Mount Gay Eclipse

11/30/2021 - With its aromas of vanilla and sweet caramel, the MOUNT GAY rum is a perfect complement to chocolate and caramel, major ingredients of this new entremets, created by Raphaël GIOT, 2009 Pastry World Cup  bronze medalist. Pastry Chef installed in Lasnes (Belgium) during summer 2019, Raphaël GIOT makes it a point of honor to offer all customers bread, ice cream, chocolates, pastries and others macaroons prepared according to delicious recipes, reinvented and made in the traditional way, with noble raw materials of its rich terroir and a know-how of the first order.  


A nice green cube with flavors of Matcha and Cointreau

11/26/2021 - Discover in video the preparation of this cake created by the Pastry Chef, Nicolas Pierot. It doesn’t lack originality!


New: Cointreau Panettone

11/23/2021 - To discover exclusively in the November-December issue of Journal du Pâtissier the recipe of Cointreau Panettone: a Panettone dough deliciously filled with dry fruits subtly flavoured with Cointreau. An even more fruity vision, proposed by the Pastry Chef, Laurent Luo.


The Michelin Guide and Rémy Martin recognize sustainable excellence

11/19/2021 - With the publication of the 2022 Edition of Shanghai Michelin Guide, the Michelin Stars Ceremony has just taken place in Shanghai during which over 129 restaurants were featured with 2 restaurants ***MICHELIN, 8 restaurants **MICHELIN, 37 restaurants *MICHELIN and 20 restaurants Bib Gourmand. For the first time, the Michelin Green Star award was awarded to a restaurant in Shanghai, TAIAN TABLE (***Michelin), in recognition of initiatives in favour of a more sustainable gastronomy. This first award results from a partnership involving Michelin Guide and Rémy Martin, signed for a period of two years. In her speech, Ms. Sophie PHE, Vice President House of Rémy Martin China, said : “Our two houses share the same strong values and are driven by the same passion, vision and culture of excellence. We are both emblematic Houses born in France with a global outlook. By teaming up together, we will be able to promote sustainable excellence.”

Photo NEWS.jpg

Amateur macaroon International competition final

11/16/2021 - During the Salon du Chocolat that took place this weekend in Vannes, Ms. Chantal AUBISSE, originally from Limoges, won the Amateur Macaroon International Competition. With its delicious macaroon called “Around the coffee”, composed with a star anise coffee ganache, a coffee cream and a chocolate disc, perfectly balanced, she took legitimately the first place!   At the initiative of Vincent Guerlais in 2010, joined by several of his Relais Desserts colleagues over the editions, it's grown into an international competition. This year, it was 14 finalists, selected in national competitions and in neighbouring countries: Italy, Luxemburg and Belgium… and 14 Pastry Chef organizers. Our congratulations to the winner, to Myriam MONNEY (2nd place) and Christine MARTIN NGUYEN (3rd place), and to all the other candidates! A warm thank you and congratulations are extended to Vincent Guerlais, Relais Desserts President, and Alain Chartier, MOF ice-cream and World Champion, who managed to run the event successfully that Rémy Cointreau Gastronomie are pleased to have participated.


Manuel and Alexis BOUILLET, twins in the city and… in the laboratory!

11/12/2021 - The French Pastry Chefs, Manuel and Alexis BOUILLET, created this year their consulting company, Twin’s Creative Lab, in Taipei, Taïwan. After launching their international career, they decided to combine their expertise and to offer their know-how in the sugar sector, in a custom built laboratory. We wish them continued success in this common great adventure! Ambassadors for our brands, we know their creativity and their perfectionism, and we highly recommend them among professionals.


Peanut vanilla puff with Iles du Vent rum

11/09/2021 - The Pastry Chef Nicolas Pierot reveal his recipe of mascarpone light cream flavoured with Iles du Vent rum. Come, we invite you to watch his video!!


Kyoto entremets

11/05/2021 - Raphaël GIOT, 2009 Pastry World Cup bronze medalist, created this very fruity entremets, composed with green tea sponge, yuzu lemon mousse, passion fruit et The Botanist gin cream, and mangoes caramelized cubes.


A log named Nathalie

11/02/2021 - Composed with cocoa sponge, Jacobert Kirsch-vanilla cream, Griottines Cointreau jelly and chocolate mousse, this log probably has everything to please Nathalie… Creation of Belgian Pastry Chef and chocolate-making, Jan PROOT. New recipe on line!

discover the recipe
Buche Nathalie_news.jpg

New: VIDEO recipes !

10/29/2021 - The RÉMY COINTREAU GASTRONOMIE web site evolves towards a site more dynamic, with more content and more information for its users. This way, we propose for you video-new recipes!! Nicolas PIEROT, Pastry Chef, presents – by images - his recipe of Cannelés with Rémy Martin Cognac. A video completed by a detailed recipe card. All this freely accessible on website!!


Very productive meetings!

10/26/2021 - In July and October, famous Pastry Chef have accepted our invitation: Patrick Aubrion - Laurent Moreno - Frédéric Bourse - Christophe Roesems - Jean-Michel Perruchon - David Wesmael - Yann Brys - Bruno Le Derf - Gaylord Graveleau - Alain Chartier - Marc Ducobu - Vincent Guerlais - Arnaud Larher - Laurent Le Daniel - Emmanuel Ryon - Aurélien Trottier and came for sharing topics of reflection around the use of spirits. Thank you to each and every one: a great time for conviviality and sharing! Thank you also to Alfred Cointreau who received us in his family house, La Richardière, during these seminars. Lastly, thank you to Vincent Ferniot, who guided the discussion. 


