoa and dark chocolate, softened by a vanilla mascarpone cream. We tell you everything in the recipe form!

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New and … deliciously citrus!

05/30/2023 - We owe this original creation to the Greek pastry chef, Babis Polykateros. Named Delicitrus, it mixes for the highest taste bud pleasure, chocolate, orange, tangerine… and Cointreau®. Thanks to the Chef for sharing his recipe with us.

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New recipe: Medjoul Pie

05/26/2023 - This new recipe created by pastry chef Tanguy Coelis (Pâtisserie Manu, Belgium) consists of a dates cream, a financier delicately flavored with Cointreau, the whole covered with a mascarpone chantilly. We want to taste! Thanks to the Chef of this sharing !

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End of Bakery China

05/25/2023 - Last day of the bakery show in Shanghai. The opportunity to warmly thank our Sinodis distributor and to make a more than positive assessment! The beautiful Sinodis stand was full during these 5 days of show. The chef demonstrations attracted many professionals, who were also interested in the RÉMY COINTREAU GASTRONOMIE brands. Great success this 2023 edition!


A praline named Amanda

05/23/2023 - We warmly thank Tio Van Ginneken (Arto, Stekene), winner of the 2022 Belgium Chocolate Awards, for sharing with us his AMANDA chocolate recipe, flavoured with Amaretto.

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RÉMY COINTREAU GASTRONOMIE on the reference of the bakery show in Asia

05/22/2023 - Bakery China has just opened in Shanghai, China! W’ll meet you from 22 to 25 May at the stand of our distributor Sinodis [2.1 B91] which offers tastings and demonstrations around our brands: Cointreau, St-Rémy, Mount Gay, etc. Thanks to the Sinodis team! Welcome to all!

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How to prepare a delicious Cointreau flan?

05/19/2023 - This is what the pastry chefs, Manuel and Alexis Bouillet, are offering you in their new online video! A new recipe they created specifically for you.

Flan orange Cointreau_news.jpg

New recipe : Mango Viennese coffee & Iles du Vent rum

05/16/2023 - The international pastry chef, Nicolas Pierot, has chosen the Iles du Vent rum: a delicate rum from the Caribbean Islands, whose fruity taste and aromatic power perfectly complement the flavours of coffee, mango and passion fruit of this dessert.

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Cafe viennois Iles du Vent_news.jpg


03/24/2023 - The consulting pastry chef, Nicolas Pierot, has just presented several of his recipes during a 3-day demonstration organized by our importer, SUN-IN, in Korea. Program: • Viennese coffee, mango and Iles du Vent rum • Cointreau shiso raspberry chocolate cake • Cointreau strawberry vanilla Cupcake • Amaretto lime flower • St-Rémy Belle Hélène pear A great success for this workshop involving 65 professionals, brilliantly organized by SUN-IN, whom we thank. Stay tuned to follow the publication of these new recipes!


New video recipe: Cointreau exotic cup

03/17/2023 - Here again Alexis and Manuel Bouillet (Twin’s Creative Lab) on the screen to present their recipe: the Cointreau exotic cup.

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New recipe on the theme of the tropics

03/10/2023 - To evoke the tropics, pastry maker Tanguy Coelis (Pâtisserie Manu, Belgium) has selected ingredients such as coconut, passion fruit, mango and pineapple to which The Botanist gin brings its freshness. This cake of long conservation can be declined in circle or frame.

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Bakkersvak Exhibition: 5, 6 and 7 March 2023

06/03/2023 - The Dutch bakery, pastry, ice cream and chocolate exhibition is currently taking place in Gorinchem. Visit the stand of our importer, VIPAM, to discover the range of spirits at your disposal, true culinary flavours! STAND D130

VIPAM_news 1.jpg

New: Cointreau Napolitan Cake

03/03/2023 - Pastry chef Andy Verstraeten (Pâtisserie Grains de vanille, Belgium) very much appreciates travel cakes, the tasting of which provides a pleasant moment of sharing. This revisited version of Napolitan cake is made from dark chocolate, Cointreau®, mascarpone and citrus. An originality that makes the success of this tasty cake, very easy to prepare.

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Visit EXPO SWEET in Poland

02/28/2023 - Expo Sweet, the largest annual confectionery and ice cream show in Poland, opened yesterday in Warsaw for 4 days. We are present on the stand of our importer, SAVPOL: stand 3, hall 4. We look forward to welcoming you and informing you about our brands!

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A travel cake flavoured with Cointreau

02/24/2023 - Created by Adeline Vancaster (Pâtisserie Ducobu, Waterloo, Belgium), this elegant cake consists of a creamy apple compote topped with a crispy butter crumble, at the heart of a cake delicately flavoured with orange zest and Cointreau®. A travel cake, excellent throughout the year.  

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Back from South Korea

02/22/2023 - Congratulations to SUN-IN for the opening of 2 new demonstration and training centers in Seoul. Our importer now has 3 establishments that will welcome us next month during demonstrations organized in collaboration with the pastry chef, Nicolas Pierot.


New deliciously flavored recipes to discover in video!

02/21/2023 - RÉMY COINTREAU GASTRONOMIE asked international pastry chefs, Alexis and Manuel Bouillet (Twin’s Creative Lab), to revisit a few classic French pastries by flavoring them with Cointreau, Mount Gay rum or St-Rémy brandy. Result? 12 very detailed videos of recipes to discover throughout 2023 on our site. And to start, here is the Mount Gay exotic Baba!

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Baba Exotique MG_NEWS.jpg

A baba… of season!

02/14/2023 - The pastry chef, Aurélien Trottier (Artisan Passionné) has revisited the traditional recipe of baba in a delicate and gourmet version, Cointreau and blood orange, the seasonal fruit !

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Baba Cointreau_news.jpg

Ultimate recipe for Valentine’s Day

02/14/2023 - On the occasion of Valentine’s Day, Alexandre Morsomme and Michelle Grimmelprez (Pâtisserie De Baere, Knokke, Belgium) imagined a heart-shaped pastry. Inspired by the traditional Black Forest, this creation consists of a light mascarpone cream generously topped with cherries and Griottines Cointreau, and a gluten-free cocoa dacquoise.

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Dacquoise Amour News.jpg