RELAIS DESSERTS Valentine’s Day: Chocolaterie Darcis

02/05/2023 - The Chocolaterie Darcis in Verviers (Belgium) has imagined this Valentine’s Day special dessert, composed of a chocolate Genoa bread biscuit, a crunchy praline, an intense dark chocolate mousse, a creamy raspberry sauce and a Cointreau blood orange coulis. To be enjoyed in duo with the Cosmopolitan Cocktail by offering the NOTHING BUT LOVE box! Available from 10 February.

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New pairing around the Cointreau

02/03/2023 - The starred chef, Pascal Favre d'Anne, and the barman chef, Hugo Dessard [Bar Cahupa, Angers] imagined a vegetable Caketail flavored with Cointreau. Their goal? Create a cocktail and a bite whose flavours are in harmony, while favoring the 0 loss. The cocktail uses 100% of the ingredients, so the peelings are dehydrated to produce a powder used in the cocktail. The result? A fresh and energetic caketail consisting of a gin drink, Cointreau, Granny Smith apple, Thai basil, lime, gum syrup and egg white, accompanied by a bite: buckwheat tile, cucumber roll, lime-infused feta, Thai basil, Granny Smith's julienne, cucumber-Granny Smith-citrus powder. To discover in this video quickly!!

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New ambassador: Samuel ALBERT

02/02/2023 - Samuel Albert is from Anjou. His mother gives him the taste of garden products and family cooking. Her passion for cooking also comes from her two grandmothers. He attended the Sadi Carnot-Jean Bertin Hotel School in Saumur and then, during his BTS in Hotel Management in Saumur, he did his internship with Joël Robuchon in Monaco. After graduating, he went to work for two years at Joël Robuchon’s workshop in London to learn English. Over the next 10 years, he travelled the world to learn and research new ideas, in the United Kingdom, La Réunion, Switzerland, China, New Zealand and Japan. In 2019, after his victory in Top Chef season 10, Samuel Albert leaves his position as chef at the Belgian Embassy in Japan to open the restaurant Les Petits Prés on his native lands, a place where he offers a cuisine full of flavours and original products for an invitation to multiple culinary trips. The young chef has just imagined 12 recipes flavoured with Cointreau, St-Rémy brandy, Mount Gay rum or Belle de Brillet pear liqueur. 12 recipes filmed, step by step, which we will be pleased to share with you in the coming weeks. We are pleased to welcome Samuel Albert as ambassador of our culinary flavours.

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Valentine's Day offer in partnership with RELAIS DESSERTS

02/01/2023 - As part of its partnership with RELAIS DESSERTS, RÉMY COINTREAU GASTRONOMIE offers a new concept to celebrate Valentine's Day! In this pretty box stamped "Nothing but love", you will discover the iconic Cosmopolitan cocktail (NIO) and... the dessert imagined and produced by the partner RELAIS DESSERTS. The goal? A Caketail tasting (cocktail and dessert) for two, for a combination of flavors that are as delicate as they are delicious. Let's discover the dessert imagined by the Pastry chocolate shop Lou Guillet (Romans and Valence). Called Cherry, it consists of a vanilla mousse from Madagascar, a cherry biscuit, a  bewitching cherry compote with whole cherries bringing texture and gluttony to the whole, all on a deeply crispy dark chocolate cookie. You will have the opportunity to enjoy the dessert alone for the Virgin Lovers or in the box with the   cocktails for the Cosmo Lovers.

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Recipe #2 for Valentine’s Day

01/31/2023 - Lovers of flowers, flavors and chocolate will be delighted by this romantic creation by pastry chef Andy Verstraeten (Pâtisserie Grains de Vanille in Rixensart, Belgium), with surprising flavours of The Botanist Gin, bergamot and pecan embedded in chocolate.

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Nichifutsu company in Angers

01/26/2023 - It is with great pleasure that we received today in Angers the company Nichifutsu, in the presence of Cécile Roudaut, Master Blender St-Rémy Brandy, and Carole Quinton, Master Distiller at Cointreau, that we thank. Thanks to our distributor in Japan for his visit

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Our ambassadors from Asia in Angers

01/26/2023 - We are very pleased to have welcomed today in Angers our ambassadors: Nicolas Pierot, Otto Tay, Loi Min Gai, Kean in the presence of Frédéric Ratajczak, Paul Segers, Melody and Lin Hao.

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Let's get ready for Valentine's Day...

01/25/2023 - Let's go for the publication of the first special Valentine's Day recipe! We will share with you two more on January 31 and February 6. "My Valentine" is a creation of pastry chefs, Maurits van Lookeren and Andon Emonds of the Delrey pastry shop in Antwerp (Belgium). Make way for simplicity! This generously filled tart mixes complementary flavors and textures, around raspberry, Cointreau® and orange. The red of raspberries and sponge cake is the decorative nod to Valentine's Day.  

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Presentation of the Duo 6 Caketails

01/24/2023 - Ultimate video presentation of Caketails during the Caketail Contest 2022! It's the turn of Alexandre Vaessen, sous-chef, and Jonathan Torralba Rodriguez, sommelier, at the restaurant La canne en ville (Brussels) to talk to you about their creations.

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SIRHA 2023: Monday, January 23

24/01/2023 - The fact of the day? The organization of SIRHA has come to film our chefs, Alexis and Manuel Bouillet, for a communication intended for the Chinese public on the concept of Cointreau Caketail. We thank Cédric Perrier for his visit, whose company Boosterdry is the creator of the Cointreau cocktail mousse, used by our chefs on our stand, both cocktail and pastry. And a big thank to Chefs Dirk Battheu and his wife Etchel and their collaborator Emy, who delighted us during our stay at home in Lyon (Restaurant T BLAUWERSHUYS in Poperinge, Belgium). Thanks to Stéphane Glacier, pastry MOF, and Jean-Jacques Borne, glacier MOF, for their visit.

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It's Chinese New Year!

01/23/2023 - The RÉMY COINTREAU GASTRONOMIE team presents its best wishes for the Chinese New Year.

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SIRHA 2023: Sunday, January 22

01/22/2023 - Thank you to the many visitors received today on our stand, in particular to: Pastry Giot Jean-Philippe Darcis Guido Devil Denis Vergneau, Sinodis company, our distributor in China. World Pastry Cup teams from Malaysia and Taiwan Our distributor Nichifutsu (Japan) as well as our ambassadors, Alexis & Manuel Bouillet, Otto Tay and Ming Ai, Bruno Van Vaerenbergh and Patrick Aubrion.

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SIRHA 2023 - Saturday, January 21

01/21/2023 - Today and until Monday, our ambassadors, Alexis and Manuel Bouillet are on our stand! Their preparations for the day? Angel cake with Mount Gay rum, Sidecar caketail, Cointreau mandarin puff & cointreau banana cupcake. On this first day of the Chinese New Year, happiness, health, luck and prosperity to all!  