A new log: ARABICA

10/22/2021 - This log is composed of a coffee mousse, a coffee ganache, a chocolate sponge flavoured with Cointreau, on a Gianduja crispy. Created by Willem VERLOOY, elected one of the Best Belgian Pastry Chef by Gault & Millau in 2016. To discover on the new issue of ‘Le Journal du Pâtissier’(page 25).


Masterclass in China

10/21/2021 - Two demonstrations took place in Beijing with the pastry and bakery Chef, Laurent LUO: a daylong workshop on the theme of pastry, another on bakery. The objective was to demonstrate that the spirits of the RÉMY COINTREAU GASTRONOMIE have multiple uses in pastry, bakery and of course, in chocolate-making. As proof, all recipes in this training program, in pastry: Cointreau mango pie Cointreau travel cake Cointreau red fruits sponge Paris-Brest with coffee and Iles du vent rum Cointreau coco rolls Rémy Martin chocolate mousse in bakery: Farmhouse bread with raisins, fig, apricot and Cointreau Panetone with orange confit and Cointreau Brioche with raspberry jam and Cointreau    and also in chocolate-making: Ganache with Rémy Martin, banana and milk chocolate Ganache with Cointreau, raspberry and milk chocolate Ganache with Jacobert Kirsch, cranberry and milk chocolate A varied program much appreciated by participants. Thank you to our importer, SINODIS, for the organisation of this double event! and thank you to our ambassador, Laurent LUO !!


Visit on the SOCCHEF booth

10/20/2021 - We visited our importer, SOCCHEF, currently present at 34th edition of “Salón de Gourmets” in Madrid. The opportunity to see that the travel cake, the Mirror of Loire with Cointreau, offered for tasting, is very appreciated by visitors. Beautiful meeting with the Spanish Chef, Martin Berasategui (*** Michelin stars).



10/19/2021 - “I began doing Pastry since I was a kid, because my mum is a Pastry Chef and my father is a Bakery Chef. I often went to help them in their store. After that, I worked in several stores in various cities, as Changsha and Shanghai. In 2018, I decided to go to Xiamen to help a friend to open her bakery-pastry, Douce France. In summer 2021, TDessert, the international school based in Beijing, opened a second school in Xiamen. I accepted a post as professor and since then, I’ve been teaching pastry, chocolate-making and bakery. In parallel I’m consultant for a few stores and great brands as Cointreau. My greatest dream would be to open my own laboratory or shop! While the French pastry is always my favourite field, I am also passionate about the chocolate-making, bakery and more recently, ice-cream. The Rémy Cointreau Gastronomie spirits range offers me a larger palette of flavours that sublimate my creations. It’s an honour and a great pleasure for me to become Rémy Cointreau Gastronomy Ambassador!”


When the Cointreau Praline is wonderfully highlighted…

10/15/2021 - As promised the last week, we post the 3 recipes of Cointreau Pralines created and prepared by the winners of the 2021 Swiss Competition Final with young confectioners: Julianne ANCHISE (1st), Emilie RAVAIOLI (2nd) et Bella KAMARUDDIN (3rd).


Nice demonstration in the Netherlands

10/12/2021 - The ‘Patisserie College’ association is composed of over 85 Dutch patissiers and bakers. At the annual meeting, they share their experience in the most diverse areas. The event took place on 5 October. With our importer, VIPAM INTERNATIONAL, tastemakers of trends appreciated by Chefs, we held a presentation on Cointreau, with Paul SEGERS and Marc DUCOBU, Belgium Relais Desserts, whose Cointreau Mille-feuille and Profiterole recipes appealed the audience. The travel cake, Mirror of Loire, has also attracted attention from professionals. Thank you for warm welcome to the Chefs, also our partner, VIPAM INTERNATIONAL, and Marc DUCOBU.


The 2021 Swiss Competition Final with young confectioners

10/08/2021 - The 23rd edition of this prestigious competition with the best appentices in Swiss Romandie and Ticino took place on 25 September, at the Professional School in Montreux. 9 candidates, 8 girls and 1 boy, have conceived during this day the confectionary piece, carefully imagined on the theme: “Swiss made”. Judged on factors as work technique, organization, esthetic, taste, this young people have demonstrated their creativity and their execution skills and presented high-quality pieces. The first prize was awarded to Julianne ANCHISE, also winner of the Special Prize of the Precision. Emilie RAVAIOLI wins the second price and Bella KAMARUDDIN ranked third. Our congratulations to all the winners. RÉMY COINTREAU GASTRONOMIE is partner of this competition. We would be pleased to post shortly the Cointreau praline recipes of 3 winners.


