Caketail competition - presentation of the candidates: Duo #7


Joris Peters has owned the restaurant Aan de Zweth in Schipluiden for 8 years, he obtained his Michelin star the year after opening.

The chef passed on the invitation to participate in the Caketail competition to two of his employees: Kevin van Asch, party leader, and Alain Rosier, sommelier, both of whom have been in his establishment for a year and a half. Kevin participated in several competitions during his training at the Cas Spijkers Academy. Combined with Alain's experience and expertise, the two form a complementary duo that does not shrink from any challenge.

CHEF side: Kevin van Asch

Kevin van Asch (29 years old) worked at the restaurant Zwethheul (Zweth), the restaurant Zout & Citroen (Oosterhout) and the establishment Swarte Ruijter (JL Holten) before joining the team of Aan de Zweth.

SOMMELIER side: Alain Rosier

Alain Rosier's (41 years old) career includes: the restaurant Zwethheul, The Fabulous Shaker Boys (Amsterdam) and the restaurant FG Food Laps (Rotterdam).

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