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SIRHA 2023: Friday, January 20

01/20/2023 - Chef Otto Tay's tastings delight our visitors! Our ambassador presented several of his creations: peanut cake & Mount Gay rum, Cointreau earl grey raspberry cake, Cointreau Dim sum (recipe available on our site on this link) decorated with Cointreau pearls, and Cointreau vanilla mascarpone cream verrines. Thanks to our visitors: Bramble & Hedge (Australia), Sanjeev and Julie from Keylink, our UK distributor, the students of the Notre-Dame du Roc - Les sorbets School (La Roche sur Yon), Marc, the creator of Cointreau pearls, Joël Bellouet and Jérôme Landrieu, with chefs Manuel Bouillet and Nicolas Pierot, Nicolas Adriano and Michael Gastaldi from Nio (Cocktails Nio) with Paul Segers, Jean-Michel Perruchon, MOF pastry chef (Bellouet Conseil) with Frédéric Ratajczak and Paul Segers, Shirley and Filad, our distributor Maxly Food (Hong Kong).

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SIRHA 2023 : Thursday, January 19

01/19/2023 - During this first day at the Hospitality and Catering show in Lyon, we had the pleasure of meeting our chefs and ambassadors: Otto Tay, 2019 World Pastry Champion, Manuel and Alexis Bouillet, Pastry Consultants (Twin's Creative Lab), Nicolas Pierot and Laurent Luo (MelodyLu Bakery). Otto Tay performed dessert demonstrations with Cointreau 60, which attracted many gastronomy professionals. We thank in particular for their visit, Arjan Van de Rovaart and Tom Stalpers of VIPAM, our importer in the Netherlands, and M. Laurent Le Daniel, MOF pastry chef, President of the National Confederation of Pastry Artisans.

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Tomorrow SIRHA!

01/18/2023 - he RÉMY COINTREAU GASTRONOMIE team is in Lyon, ready to welcome you on the SIRHA!


Rum, a must in pastry and chocolate

01/18/2023 - Otto Tay, World Pastry Champion, and pastry chefs, Alexis and Manuel Bouillet, have just revisited some great classics of French pastry, including the flavor of Mount Gay, the oldest rum brand in the world! Visit SIRHA to discover their creations!

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Brandy dedicated to gastronomy

01/17/2023 - St-Rémy is the most popular French brandy in the world. In its special gastronomy version, it concentrates all the flavours of the original St-Rémy: delicate aromas of wood and vanilla, notes of ripe fruit and honey. The World Pastry Champion, Otto Tay, on January 19 and 20 on our stand, and pastry chefs, Alexis and Manuel BOUILLET, present from January 21 to 23, will be at your disposal to reveal their tricks on the use of this culinary flavour!

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To the discovery of the COINTREAU world...

01/16/2023 - COINTREAU, the orange liqueur par excellence, is a true culinary fragrance. Come and discover on our stand at SIRHA the 6 Cointreau scent indicators!  


Presentation of the Duo 5 Caketails

01/16/2023 - Our duo composed of Quentin Gallopyn, sous-chef,  and Rodolphe Quéhé, sommelier, within the same establishment, L'impératif (1 Michelin star) in  Roucourt, presents in video its creations during the Caketail competition.

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See you on SIRHA with Alexis and Manuel BOUILLET!

01/12/2023 - In preview on SIRHA, pastry chefs, Alexis and Manuel BOUILLET, will teach you their new creations. Great classics of French pastry revisited: flan, charlotte, cake, soufflé,... flavored with Cointreau, St-Rémy brandy and Mount Gay rum. The dates to remember: they will be from 21 to 23 January on our booth 4C36!

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See you on SIRHA with Otto TAY!

01/11/2023 - Otto Tay and Loi Ming Ai won the title of World Pastry Champions in 2019, as part of the Malaysian team. These talented chefs have created several recipes flavored with Cointreau, Cognac Rémy Martin, Calvados Père Magloire and Amaretto, in video format to discover in our Chef Recipes section. Otto TAY looks forward to seeing you on our booth 4C36 on 19 and 20 JANUARY on SIRHA!

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Presentation of the Duo 4 Caketails

01/10/2023 - Discover in video the  Caketails imagined by Kevin VAN ASCH, chef de partie, and Alain ROSIER, sommelier, at the restaurant Aan de Zweth (1 Michelin star) in the  Netherlands, during the Caketail Competition!

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Partnership 2023

01/06/2023 - To start the year in style, RÉMY COINTREAU GASTRONOMIE will be a partner of RELAIS DESSERTS in 2023, but also in 2024 and 2025! For nearly 40 years, the RELAIS DESSERTS association has brought together the world's elite of French haute pâtisserie in order to make it shine around the world. RÉMY COINTREAU GASTRONOMIE shares the same values around a key word: Excellence.


The Bronze Caketails

01/03/2023 - We share with you the Caketails recipes imagined by Yorre Adrianenssens (Restaurant Casello) and Koen Van der Cammen. A duo that won bronze at the 2022 Caketail Competition. -> Salted Caketail -> Sweet Caketail

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With us in 2023!

01/01/2023 - The RÉMY COINTREAU GASTRONOMIE team wishes you all the best for the New Year.

The silver Caketails

12/27/2022 - Our silver winners, Ygor SNYDERS (Maison Snyders) and Idris BICAK (Bar Volga) present their Caketails in video! Discover their recipes available on our website. -> Salted Caketail #2 -> Sweet Caketail #2

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Merry Christmas!!

The Rémy Cointreau Gastronomie team wishes you a Merry Christmas, beautiful gourmet moments to share!


The winning Caketails

12/20/2022 - Discover in video the creations of Anouck FRANSOLET (Sommelier) and Corentin LONNOY (Chef) of “Le comptoir de l'eau vive” (Belgian), during the Caketail contest. Two compositions that allowed them to win gold! Their recipes are freely downloadable on our website. Salty Caketail: Epicure Sweet Caketail: Horacio

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12/16/2022 - In a month to the day, we look forward to seeing you at the Salon de l'Hôtellerie et de la Restauration in Lyon. Stay tuned to find out more!


CAKETAIL CONTEST: the contest video!

12/15/2022 - It is with great pleasure that we reveal the images filmed during the final of the contest, at the end of November. A successful event around the Rémy Martin 1738 and Cointreau brands! Highlights that will remain in our memories! The concept of Caketails imagined by RÉMY COINTREAU GASTRONOMIE is a new tasting offer, such as gourmet coffee or tea time. It also provides an answer to how to make cocktails even more attractive while offering chefs and sommeliers/bartenders a new and original concept, commercially viable. At a time when foodpairing and the techniques of the world of pastry and cooking are "shaken and stirred" like a Margarita or a Cosmopolitan, all emulsions are positive! See you in 2023 for the second edition!