Two Chefs in action

10/05/2021 - Nearly 80 professionals in the gastronomy took part yesterday in demonstration organized by our importer, BRUYERRE, in Belgium. The two Pastry Chefs, Willem VERLOOY, elected one of the Best Belgian Pastry Chef by Gault & Millau in 2016, and Raphaël GIOT, bronze medalist in 2009 World Pastry Cup, presented their respective creations with great professionalism: Arabica log with Mount Gay rum, Lauren entremets with Cointreau and Swirl small cake with Cointreau. Kyoto entremets with The Botanist gin, Eclipse entremets with Mount Gay rum and Provence, ice-entremets with Cointreau. We’ll be happy to reveal this recipes in the coming weeks. Thank you to Raphaël GIOT and to Willem VERLOOY, also our partner, BRUYERRE.


A praline named ‘Desire’

10/01/2021 - When Marc DUCOBU, Belgian Relais Desserts, creates a praline in a duo of Cointreau ganache and raspberry fruit paste, he calls it ‘Desire’: this says it all!!


New recipe of Black Forest

09/28/2021 - The Pastry Chef Nicolas PIEROT shares with us its revisited recipe of Black Forest, with Griottines Cointreau and flavoured with Jacobert Kirsch. An original, generous and greedy entremets!!


Press review #2

09/21/2021 - If you don’t yet know Caketails, the concept launched by Rémy Cointreau Gastronomie is presented in the last issue of “Le Journal du Pâtissier”. The Cointreau Cosmopolitan Caketail created by Manuel Bouillet, Consultant Pastry Chef, is an open invitation!


Press review

09/21/2021 - The COINTREAU MIRROR is a travel cake created by Jean-Michel PERRUCHON, M.O.F. Pastry (Bellouet Conseil School). In october, this cake is published in the Stéphane Glacier’s magazine “ARTISANS”. A easy to make recipe, available on our website.


2021 BRUYERRE demonstration

09/17/2021 - Each year-end, in partnership with Les vergers Boiron, Silikomart, Candia, Leman and Rémy Cointreau Gastronomie, our Belgian importer, BRUYERRE, organizes its demonstration of pastries. On Monday 4 October 2021, Raphaël GIOT, bronze medalist in 2009 World Pastry Cup, and Willem VERLOOY, elected Best Belgian Pastry Chef by Gault & Millau in 2016, will present their creations in Gosselies. In the spotlight, 6 recipes with Cointreau, The Botanist gin and Mount Gay rum.

Visuel OK.jpg

Demonstration of Stephan DESTROOPER

09/14/2021 - Bruges is the city in which Stephan DESTROOPER, baker, pastry-chef and chocolatier (member of “Créateurs de desserts”) presents today some of its creations, in the demonstration of our importer RANSON. Grandson of the famous biscuit maker, Jules Destrooper, he perpetuates in its establishment in St Idesbald the philosophy of its grandfather “The best or nothing”. Among other findings, a verrine and a finger-food with Cointreau. Please note that the demonstration takes place on the new premises of the TER GROENE POORTE School, that include an ultra equipped demonstration area and a room to seat 100 people.    


A book dedicated to PASTRY

09/10/2021 - On the occasion of its year’s end demonstrations, our importer RANSON in Belgium publishes, for the first time, a book with more than twenty Chef recipes. This limited edition is distributed to the participants during the demonstrations. Within a few weeks, we shall have the privilege to provide you some of them with Cointreau and Rémy Martin Cognac.


2021 RANSON Demonstration

09/07/2021 - The demonstration of Jan PROOT, pastry-chocolate chef (DelRey), took place today in Antwerp, focusing in particular on its recipes: “Cointreau hazelnut cake” and “Nathalie log” with Griottines Cointreau. This presentation organized by our importer RANSON in partnership with Callebaut, Corman and Rémy Cointreau Gastronomie, is one of a series of 4 dates, in 4 various places, with 3 top Chefs, in particular, Jan PROOT, the day Chef. At this time, the day’s two meetings (maximum of 25 people per group, due to the health measures in force) was full! A success showing that the professional interest for this type of event doesn’t decrease.



09/01/2021 - Flavors : calamansi, lime and Cointreau®. To download this creation of Manuel BOUILLET, Consultant Pastry Chef, click on the link! 10 CAKETAILS recipes are now freely accessible.

download the recipe

A Spectacular Journey of Food and RÉMY MARTIN Cognac Pairing

08/25/2021 - RÉMY MARTIN has just held a VIP XO dinner at the Tang Court restaurant (3 Michelin stars) in Shanghai, based on the concept of the food and RÉMY MARTIN Cognac pairing. The Sidecar Caketail was particularly welcomed by the guests, much photographed and published on their networks. The dinner was a great moment of discover and originality, in the presence of Mr Tony SU, Executive Chef of the restaurant, and Mr Kevin GU, Rémy Martin Ambassador.


2021/08/18 - As an accompaniment to tasting MOJITO cocktail, Manuel BOUILLET, Consultant Pastry Chef, has a very good idea: to review the Baba, the perfect dessert with rum! The MOUNT GAY rum with its aromas of vanilla, sweet caramel and spices brings all its subtlety to this creation!!



08/11/2021 - A summer baba with freshness of currant, an explosion of tastes with Cointreau. Original creation by Stéphane GLACIER, Meilleur Ouvrier de France Pâtissier. ©gaellebcphotographe 



08/04/2021 - Bitter orange, mandarin, chocolate and Mount Gay rum are the main ingredients of this new Caketail created by Alexis BOUILLET, World’s Best Young Pastry Chef 2011.


