Caketail competition - presentation of the candidates: Duo #6


CHEF side: Igor Snyders

With his years of experience in several renowned restaurants, including that of the prestigious Opéra Royal de Wallonie, and his many participations in the organization of exceptional banquets, chef Igor Snyders set up his own business to share his culinary talents. Despite his young age, he has indeed explored throughout his already long career multiple flavors and mixtures and offers a contemporary, tasty cuisine. His motto: "Cooking is innovation."


SOMMELIER side: Idris Bicak

Aged 26, Idris Bicak is at the head, with Laurent Hanquet, of Volga, an atmospheric bar located in Liège.

"Passionate, always looking for new taste associations, exchanges and collaborations are for me an essential driver in my quest for creativity. My Turkish-Albanian origins opened me to discovery and blends of flavors. Balanced alliances, in life and at the table, are in my DNA."

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