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12/13/2022 - Mélanie Marguerat ranked 3rd at the 2022 Romande and Ticino Final of young confectioners. Discover the recipe for its praline with orange and Cointreau flavors!


CAKETAIL CONTEST: the teaser before the contest video!

12/09/2022 - It was November 28 and it was an exceptional day!! The first Benelux edition of the Caketail competition allowed 6 duos [sommelier/barman & chef] to express themselves with creativity and technicality around the concept of caketail, with Cointreau and Cognac Rémy Martin 1758. Thank you to each of them for participating in this challenge! We’ll share with you the winners’recipes. To be continued!

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New recipe of viennoiserie: KISS

12/06/2022 - Brent MAES joined the Joost Arijs chocolate pastry shop as soon as he finished his studies at the Ter Groene Poorte bakery school in Bruges and its pastry and chocolate specialization. He’s dedicated to slow baking, to the production of sourdough breads and viennoiseries. He has created his own version of almond cake to which he incorporates raspberries and The Botanist gin. Recipe from the book 2023 RANSON INSPIRATIONS.

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12/02/2022 - Discover the recipe for the 2nd Prize of the 2022 Romande and Ticino Final of young confectioners, Bruno Schneider.

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New CAKETAIL: Golden pops & Cognac on the rocks

12/01/2022 - Aesthetic, fun, taste... everything is gathered in this splendid caketail imagined by Patrick AUBRION, Belgian pastry chef and chocolatier, around the brands Cointreau & Cognac Rémy Martin® 1758. To discover this recipe, it's here!

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CAKETAIL Contest: The winning Caketails!

11/28/2022 - Recipes soon available on our website! DUO #1 : Anouck Fransolet & Corentin Lonnoy – Restaurant Le comptoir de l'eau vive (Erpent, Belgium) DUO #2: Igor Snyders (Maison Shnyders in Oupeye) and Idris Bicak (Bal Volga in Liège) DUO #3: Yorre Adrianenssens & Koen Van der Cammen – Restaurant Casello

CAKETAILS 1_news copie.jpg

CAKETAIL Contest: The deliberations of our jury

11/28/2022 - The jurors deliberated! We have the  honor and pleasure to communicate the result of this first Caketail contest: DUO #1 : Anouck Fransolet & Corentin Lonnoy – Restaurant Le comptoir de l'eau vive (Erpent, Belgium) DUO #2: Igor Snyders (Maison Shnyders in Oupeye) and Idris Bicak (Bal Volga in Liège) DUO #3: Yorre Adrianenssens & Koen Van der Cammen – Restaurant Casello So much originality, creativity, beautiful creations and beautiful tastings that have seduced the chefs and bartenders who make up our jury! Congratulations to the winners and all the candidates. Thank you to each of them for participating in this challenge!

PODIUM 9_news copie.jpg

CAKETAIL Contest: The ultimate, our duo #6!

11/28/2022 - Kevin van Asch, party leader, and Alain Rosier, sommelier, in the restaurant Aan de Zweth (1 Michelin star).

DUO 6-0 news copie.jpg

CAKETAIL Contest: Our duo #5 on stage!

11/28/2022 - Igor Snyders officiates as a Chef in its restaurant, the Maison Snyders in Oupeye ; Idris Bicak is sommelier at the Volga bar in Liège.

Duo 0_news copie.jpg

CAKETAIL Contest: This is our duo #4!

11/28/2022 - Quentin Gallopyn is sous-chef and Rodolphe Quéhé, sommelier, at the restaurant L’impératif (1 Michelin star) in Roncourt.

Duo 1_news.jpg

CAKETAIL Contest: it’s the turn of our duo #3!

28/11/2022 - Anouck Fransolet and Corentin Lonnoy are respectively, sommelier and chef at the restaurant Le Comptoir de l'eau vive in Erpent (Belgium).

DUO 3_9 news copie.jpg

CAKETAIL Contest: What will our duo #2 present?

11/28/2022 - Alexandre Vaessen, sous-chef, and Jonathan Torralba Rodriguez, sommelier, at La canne en ville restaurant (Brussels).

Duo 2_1 copie.jpg

CAKETAIL Contest: The duo #1 in action!

11/28/2022 - Yorre Adrianenssens, head chef, and Koen Van der Cammen, sommelier, at Casello restaurant (Schilde). Each recipe will of course be shared with you soon!

DUO1_1_news copie.jpg

Caketail Contest with Alfred COINTREAU and Patrick AUBRION

11/28/2022 - Presentation of the concept of "connected" pairing by Alfred COINTREAU and Patrick AUBRION. Side-car Cocktail and salty twister, caramel and candied plums with REMY MARTIN 1758 COGNAC and COINTREAU.