New pie: RIVIERA

07/28/2021 - Citrus special mention in line with Cointreau for this lady with petticoats surmounted of red fruits. Creation by Bruno Van Vaerenbergh, Pastry Chef Debic.



07/21/2021 - Strawberry and Cointreau, the deliciously fruity duo created by the World Pastry Champion 2019, Otto Tay.



07/14/2021 - Joeri VANDEKERKHOVE, ‘Best Pastry in Dutch 2021’ prizewinner, owed his upset victory to its ornamental piece on the theme of Polar Express, including this entremets with Cointreau whose he shares with us the recipe.

download the recipe


07/07/2021 - As an accompaniment to tasting the Rémy Martin Cointreau Sidecar cocktail, the Consultant Pastry Chef, Manuel Bouillet, created a real treat composed of a chocolate shortbread, covered by a Cointreau Rémy Martin whipped ganache with small cubes of Cointreau brownie, few orange segments and droplets of Sidecar jelly. A Caketail to find in SO GOOD magazine which has just been published. 

download the recipe


07/01/2021 - The pandan, traditionally used in Asia to perfume the sweet dishes, is a leaf with an intense aroma of vanilla. Other essential ingredients of this new Caketail: mango, coconut and The Botanist Gin. Recipe to discover on our website.



06/29/2021 - This smooth, creamy and soft Dim Sum in a gourmet trio of caramelized banana – chocolate – Mount Gay Rum, is a perfect complement to taste the cocktail El Authentico!! Thank you to Otto TAY, World Pastry Champion 2019.


The chocolate with PORT CHARLOTTE whisky by Joos ARIJS

06/22/2021 - The ‘2020 Best Artisan Chocolatier in Flanders” imagined a ganache flavoured with PORT CHARLOTTE whisky, covered in dark chocolate, dotted with small spikes of smoked caramel and caramelized cocoa nibs.



06/22/2021 - Joost Arijs had his pastry training at Ter Groene Poorte School in Bruges. He then studied all the subtleties of the trade at Mahieu Pastry (Woluwe Sint-Pieters-Woluwe), Marc Ducobu (Waterloo), and finally, as Pastry Chef, in the best Michelin-star restaurants of Belgium: Hof Van Cleve*** (Kruishoutem). In 2011, he set up his own pastry and chocolate shop in Gent, with his girlfriend Elke De Baerdemaeker, an establishment that very quickly conquered the public. Joost ARIJS was named “2012 Best Pastry Chef” of Belgium by the guide Gault & Millau, and “2020 Best Artisan Chocolatier” in Flanders. Today, the company employs 11 people, who form a young and highly motivated team with they enjoy working. For this couple who shares the same passion for pastry and chocolate factory, the purity of the products is essential: they prefer refined and pure flavours around a subtle play of textures and contrasts. Their phylosophie “Less is more” is reflected in the aesthetic of their pastries, refined and elegant. A concept applied to the entire shop, from packaging to decoration, in a sleek style with a combination of black and white which enhances their pastries, pralines, macarons and other creations in color. RÉMY COINTREAU GASTRONOMIE is pleased to welcome Joost ARIJS within its Ambassadors.

Joost ARIJS_Nouvel_Ambassador.jpg


06/18/2021 - To accompany this sparkling and fruity cocktail, Otto TAY created a Dim Sum with citrus fruits and its Cointreau Chantilly. A new recipe that the World Pastry Chef 2019 shares with us!


Discover the TEA CAKETAIL!

06/15/2021 - A pastry + a cocktail= CAKETAIL! On the pastries’ side, the Pastry Chef Otto TAY, World Pastry Champion 2019, brings his Asian touch by revisiting the Xialongbao [this little brioche in the shape of a draw-string bag filled with a stuffing and a delicious juicy broth] in a sweet little sting. On the cocktails’ side, this one was custom create! The duo of Tea Caketail= Rémy Martin Cognac and Mount Gay Rum.


Manuel BOUILLET presents Caketails

05/14/2021 - What has been the Chef's approach to imagine its Caketails? What are the essential criteria to succeed the association pastry-cocktail? What are the advantages of this concept? 3 questions to which the Pastry Chef responded in this video.

The COINTREAU strawberry

06/11/2021 - This creation of Romain CORNU, the Pastry Chef & Chocolate Master of Las Vegas, is full of charm: aesthetics, textures, flavours pairing... and the touch of COINTREAU! A new recipe that the Chef shares with us.



06/08/2021 - Romain Cornu was born and raised in France. In his early childhood, he developed his passion for creation and desserts by watching and helping his dad, Pastry chef and owner of a restaurant. At this time, he already loved to add smiles on guest’s faces while sharing his passion for baking. At the age of fifteen he decided to start Pastry School where he learned more about Chocolate, Ice cream and Sugar. He moved to Washington DC, in 2010, shortly after obtaining his master’s degree in Chocolate. He earned his first experiences in the United States by working for casual and fine dining restaurants as well as a pastry shop. He was then hired as an executive Pastry Chef for Fabio Trabocchi, a Michelin starred Chef. In late 2016, he moved to Las Vegas and started working for Wolfgang Puck group as an Executive Pastry Chef at Spago located in The Bellagio resort, and then was transferred few months later to become the Executive Pastry Sous Chef of the entire hotel. Romain joined Hakkasan Group in 2019 as a Corporate Pastry chef for all their restaurants worldwide. Between Michelin starred restaurant and casual dining, Romain was able to find the perfect balance between creativity and quality for his desserts. Constantly improving his master pieces, he absolutely loves exploring new ingredients and flavors. As 2021 announced the fusion of Hakkasan with Tao Group Hospitality, the group officially became the biggest entertainment company worldwide, making Romain ready and very excited to take his career’s next challenge. Romain finds himself lucky to live from his passion for food. He still loves sharing his commitment for his art with his team and customers and considers desserts as a real institution. RÉMY COINTREAU GASTRONOMIE is pleased to welcome Romain CORNU within its Ambassadors.


A baba with ILES DU VENT Rum

06/04/2021 - Thank you to Wendy YU for this recipe created and presented in live on the SINODIS stand during the Bakery China.


Alfred COINTREAU presents Caketails

06/01/2021 - After the Pastry Chefs, Manuel BOUILLET and OTTO TAY, Alfred COINTREAU, the Ambassador of the eponymous brand, gives us his expert opinion on Caketails!

Glass : Cointreau Rose

05/28/2021 - Chocolate and Cointreau: the duo of this recipe created by the Pastry Chef, Elise ZHONG, in live on the SINODIS stand during the Bakery China.

discover the recipe

Otto TAY presents Caketails

05/25/2021 - The World Pastry Champion 2019, Otto TAY, is taken from the Asian gastronomy to imagine 5 Caketails. In this video, the Pastry Chef who shares with us his Caketails experience around the brands Cointreau and Rémy Martin. Recipes to discover soon on our website.

Video of the BAKERY CHINA 2021 and more!!

2021/05/21 - To end the exhibition in beauty, our partner hosted a special evening for its customers: the SINODIS NIGHT. An exceptional evening brilliantly carried out by SINODIS, a great moment of this edition!! Congratulations to them all!!!

The BAKERY CHINA in pictures

05/18/2021 - The 23th Bakery China closed at the end of April after 3 intense days! Melody et Lin Hao received many visitors, with a very positif report! The pastry was highlighted: on the SINODIS booth, we have seen the demonstrations of Pastry Chefs, Wendy YU and Elise, with Cointreau and Iles du Vent rum, whereas the Pastry Chef, Nicolas PIEROT, presented its creations with Cointreau, Rémy Martin cognac and Iles du Vent rum, on the Ecole Belle Vie booth! Thank you to our partner and importer in China: SINODIS. Thanks also to Ecole Belle Vie and Umei for our partnership. Recipes to discover as soon as possible in our website!


CAKETAILS: two Chefs, two trends

05/11/2021 - Around the creations of CAKETAILS, two well-know Chefs brought us their view, their sensitivity, their creativity: Otto Tay, 2019 World Pastry Champion on the Malaysian team, and Manuel Bouillet, when he was Executive Pastry Chef at L’Arôme Institut Culinaire Français in Shanghai. Two Chefs, two continents, two trends for a concept without frontiers which can be declined endlessly! We'll share with you the testimonies of Chefs and Alfred COINTREAU.

See SO GOOD Magazine’s article


05/07/2021 - Discover the combination of two perfect flavors : strawberry and Cointreau in a dessert completely seasonal!


Our distributor in Lebanon : POLYGEL

04/30/2021 - Founded in 1993 by M. Gaby Antaki, POLYGEL is a family-owned company, specialized in import and distribution of raw materials for pastries, bakeries and chocolatiers. With a strong commitment to deliver the highest quality of products, and to meet customer’s needs in the best possible way, the company has become one of the most prominent suppliers in this area in the Lebanese market. Cointreau and Jacobert Kirsch are RÉMY COINTREAU GASTRONOMY brands available on the website.


BRUYERRE, more than a century of experience

04/27/2021 - The Bruyerre company was born in 1909 under the impulse of François Léon Bruyerre who launched into the sale of colonial foodstuffs (sugar, vanilla, dried fruits) for the catering trade. In the old biscuit factory he acquired in Gosselies, he started making pralines, chocolate sticks and confectionery. After the Second World War, his daughters and son-in-law took over from him and developed the family business, notably by adding to their activity the sale of equipment and a fruit cannery. The 1960s saw the arrival of the manufacture of furniture for shops and counters. Despite the limited road network at the time, the company is present throughout Wallonia, Limburg and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. The 3rd generation creates the Cash & Carry stores, the first store fittings and 24 hour after-sales service. In 1984, the chocolate factory moved to a new building, still located in Gosselies. It is in this same city that the management moved in 2001 all its activities within a new infrastructure. Over the years, Bruyerre bought out a number of companies linked to its core business. In 2011, shortly after the start of the 4th generation, the company opened its first boutique dedicated to chocolate on the Grand'place in Brussels. The following years were marked by the company's interest in green energies: the installation of 1020 solar panels on the roofs of its head office, the installation of a wind turbine on the Gosselies site. It increases its storage area by an additional 2,000 m2 and continues to acquire companies such as Vanhoebrock, Delsemme, Pieces.Pro and Schoevaerts. BRUYERRE has long distributed the brands of the REMY COINTREAU GASTRONOMIE department, brands that it promotes through demonstration workshops for professionals in the catering trade, led by renowned Pastry Chefs. Operations in which RÉMY COINTREAU GASTRONOMIE is a partner every year.