CAKETAIL 10_news copie.jpg

Caketail competition - presentation of the jurors

11/28/2022 - The final of the Caketail Comtest takes place today in Antwerp! Discover the 6 renowned personalities of gastronomy who responded positively to our request. A big thank you to each of them! CHEF side: Stéphanie THUNUS Stéphanie learned the basics of cooking at the Namur hotel school. She started her career at the Maison du Cygne, where she met Sébastien. She then expanded her knowledge behind the stoves of Evan's Herb Grill in Wemmel. She likes to work with quality products and is guided by them to develop her menu. Au Gré du Vent" is the culmination of a common dream of the young couple: to open their restaurant to share their passion for gastronomy. The restaurant was built on an old barn owned by Stephanie's family. Only the small chapel to the right of the entrance still bears witness to this past. Stéphanie comes from a family of farmers whose farm is located opposite the restaurant. LadY Chef 2014 - Michelin-starred 2014 - Grand de demain/ 16/20 gault millau 2014 David BAERT Pastry, a passion that David Baert has made his profession. His story is that of a passionate man guided by happy encounters, a hard worker, driven by an irrepressible desire to please. David is the pastry chef of Hof van Cleve, the 3 Michelin star restaurant in Belgium, where he shapes bread, confectionery and pastry in all the splendor of homemade bread on a daily basis. A true gourmand, always looking for new flavors and new combinations, always with an incredible respect for the ingredient. Roland DEBUYST It is in Nossegem, in the suburbs of Brussels, that you have to go to meet Roland Debuyst, he in the kitchen, and Ayse in the dining room. After training at the Ceria and starting his career in places such as the renowned Radisson SAS Brussels, Sofitel and the Sheraton Airport hotel, Roland Debuyst opened, in 1993, his own restaurant, "L'Orangeraie", a perfume of the South... In the kitchen, he focuses on working with textures thanks to which he likes to surprise the taste buds of his visitors. He loves competition and, with the first prize Prosper-Montagné in 1995, he marks a first step towards the Bocuse d'argent of 1997. Other distinctions enrich his list of achievements, including 1 Gault and Millau star in 2002. Mai 2005 marks a turning point. Roland decides to close his classic gourmet restaurant to launch Orange Food Fashion, a trendy establishment... Then he followed with the opening of the Mariadal brewery in Zaventem, which the Michelin Guide awarded a Bib gourmand in 2009.  In December 2015, a new challenge: he started the adventure of BeBurger restaurants, of which he is the co-founder, a restaurant dedicated to quality burgers! In May 2017 followed the creation of Alfons Burger. At the same time, he works as a consultant in the kitchens of the European Parliament. In October 2017, he completely redesigned Orange Food Fashion, which became Bistro R.   SOMMELIER side: Alfred Cointreau, President of the Jury Alfred Cointreau is part of the sixth generation of the Cointreau family and was born and raised in Angers, France. This alone would make him the ideal candidate for Heritage Manager of Maison Cointreau. But the thirty-something doesn’t rest on the laurels of his last name. His personality was molded by his family history, his meaningful personal encounters, fed by an insatiable curiosity and an unrelenting passion for cocktail culture. Originally not destined to be in the family business, Alfred remembers his grandfather, a faux retiree, continuing to frequent the distillery daily. He had an inimitable passion for his craft, which he passed on to his grandson. In addition to being a father of two spirited little girls, Louison and Suzanne, Alfred serves as Heritage Manager for the family business and is responsible for keeping up the culture of Maison Cointreau. After trying his hand at various distillery roles, from unloading bags of orange zest to bottling to the art of distillation, Alfred decided he preferred being out in the world. A man of many talents (except sitting behind a desk), Alfred spends his time moving around, meeting people, and exploring bars. As long as he hears the clinking of ice cubes, he feels at home. Wherever he may be in the world, he always finds time to slide up to a bar, keeping his illustrious origins to himself, and give the bartender carte blanche. Champion of the orange label, Alfred Cointreau embodies the sensitivity and tranquil lifestyle typical of Angers, and is proud to share them with the rest of the world. Charlie GUILLIAMS Charlie Guilliams is the owner of Alfonse, a company founded in 2016 focused on cocktails and hospitality. Antique dealer by training and passionate about art, she met her husband after a trip in 2013 and very quickly, they developed together their first mobile bar service. In 2018, they opened Botanical by Alfonse, a craft cocktail bar in Namur, and recently Liquorette by Alfonse, a dining bar located in the same city. Spontaneous and literary, she naturally took charge of the company's communication, on the networks where she shares daily the creations of the bars and her passion. Hannes DESMEDT I am a creative mind and passionate about flavors. I started my career as a young sommelier in great restaurants (Hertog Jan, Michelin*** - Hof van Cleve, Michelin***) and I quickly fell in love with the art of bartending. I continued to learn the trade focusing mainly on flavor and food combinations. I created my own company Wine Blend in 2017 where I gather all this expertise and share it with the next generation of entrepreneurs. In June 2021, I published my first cocktail book "Apéro Maison": an expert but understandable explanation of the preparation of more than 60 recipes, classified into casual cocktails, festive cocktails, gourmet cocktails, no-low & craft.


The final of the CAKETAIL Contest’ll take place tomorrow!

11/27/2022 - Among the 6 duos competing, which one will win tomorrow's first Benelux edition of the CAKETAIL Contest? We will relay the key stages of the competition throughout the day on our networks, from the ROSVAL Demonstration Center in Antwerp. Stay tuned!!

27NOV_news copie.jpg

Caketail competition - presentation of the candidates: Duo #7

11/24/2022 Joris Peters has owned the restaurant Aan de Zweth in Schipluiden for 8 years, he obtained his Michelin star the year after opening. The chef passed on the invitation to participate in the Caketail competition to two of his employees: Kevin van Asch, party leader, and Alain Rosier, sommelier, both of whom have been in his establishment for a year and a half. Kevin participated in several competitions during his training at the Cas Spijkers Academy. Combined with Alain's experience and expertise, the two form a complementary duo that does not shrink from any challenge. CHEF side: Kevin van Asch Kevin van Asch (29 years old) worked at the restaurant Zwethheul (Zweth), the restaurant Zout & Citroen (Oosterhout) and the establishment Swarte Ruijter (JL Holten) before joining the team of Aan de Zweth. SOMMELIER side: Alain Rosier Alain Rosier's (41 years old) career includes: the restaurant Zwethheul, The Fabulous Shaker Boys (Amsterdam) and the restaurant FG Food Laps (Rotterdam).

Duo 7_news copie.jpg

Caketail competition - presentation of the candidates: Duo #6

11/23/2022 CHEF side: Igor Snyders With his years of experience in several renowned restaurants, including that of the prestigious Opéra Royal de Wallonie, and his many participations in the organization of exceptional banquets, chef Igor Snyders set up his own business to share his culinary talents. Despite his young age, he has indeed explored throughout his already long career multiple flavors and mixtures and offers a contemporary, tasty cuisine. His motto: "Cooking is innovation."   SOMMELIER side: Idris Bicak Aged 26, Idris Bicak is at the head, with Laurent Hanquet, of Volga, an atmospheric bar located in Liège. "Passionate, always looking for new taste associations, exchanges and collaborations are for me an essential driver in my quest for creativity. My Turkish-Albanian origins opened me to discovery and blends of flavors. Balanced alliances, in life and at the table, are in my DNA."

DUO 6_news.jpg

Caketail cigar in Las Vegas

11/22/2022 - Creation by Romain Cornu, Pastry Chef, and Nicholas Forte, Head Chef, this Caketail combines the tasting of a chocolate cigar, hazelnut, praline and salted caramel, with that of a cocktail with Rémy Martin 1738, Black Cointreau and Peychaud’s Bitters. More real than the real!!!


Black sesame & Rémy Martin Cognac

22/11/2022 - In addition to the originality of the color of this ice cream, the black sesame brings a nutty taste expressed by Rémy Martin Cognac. A new recipe from the 2019 World Pastry Champion, Loi Ming ai, to discover in video!

LIVE_SEPT_2022_news glace.jpg

Caketail competition - presentation of the candidates: Duo #5

11/21/2022 CHEF side: Quentin Gallopyn is sous-chef. "Graduate of the Ecole Hôtelière de St-Ghislain, I joined Chef Benoît Neusy at the restaurant L'impératif (1 Michelin star) in Roucourt, after a few years spent with Vincent Gardinal at the Prieuré Saint-Géry (1 Michelin star) in Beaumont.   On the SOMMELIER side: With more than 30 years of experience in sommellerie, Rodolphe Quéhé has teamed up as a sommelier with Benoît Neusy since 2004.  