Demonstration by Pastry Chef Nicolas PIEROT in China

04/23/2021 - On 8 April a demonstration by Pastry Chef, Nicolas PIEROT, took place at our distributor, SINODIS,       in Shanghai, around 6 preparations: Chestnut apple with Rémy Martin® Cognac Strawberries dessert with Cointreau®, ginger and yoghurt Iles du Vent rum peanut vanilla puffs Cubism of yuzu and matcha with Cointreau Coffee Cannelés with Rémy Martin® Mojito Chocolate   The Pastry Chef shared his passion and his know-how with more than 40 attentive professionals. Two similar workshops will take place at Shengzhen and Beijing.     Thank you to Nicolas PIEROT and our partner, SINODIS.



04/20/2021 - Founded in 1997, Bakery China is the most important event for the bakery and confectionery market. Annually held in Shanghai, the event enables leading global professionals, buyers and delegates to meet and share the latest innovations and thinking in manufacturing, distribution, R&D, applications and other related services in the bakery industry. The 23rd edition takes place fril 27th to 30th April 2021. 2,300 exhibitors will be present on this show of 230,000 sqm. Visit us at the booth E5C81 of our distributor, SINODIS, to discover our brands, the latest news and taste preparations! Follow us on social media.


Teatime with The Botanist gin

04/16/2021 - To celebrate Spring, the Pastry Chef Otto Tay, World Pastry Champion, created a pie with mango, passion fruit and The Botanist gin flavours, named “Teatime”! A new recipe, full of freshness, available on our website: presented step-by-step in video by the Chef!


Our distributor in the Netherlands: VIPAM INTERNATIONAL

04/13/2021 - Founded in 1960, VIPAM INTERNATIONAL makes available to Dutch catering professionals a wide range of ingredients, tools and decorations for the artisanal confectionery, bakery, pastry and chocolate-making industries. An offer extended in recent years to the pastry in restaurants, semi-industry, icery professions and retail sales. It provides expertise, organizes demonstration workshops with renowned chefs and exhibits at trade shows in order to bring products, events which RÉMY COINTREAU GASTRONOMIE is regularly partner. VIPAM INTERNATIONAL distributes brands Cointreau, Rémy Martin cognac, Mount Gay rum, St Rémy brandy, Amaretto, etc… available on its website.



04/09/2021 - Tuesday April 6th, Joeri VANDEKERKHOVE won the award for “Best pastry in Dutch” during the Dutch Pastry Award. The Dutch Pastry Award is THE Pastry competition by excellence in Dutch! Each year, passionate dessert makers compete to offer the very best in creativity with the aim to become “Best dessert makers in Dutch” and join potentially the Dutch pastry team. Joeri VANDEKERKHOVE imagined a dessert flavoured with Cointreau which we’ll show you shortly. Congratulations to very talented winner!!


New distributor in China: SINODIS

04/06/2021 - As a subsidiary company of french group savencia, SINODIS is a leading distributor of imported food products in china,with a portfolio of about 50 world leading brands from 14 different countries. In addition to providing high quality ingredients, we also provide customers with comprehensive solutions by trend sharing, recipe research and development. Through a rich calendar of workshops, trainings and public demos with guest chefs, SINODIS extend value added technical support to inspire Chefs and F&B Professionals. The company has established Chef Studio-professional training kitchens in Shanghai, Beijing and Shenzhen. A partnership between SINODIS and RÉMY COINTREAU GASTRONOMIE that makes available the group’s leading brands to Chefs and F&B Professionals in China.


Last viennoiserie to make you discover

04/02/2021 - An ultra simple recipe, accessible to all: Cakes with delicate orange and Cointreau flavours.


A tartelette, a nod to CAIPIRINHA Cocktail

03/30/2021 - This viennoiserie is both crunchy, creamy, soft… and flavoured with Cointreau! A creation by Thierry CHARTIER, Pastry Chef.      



03/23/2021 - New viennoiserie with pastry cream and dried raisins soaked in Cointreau in a delicat croissant dough. The smoothness of the one, the crispness of the other, the flavor: Cointreau!


On March 20: MACAROON’s Day!

03/19/2021 - This event organised at the initiative of Pierre Hermé in 2006, will be synonymous with delicacy, greed and willingness! Then, let’s savour the delight and taste this delicate and crunchy sweetness, a concentrate of happiness! Discover the recipe of CENTAUR’MACAROON with RÉMY MARTIN Cognac in our website.


We’re back finally on a trade exhibition!

03/16/2021 - The MOBAC, the only Japanese exhibition of the Bakery and Confectionery, took place from March 9 to 12. That was the feedback of RÉMY COINTREAU GASTRONOMIE on the trade exhibitions, a feedback that makes us feel better! An exhibition of our brands: COINTREAU, RÉMY  MARTIN, MOUNT GAY rum, THE BOTANIST gin and PORT CHARLOTTE whisky, superbly organised by our partner, NICHIFUTSU, which we thank.   The next meeting is already in our diaries: it is for 2023 in Tokyo!

MOBAC 2021 (1).jpg

Genoa Cake with orange

03/12/2021 - We continue with our publication of viennoiserie recipes : this is the orange Genoa cake flavoured with Cointreau created by the ‘Meilleur Ouvrier de France pâtisserie’, Patrick BERGER (Royalty, Tarbes, France).



03/09/2021 - To accompany the tasting of the Cosmopolitan, this colourful cocktail that is part of emblematic Cointreau Cocktails, Manuel BOUILLET, Executif Pastry Chef at L’Arôme Institut Culinaire Français, Shanghai, created a Caketail with flavors of Cointreau, cranberry and rose. The perfect aesthetic and taste agreement!  


The Caribbean Softness with Mount Gay rum

03/05/2021 - A simple recipe for a real softness!!



03/02/2021 - The concept is particularly innovative: to develop synergy between bartenders and pastry chefs in order to create unique and original tastings, the Caketails. Moments of pure happiness which brings together tasting a cocktail and a measure-made finger food. Using the foodpairing that allows to combine food with similar aromatic compounds, the catering professionals innovate and propose new combinations of tastes and flavors never dared so far. A technology that will allow to marry liquid and solid indefinitely! The Caketail is therefore a new offer of consumption, like the tea time or the gourmet coffee, though with an originality that should be attractive. Two internationally renowned Pastry Chefs has studied the subject and has created for us amazing and tasty Caketails around classic cocktails with Cointreau, Rémy Martin Cognac and Mount Gay Rum: Otto TAY, 2019 World Pastry Champion within the Malaysian team, and Manuel BOUILLET, Executive Pastry Chef at the Arôme Institut Culinaire Français, Shanghai.   SoGood magazine presents in its latest issue, the first of the Caketail collection: Margarita Cointreau, created by Manuel Bouillet. A recipe to discover on our website.  


The Marcelin

02/26/2021 - Much greater than a viennoiserie, this greediness cards close to her chest! To discover its secret, download the recipe!



02/23/2021 - Despite his young age, chef Otto has spent years in the industry working and striving to improve his skills. All the hard work that he has put into his career has paid off as he was awarded as Most Outstanding Young Pastry Chef of years 2012 and 2013, Malaysia. Otto has also participated in various competitions and has been awarded with a Gold Medal for his Chocolate Showpiece and Dessert Challenge of Culinary Malaysia FHM 2011. Other than that, he was also awarded with the Most Oustanding Chocolate Showpiece in Asian Pastry Cup 2012. On top of this, in 2014 Otto and his team of pastry chefs were awarded as Champion of Asian Pastry Cup, while winning the Best Plated Dessert Award in Asian Pastry Cup 2014 personally. Otto also has represented Malaysia in the Coupe du Monde de la Pâtisserie 2015 with him being the Team Captain and entering the competition for Ice Carving and finishing in the 4th place among 21 countries. In the year of 2017, Otto also has represented Malaysia in Top Patisserie in Asia and won the Champion tittle together with Best Entremets Taste and Best Sugar Showpiece Award. Otto is talented pastry chef who started career at Hotel Maya Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. After that, Otto Tay joined the pastry kitchen of the KLCC Convention Center in Kuala Lumpur. Through multiple competitions, Otto has skilled himself in the arts of fine pastry and baking. Since 2015, Otto has been one of the leading teachers at the Academy of Pastry Arts in Malaysia. A very well known and respected pastry school in Asia. From August 2017, Otto officially began as Corporate Pastry Chef in Vietnam at the Pastry Academy of Dobla Asia. Next to the management of the school, Otto Tay will play an active role in the development of the Asian market through demonstrations, trainings and professional explanation of product applications. April 2018, Otto Tay and his teammates from Team Malaysia won the Asian Pastry Cup 2018 as the Champion. The victory entitles chef Otto and his team to take part and to win the Coupe du Monde de la Pâtisserie 2019 in Lyon. RÉMY COINTREAU GASTRONOMIE is pleased to welcome Otto TAY within its Ambassadors. Otto TAY and Manuel BOUILLET are working to a new concept imagined by Rémy Cointreau Gastronomie. Follow us on social networks!


FLAVOUR your pralines!

02/19/2021 - The spirits play an important role in pastry and chocolate-making industries to provide their original and subtle flavour or to bring out all the flavors of other components. This is particularly true for Cointreau 60%, the ideal flavour enhancer!   Their assets  · The spirits are natural products. · They are both flavourings and flavour enhancers. For example, Cointreau can be used to enhance the flavours of fruits (red, green, yellow), spices like vanilla, or whether the flavours of caramel, coffee, … · Conservative: 1% of a liqueur to 60% vol. (minimum quantity) prolongs the product life. · The trend is to use gin and whisky, or to take inspiration from cocktails. However, it is easy to use great classics such as Amaretto, Cointreau, Mount Gay rum and Rémy Martin cognac. Brands of excellence bring reputably to your creations.


Cointreau Briochette

02/16/2021 - Very pretty small brioches, filled with pastry cream flavoured with Cointreau, a new recipe to discover, to make and to taste without waiting!


Tell her with CHOCOLATES!

02/12/2021 - Chocolates, the greatest proof of love! To taste in solo or in duo, it is even better... Happy Valentine’s Day!