DUO 5_news.jpg

Caketail competition - presentation of the candidates: Duo #4

11/18/2022 CHEF side: Corentin LONNOY is a chef of the Comptoir de l'eau vive in Erpent (Belgium) since 2017. This young 26-year-old chef, gratuate from the Ecole Hôtelière Provinciale de Namur, worked in several establishments: Aux terrasses in Tournus (1 Michelin star), the Moulin de Lisogne in Leffe, La cuisine d'un gourmand in Profondeville, La Villa 71 in Lustin and finally, the Val Meuse in Hastière. "As an epicurean, it is quite natural that I turn to catering to flourish in my professional life. I'm not just passionate about cooking. The world of gastronomy interests me in the broadest sense: the service, the atmosphere, the welcome and the pleasure of the  table completely define who I am.” Corentin explains. SOMMELIER side: Anouck FRANSOLET is sommelier and also manager of the Comptoir de l'eau vive since 2018.  Her atypical profile is multidisciplinary: everything begins with the Provincial Hotel School of Namur, then in Metz, she obtains a complementary mention sommellerie, a certificate in coffeeology and bierology, then in Bordeaux, a university diploma of aptitude for tasting, finally a nose training in perfumery with Alexandre Schmit. Her work experience led her to the restaurants Le Serge and co in Strasbourg (1 Michelin star) and Le D'Arville in Wierde. "I love travelling, eating and tasting. Each wine is a meeting of aromas, the reflection of a landscape, an ambassador of terroir and a witness of history. " she said.

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Caketail competition - presentation of the candidates: Duo #3

11/17/2022 CHEF side: Alexandre Vaessen This 34-year-old Belgian chef, father of two, worked in the restaurant Comme chez soi (party leader) and La villa in the sky (sous-chef) before joining La canne en ville as sous-chef, with Kévin Lejeune.   SOMMELIER side: Jonathan Torralba Rodriguez Jonathan Torralba is Belgian, he is 27 years old. " We have been friends since 2016, when we arrived at La villa in the sky. Alexandre was sous-chef, I was an apprentice waiter. I stayed a year and a half before going to La villa lorraine. We have always kept in touch. After 2 years at La villa lorraine, I found a place as sommelier at Kevin Lejeune, and Alexandre joined me as a sous-chef. We have often worked on food and wine pairings but never on food and cocktail pairings, which is why we participate in this competition."

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Caketail competition - presentation of the candidates: Duo #2

11/15/2022 On the CHEF side:  Yorre Adrianenssens trained as a cook at the Ter Duinen Hotel School in Kokside. During his studies, he completed an internship at the restaurant Cent pour cent (1 Michelin star), which he joined immediately after his training. He has worked at the Casello restaurant for the last four years, evolving from kitchen clerk to restaurant chef. It has also received a score of 13/20 from the Gault & Millau guide and is listed in the Michelin guide. He’s a young, motivated and addicted to good coffee!    On the sommelier side: Koen Van der Cammen  "Active in the sector for more than 15 years and passionate about wines, I am very happy to practice my job as a sommelier on a daily basis. Ensuring a great customer experience and appreciation is a great motivator and inspires and motivates me every day. No two days are alike, which offers a nice variety."   

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Caketail competition - presentation of the candidates: Duo #1

11/14/2022  On the CHEF side: As there is no boat without a captain, there is no Domaine Vertes-Feuilles (in St-Sauveur) without its Chef, Pascal Martens, who selects every day the most beautiful products to give this place a little something extra, its authenticity. If he had only one motto, it would be "Good, clean and fair", three words that characterize his cuisine. Trained at the Ter Duinen hotel school in Koksijde and graduate in hotel management, it isn’t in the papers that we find him, but behind his piano, or his stoves if you prefer, talking about ingredients. But what will he ask of them? Above all, he wants to know their origin, their history and the flavors behind the richness of the perfumes they release. If there was only one success to mention on Pascal Martens' record, it would be his position as sous-chef at the Château du Mylord in Ellezelles. This 2 Michelin star is not the only establishment to its credit. He worked in no less than 12 restaurants from 1993 to 2009. In 2007, he was named by the King "Laureate of Labour, Tourism Section". In 2015, he won the "Let's Cook Cobia" competition, organized by Gault & Millau. A guide in which the restaurant has been listed since 2018. But let's focus on the most important thing about his cooking: the values he defends. Close to the products of nature and small producers, he also grows his own vegetables, fruits and aromatic plants. The breakfast offered at the estate is composed of homemade and local products. No question of simply ordering a basket of organic vegetables, quality products are the result of constant research and meetings with their producers.   On the bartender side: Born in Charleroi on August 13, 1989, Thomas Beifnot has been a bartender since 2013.  First waiter in an Irish cocktail bar, he replaces the bartender at the departure of the latter. A trade that quickly becomes a passion, more than a job. Trained on the job, but also with professionals, he gained experience in a brasserie in Louvain-la-Neuve before joining the world of hospitality as a head bartender in a new establishment in Charleroi. It is in the famous Alice Cocktail Bar in Brussels that he refines his techniques by working for a year, one evening a week. Since February 2020, Thomas Beifnot has been head bartender at the prestigious Petrus Bar, within the recently renovated Hotel Nivelles-Sud Van der Valk.  

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A pretty flower… to taste

11/09/2022 - When the flavours of coffee and praline enhanced by RÉMY COINTREAU GASTRONOMIE Amaretto, this is obviously a subtle and balanced creation. Signed by the World Pastry Champions 2019, Otto Tay and Loi Mingai, this new recipe is explained in video, step by step  To your screens!

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"La Maison by Rémy-Cointreau" in Amsterdam

11/08/2022 - Located in Fosbury & Sons Amsterdam, 'La Maison by Rémy Cointreau' will open its doors to all lovers of good living from 8 to 19 November. You will discover a place like no other: an ephemeral bar dedicated to the art of cocktails and drinks! An exceptional event for a one-of-a-kind experience, with expertise in cocktails, interactive workshops, theme nights, art and service rituals dedicated to Dutch craftsmanship and creativity. In collaboration with contemporary artist Pablo Lücker and ceramist Heinen Delfts Blauw.



11/07/2022 - A great event is going to take place… for the first time… To follow in November on our networks… Stay tuned !!!

Mount Gay rum and peanut in chocolate bar…

11/04/2022 - For the teatime snack or the gourmet break… the World Pastry Champions 2019, Otto Tay and Loi Mingai, created a chocolate bar both crispy and crunchy, with flavors of peanut, caramel and Mount Gay rum. We are pleased to share with you this new recipe!

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10/31/2022 - As promised, discover the recipe that has allowed Valentin Genevaz to win the Swiss Competition Final with young confectioners.


Pascal Favre d’Anne, RÉMY COINTREAU GASTRONOMIE new Ambassador

10/27/2022 - Originally from Savoy, Pascal Favre d'Anne made his debut at Marc Veyrat in Annecy, then at the France embassy in Bogota. In 2007, Pascal Favre d'Anne and his wife Mathilde decided to open their own restaurant: Le Favre d'Anne in Angers on the banks of the Loire. A few months later, the chef was elected "Young Talent 2008" at the GAULT & MILLAU, he obtained his first star in the Michelin guide, he was also elected "Young Chef of the Year" by the PUDLO guide. After closing his establishment, Pascal Favre d'Anne made a ten-month trip to Asia, an introduction to new flavors, a discovery of new techniques, a stay rich in experiences. In 2015, he opened his culinary loft, a large apartment where you are received as at home. Only 20 seats, a unique menu for greater freedom of interpretation. "We also wanted to find a so-called market cuisine, even if it may seem overused. I wanted to be closer to the customers. " explains the chef. A new address quickly starred Michelin. In 2011, he created a garden on the Loire whose vegetables are used in the restaurant. VF, burger restaurant, was also born from the imagination of the chef, located in Angers and Nantes, a concept that offers burgers and homemade fries for less than 10 € made from quality products. In the kitchen, always dressed in his emblematic green jacket, both artist and craftsman, Pascal Favre d'Anne highlights the vegetables of his vegetable garden and practices a vegetable and playful cuisine. The Chef recently imagined several recipes, salty and sweety, with Cointreau, St Rémy, Mount Gay and Belle de Brillet pear liqueur, specially dedicated to epicureans, to discover in video on this link (in the Ambassadors field, select Pascal Favre d'Anne).


On the theme of honey…

10/25/2022 - A puff pastry delicately filled with chrysanthemum chantilly flavoured with Père Magloire Calvados… some lime zest… a hint of acacia honey on a chocolate wafer. That is the essence of this creation by the Word Pastry Champion 2019, Otto Tay and Loi Mingai.

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The 2022 Swiss Competition Final with young confectioners

10/21/2022 - The 24th edition of this prestigious competition with the best appentices in Swiss Romandie and Ticino took place on 24 September, at the Professional School in Montreux. Out of a total of 9 candidates registered, they are 7 finalists including 4 girls and 3 boys, who have conceived during this day the confectionary piece, carefully imagined on the theme: “Return to childhood”. Judged on their work technique, their organization, esthetic, taste, this young people have demonstrated their creativity and their execution skills and presented high-quality pieces. The final podium is the following : 1st: Valentin Genevaz 2nd: Bruno Schneider 3rd : Mélanie Marguerat Our congratulations to all the winners. RÉMY COINTREAU GASTRONOMIE is partner of this competition. We would be pleased to post shortly the Cointreau praline recipes of 3 winners.

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On the theme of pancakes…

10/18/2022 - Original, fresh and deliciously tangy, this new recipe created by the Word Pastry Champion 2019, Otto Tay and Loi Mingai, combines with vanilla flavors and delicate notes of Cointreau.

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A Reunion Day

10/11/2022 - We received with great pleasure today our distributor and long-time partner in Italy, LUXARDO. Program : the visit of Distillerie Cointreau in Angers and reception in La Richardière, the Cointreau family house. We are honored to have received them in Anjou and thank them.  


NFS in Angers

10/10/2022 - Congratulations to the winners of Lesaffre Competition in Japan that we had the pleasure to receive yesterday at the Distilleries COINTREAU, accompanied by our importer NFS. Thank you to their visit! 

Vainqueurs Concours Lesaffre_NFS_octobre 2022__.jpg

A recipe to celebrate Christmas

10/04/2022 - Thank you to Ludovic RICHARD, Meilleur Ouvrier de France boulanger, to share with us its recipe « THE CHRISTMAS BRIOCHE, ORANGE, CHOCOLATE, HAZELNUT » flavoured with Cointreau. Recipe from the book « Passion and baking traditions » by editions Bellouet Conseil, for sale on the school website.


Cointreau Suspense

09/27/2022 - At the heart of this log with Cointreau, a fruit insert on a chocolate cream and crisp chocolate leaf, all enrobed with chocolate mousse, a fine layer of sponge without flour and frosted with dark chocolate. A creation by Pastry Chef, Yannick LABBÉ, Pastry European Champion in 2011.

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New Caketail : Butterflies & Royal Sidecar

09/23/2022 - The Belgian pastry chef and chocolate-maker, Patrick AUBRION, created a Caketail which perfectly illustrates the « connected » pairing, in both tasting and visual terms : BUTTERFLIES is a dessert with flavours of yuzu, ginger, Cointreau and dark chocolate, ROYAL SIDECAR, a cocktail with Cointreau and Rémy Martin 1758 Cognac. Gold-wire sculpture : Racso Jugarap  

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New cake recipe

09/20/2022 - The World Pastry Champions 2019, Otto Tay and Loi Mingai, share their new creation: it’s more than a simple cake, a greediness that mixes flavours of hazelnut, caramel and kalamansi, with subtle notes of Rémy Martin Cognac.

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Emmanuel RYON and COINTREAU 60

09/14/2022 - Among the Rémy Cointreau Gastronomie Ambassadors, Emmanuel RYON, Meilleur Ouvrier de France glacier, World Pastry Champion, created several desserts with Cointreau, freely downloadable on our website.


New live demonstration by Chefs

09/07/2022 - Following the success of live by Chefs, Alexis and Manuel BOUILLET, last April in Tawan (12.000 connections), a new live was organized Friday in Shanghai, in partnership with our importer SINODIS. « Discover the secrets of use of spirits with World Pastry Champions 2019, Otto Tay and Loi Mingai », here is the program of this new edition, with 6 recipes : Cointreau pancake Rémy Martin cake Small cake with apple, honey and Père Magloire Calvados Coffee flowers with Amaretto, Chocolate bar with Mount Gay / Iles du Vent rum Ice with black sesame and St Rémy / Rémy Martin followed by nearly 14 000 people!! Recipes that we’ll have the pleasure to sharing with you in September. Thank you to Chefs and our partner, SINODIS.

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The Chefs and St Rémy Brandy 60

08/31/2022 - Among the Rémy Cointreau Gastronomie Ambassadors, Alexis Bouillet,  World’s Best Young Pastry Chef 2011 (Twin’s Creative Lab, Taïwan) created St Rémy Banana Pound Cake, freely downloadable on our website.