Take part in the BELGIUM CHOCOLATE AWARDS 2021

02/09/2021 - The professional magazine 'Chocolaterie' will organize this spring the BELGIUM CHOCOLATE AWARDS, a 9th edition on the theme of the Tokyo Olympic Games. Leave free your creativity to imagine a praline and/or a chocolate bar under the banner of innovation, originality, gustatory surprise!! RÉMY COINTREAU GASTRONOMIE, historical partner of this competition, will be pleased to offer your support by offering you its brands:  COINTREAU, MOUNT GAY rum and THE BOTANIST gin. To post your request, please use this link: Contact us Competition for professionals and students. Closing date for registration: 28 February 2021


Honey Prism

02/05/2021 - The first of the new viennoiseries to discover on our website, the Honey Prism is a creation of Belgian Pastry Chef, François GALTIER, Bronze medalist at the World Pastry Cup. A greediness composed of a croissant dough flavoured with Cointreau, filled with a honey cream.



02/02/2021 - 8 unpublished recipes of viennoiseries with Cointreau and Mount Gay rum will be to discover on February. Brioche dough, croissant dough, sweet pastry, Genoa cake, … for original and gourmet creations!  


Lesaffre & Rémy Cointreau Gastronomie partnership: recipe issue 6

01/29/2021 - Pineapple sling with Mount Gay rum by Jimmy KEA, Baking Technical Advisor for Lesaffre Asia Pacific.


Lesaffre & Rémy Cointreau Gastronomie partnership: recipe issue 5

01/26/2021 - Vanilla & Mount Gay rum loaf. A recipe by Julien JUBIN, Bakery Technologist for Lesaffre Asia Pacific.


Lesaffre & Rémy Cointreau Gastronomie partnership: recipe issue 4

01/22/2021 - St-Rémy Brandy infused purple sweet potato bun, created by Johnny CHEN, World Champion of Bakery.


Lesaffre & Rémy Cointreau Gastronomie partnership: recipe issue 3

01/19/2021 - Mount Gay rum & raisin rolls, by Johnny CHEN, World Champion of Bakery.


Lesaffre & Rémy Cointreau Gastronomie partnership : recipe issue 2

01/15/2021 - Orange Cointreau Brioche by Johnny CHEN, World Champion of Bakery.


Lesaffre & Rémy Cointreau Gastronomie partnership : recipe issue 1

01/12/2021 - Brown sugar sweet loaves with Mount Gay rum. A creation by Johnny CHEN, World Champion of Bakery.

Pains Mount Gay_news.jpg

LESAFFRE partnership: discover 6 new recipes of breads & viennoiseries

01/08/2021 - When the global player in fermentation, LESAFFRE, and RÉMY COINTREAU GASTRONOMIE work together, three recognized Bakers Chef create 6 new original and innovative recipes: Brown sugar sweet loaves with Mount Gay rum by Johnny CHEN, World bakery Champion, Rum & raisin rolls by Johnny CHEN, Orange Cointreau Brioche by Johnny CHEN, St Rémy brandy infused purple sweet potato bun by Johnny CHEN, Vanilla & Mount Gay rum loaf by Julien JUBIN, Asia-Pacific Lesaffre baking technician, Pineapple sling by Jimmy KEA, Asia-Pacific Lesaffre Technical Advisor to discover from Tuesday!

New year, new GALETTE!

01/05/2021 - Celebrate as it should be the Galette des rois, one of France favourite pastries. In this recipe, there is no frangipane, but a hazelnut cream flavoured with Mount Gay® rum!


Stéphane GLACIER, the school

02/12/2019 - Stéphane GLACIER, MOF pastry, founded his school in 2011 in Colombes (Hauts-de-Seine). This training centre organises pastry and culinary workshops for amateurs throughout the year, while enabling cooking professionals to perfect their knowledge of areas of pastry, confectionery and chocolate maker. Nearly twenty internships are animated every year by Stéphane GLACIER, Alexandra GARAFFI, and other actors recognized into the world of gastronomy such as Stéphane LEROUX, MOF Pastry, Emmanuele FORCONE, Pastry World Champion, Serge GRANGER, MOF Chocolate maker, Gérard TAURIN, MOF Ice-cream, … The school also offer trainings at the homes of artisans, organises demonstrations for some top gastronomy brands and publishes a number of books in order to promote the French pastry around the world. RÉMY COINTREAU GASTRONOMIE provides Stéphane GLACIER, ambassador and prescriber of our spirit brands. Website :  



07/24/2018 - Created in 1989 by Gérard Joël BELLOUET, a former professor at Lenôtre School, and Jean-Michel PERRUCHON, previously pastry chef at Fauchon, both ‘Meilleurs Ouvriers de France’, BELLOUET CONSEIL has become a professional and international key place due to a rich network and many contacts established over the years, thanks to a team of highly qualified teachers, for most ‘Meilleurs Ouvriers de France’ or ‘Champions du Monde’. Their claim : the quality work and devotion to serving catering professionals. From Bakery to Ice cream, from Pastry to desserts plate many specialities are available all year round, the school provide long term for adults beginners, with technical advice to businesses in food industry and research and development in order to monitor consumers’ palates. RÉMY COINTREAU GASTRONOMIE provides Jean-Michel PERRUCHON, head of the school since 2006, ambassador and prescriber of our spirit brands. Some key figures : BELLOUET CONSEIL welcomes every year almost 1 000 students, from over 110 countries. Top 5 : France, Belgium, United States, Japan, Korea and China. 1989 – 2019 : BELLOUET CONSEIL will soon celebrate thirty years of existence!! Website :