Superb masterclass in China

08/10/2022 - Laurent Luo, our Ambassador and Pastry Chef (Melody Luo Bakery, Xiamen), has just provided at the beginning of August a workshop with about twenty enthusiastic professionals. On the program, the presentation of 5 custom creations: the mango mousse entremets with Cointreau, the black forest with Jacobert Kirsch, the cheesecake yogurt entremets with Cointreau, the dark chocolate banana entremets with Iles du vent rum, the Cointreau tiramisu. A demonstration organized in partnership with our importer, SINODIS, whom we warmly thank. Coming recipes on our site!

Demo_Chine_LaurentLuo_juillet2022_1 copie.jpg


04/08/2022 - Among the Rémy Cointreau Gastronomie Ambassadors, Jean-Michel PERRUCHON, Meilleur Ouvrier de France pâtissier (Bellouet conseil school, Paris) created several desserts with Cointreau, freely downloadable on our website.


When our Ambassadors combine their talent…

07/27/2022 - The Pastry Chef, Bruno Van Vaerenbergh, has just shared a working session with the Pastry World Champion, Otto Tay, on an original recipe of cake with Rémy Martin Cognac. A new that we hope to share with you soon!



07/20/2022 - Since his teenage years, Patrick Aubrion has been passionate about chocolate and continues to discover the wonderful world of cocoa, a journey that has already taken him to many places on our planet, a quest far from over. Patrick's career began very early, in the bakery of the father of a childhood friend. Chocolate and pastry scents are forever in the memory of the 8-year-old. In this village bakery, he took his first steps in the work of chocolate: tasting, combination, experiences around flavors and ingredients. Young Patrick quickly understood what he had to do with his life. By creating his first praline, Patrick convinces his parents to allow him to train as a chocolatier;  four years later, he graduated brilliantly, ready to conquer the world. In 1994, Patrick moved to France; he worked day and night in the emblematic Parisian pastry shop Fauchon and trained with the renowned master Pierre Hermé.  Rich in this experience, and full of enthusiasm, he returns to the De Baere pastry shop in Belgium, an ideal step to perfect his skills as a chocolatier in the world of pastry.  In 1996, he embarked along side Pierre Marcolini on an adventure in Brussels that lasted 14 years and brought the Marcolini brand an international reputation.  At the same time, Patrick participates in international competitions of  which he is very often a laureate: many gold and silver medals crown his original artistic creations. The most prestigious titles are undoubtedly those of European champion and vice-world champion of the chocolate factory. Patrick Aubrion is a true ambassador of chocolate. His perfect mastery of the subject, his commitment to innovation and his unreserved enthusiasm ensure a bright future for this noble product. RÉMY COINTREAU GASTRONOMIE’s proud to welcome Patrick AUBRION among its Ambassadors. 


The Chefs and The Botanist 60 gin

07/06/2022 - Among the Rémy Cointreau Gastronomie Ambassadors, the Pastry Chef, Camille Cheng, created Delicacy, entremets with The Botanist Gin, freely downloadable on our website.


The Chefs and Mount Gay 55

06/28/2022 - Among the Rémy Cointreau Gastronomie Ambassadors, the Pastry Chef, Nicolas Pierot, created 2 recipes with Mount Gay 55, freely downloadable on our website. MOUNT GAY BABA CARIBBEAN

Mount Gay_NPierot_news.jpg

A brioche like no other…

06/24/2022 - When Manuel Bouillet (Twin’s Creative Lab, Taïwan)  revisits the brioche, he creates a viennoiserie with flavours of mandarin, dark chocolate, orange and Cointreau. Result? A very original recipe, visually and... gustatorily!

Brioche mandarine chocolat_news.jpg

A small exotic salad with Cointreau

06/21/2022 - Jean-Michel Perruchon, MOF pastry, shares with us in VIDEO its home recipe of exotic salad with Cointreau, assisted by his son, Théo. He tells us also a few tips, always good to know. Good taste!  Follow us this summer on the Rémy Cointreau Gastronomie networks to discover other Epicurian Special Recipes!

Demo salade exotic Cointreau_news.jpg

The Chefs and Cointreau 60

06/16/2022 - Among the Rémy Cointreau Gastronomie Ambassadors, the Chef, Stéphane Glacier, M.O.F. glacier, created 7 recipes with Cointreau 60, freely downloadable on our website. COINTREAU BABA FRESH TEMPTATION CAIPIRINHA VERRINE ALEXANDRA VERRINE COINTREAU PIE THE ST SYLVESTRE #2 entremets HAZELNUT CAKE


Amaretto and coffee, the duo of this pound cake

06/14/2022 - Among the new recipes presented by the Chefs, Alexis and Manuel Bouillet, during their live workshop in April, this is the Amaretto coffee pound cake. It’s more than just a simple cake: a real treat that we want to taste! Alexis tells us everything about its recipe.


Menhir-shaped chocolates

06/10/2022 - We welcome the new creation of David Wesmaël, Meilleur Ouvrier de France ice-maker, World Pastry Champion and new creative Director for Maison Le Roux in Brittany: a box called ‘Les Connoisseurs’, composed of 14 Menhir mini in 7 flavours. Among them, a milk chocolate Menhir mini with creamy heart composed of salted butter caramel and Rémy Martin Cognac Fine champagne and a dark chocolate Menhir mini with creamy heart composed of salted butter caramel and Mount Gay Rum. For delight all the ‘Connoisseurs’!

Coffret Menhirs Maison Le Roux 2022_ok.jpeg

Belgium Chocolate Awards 2022

06/07/2022 - The 10th Edition of the Belgium Chocolate Awards Day took place on May 31 in the baking school ‘Ter Groene Poorte’ in Bruges (Belgium), organised by the professional magazine Chocolaterie. Of the approximately 50 selected candidates, the winners in each category are: - Tio Van Ginneken, Chef of the ‘Co-pains’ Bakery for Serge Lamoral: Best Praline and Best Filled Chocolate Bar (in photo with Paul Segers), - Maria D’alo: Best bean-to-bar chocolate bar, - Maria D’alo de Madalo : Best chocolate concept, - Edouard Gauthier de Bombardon & Gauthier: Best shop fitting. During this anniversary edition, the PARTY was the imposed theme in the categories Best Praline and Best Filled Chocolate Bar. A theme which allows candidates to develop their creativity: on the visual aspect, the vibrant colors and the festive decorations were present, in terms of taste, the fruity notes have been largely used. Some ones been inspired by cocktails. A great success!!!  Congratulations to all the winners. Rémy Cointreau Gastronomie is partner of this competition.


The Technological Guide of ice-cream’ll be published in June

06/02/2022 - At the exceptional opportunity of its 80th birthday and 70 years of the “Un des Meilleurs Ouvriers de France glaciers” competition, the French Ice makers National Confederation publishes this year its Technological Guide of ice-cream that Rémy Cointreau Gastronomie is associated as a partner. We decided to communicate on this Guide with an emblematic frozen dessert: Frozen Cointreau Soufflé by Emmanuel Ryon, MOF glacier and World Pastry Champion, an evidence to support this ice-makers!


The PUFF revisited by a great Chef

05/31/2022 - When the Belgian Pastry Chef and Relais Desserts, Marc DUCOBU, revisits the traditional recipe of the cream puff, he combines textures and flavours: the delicateness of Cointreau Chantilly, the cracking pistachio insert, the lightness of pistachio whipped cream and of course, the softness of its puff dough. A recipe to discover as soon as possible!

discover the recipe
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Great collaboration with JUST HOT in China

05/27/2022 - JUST HOT is a patisserie group with 21 stores in the province of Yunnan, and over 200 more throughout the territory of the whole country of China under the brand Jiahua. Rémy Cointreau Gastronomie has just signed an agreement with this important company, towards the use of Cointreau, Jacobert 45% Kirsch and Iles du Vent rum in a number of desserts. This commercialization is coupled with an animation on cocktail: when the customer choose a dessert of the range, he received as a gift a mignonette of Cointreau with 2 cocktail recipes to cook at home. The concept is a great success!

Just Hot.jpg

Confederation of ice makers Gala

05/24/2022 - The French Ice makers National Confederation celebrated this weekend a double event: the 80 years of its existence and the 70 years of the “Un des Meilleurs Ouvriers de France Glaciers” competition. It was a wonderful evening at the Ritz (Paris), in which we’re associated as partners.

Photo 1 _news copie.jpg

When Cointreau flavours the Mont Blanc…

05/20/2022 - Alexis Bouillet, Consultant Pastry Chef (Twin’s Creative Lab, Taïwan) shares with us its recipe of Cointreau Mont Blanc. A subtle balance between chestnut, mandarin and yuzu, enhanced by Cointreau.

Mont Blanc Cointreau_news.jpg

An afternoon tea with Rémy Marin in China

05/17/2022 - Result of the cooperation between G-HOTEL (****) in Nanjing and Rémy Martin China, the afternoon tea is offered to customers since 1 May until the end of July. It’s composed with a beautiful buffet with amuse-bouches created especially to this event: the Chef of the hotel, Martin Aw Yong, worked on 6 salted recipes, whereas the Pastry Chef and Rémy Cointreau Gastronomie Ambassador, Laurent LUO, imagined 6 mini desserts, all flavoured with Rémy Martin Cognac or Cointreau. Of course, it’s suggested to accompany their tasting with Rémy Martin cocktail.

Afternoon Tea Remy Martin GHotel Chine.jpg

A dream come true…

05/13/2022 - Our Ambassador and Pastry Chef, Laurent LUO, comes to opening its own establishment, the bakery MELODY in Xiamen, China. A project was born after months of work and preparation. Congratulations to Laurent whom we wish every success!!


The Mirror of Loire, star of the bakery pastry Vertu in Angers

05/10/2022 - This travel cake created by the MOF pastry, Jean-Michel Perruchon, is made by Julien Manau, pastry chef of the bakery pastry Vertu. A cake became in the course of time a speciality with a stylish packaging with the owner, Gaylord Graveleau. Two major assets: the Cointreau with its citrus notes, and its shelf-stable. The recipe that simply has 5 ingredients has been slightly revisited by the Chef. Nearly 45 cakes for 6 people and 300 individual pieces are produced every 15 days. A growing success to the point that Gaylord Graveleau deposited the mark. The Mirror of Loire was awarded “Product in Anjou”. The best-selling French newpaper Ouest France just published an article written by Anouk Bouteloup on this great success.


A classic car on the oldest rally in operation…

05/02/2022 - A very big thank you to the Gaylord Graveleau team and Thierry Guitton for taking our MIRROR OF LOIRE with COINTREAU all the end of this fantastic 2022 ROADTRIP, at the wheel of their SIMCA 1000 coupé Bertone of 1965. CONGRATS!!!

photo 1_site web.JPG

Les Passions Modena/Angers 2022 begins today in Angers!

04/29/2022 - For 3 days, intercultural unprecedented events in memory of Luciano Pavarotti and Curnonsky, the prince of the gastronomes, would take place with artists and starred chefs from Modena (Italy) and Angers. In the program, opera concerts, singing master classes, gourmet market and evenings combining gastronomy and music. The evening organized tomorrow on behalf of Toques en Truck association will be marked by the presentation of the cocktail ‘Les Passions Modena/Angers Signature’ created by Alfred Cointreau, culinary activities by the starred chefs, Pascal Favre d’Anne, Luca Marchini (Modena) and the Chef Laurent Surut, musical interludes, lyrical and dances, with the choreography of Emmanuelle Lecerf-Vakaryn.

More info and booking
Passions Modena Angers mai 2022.jpg

A dinner of thanks

04/26/2022 - It’s around an orange dinner organized in the walls of Cointreau distillery that we invited several Angevin catering professionals, in the presence of Carole Quinton, the nose of the House of Cointreau, Alfred Cointreau, descendant et first ambassador of the brand, Jérôme Schuster, distillery Director, and Frédéric Ratajczak, Rémy Cointreau Gastronomy Director. The main purpose of this evening was to thank this pastry chefs and restaurateurs to promote Cointreau throughout the year in their establishment. The highlight of this dinner: Frozen Cointreau soufflé presented by Emmanuel RYON, MOF glacier and World Pastry Champion. A recipe available on our website.

Diner 4.jpg

Live demonstration by Chefs on the net: a concept that seduces!!

04/22/2022 - Almost 12 000 people logging onto last Tuesday to watch live demonstration of Pastry Chefs, Alexis Bouillet and Manuel Bouillet, in their laboratory in Taiwan (Twin’s Creative Lab) around Cointreau and Rémy Cointreau Gastronomie Amaretto. 3 recipes were prepared and explained in detail by the twin brothers in front of the camera: Cointreau chocolate brioche, Amaretto coffee cake and Cointreau Mont Blanc. Encouraged by this success, we decided to organize another demonstration in the near future… with one of the recent Pastry World Champion! We’ll let you know the date and the link to follow live this new workshop of chef. Stay tuned! Thank you to Chefs!!! and also thank you to everyone who joined us!!


A pastry workshop LIVE!

04/15/2022 - See you the TUESDAY, 19 APRIL at 8 am (French time) on the link below for a live demonstration by Pastry Chefs, Manuel and Alexis BOUILLET (Twin’s Creative Lab, Taïwan) around COINTREAU. The workshop’ll be conducted in English (subtitled in Chinese).