Les Passions Modena/Angers 2022 begins today in Angers!

04/29/2022 - For 3 days, intercultural unprecedented events in memory of Luciano Pavarotti and Curnonsky, the prince of the gastronomes, would take place with artists and starred chefs from Modena (Italy) and Angers.

In the program, opera concerts, singing master classes, gourmet market and evenings combining gastronomy and music.

The evening organized tomorrow on behalf of Toques en Truck association will be marked by the presentation of the cocktail ‘Les Passions Modena/Angers Signature’ created by Alfred Cointreau, culinary activities by the starred chefs, Pascal Favre d’Anne, Luca Marchini (Modena) and the Chef Laurent Surut, musical interludes, lyrical and dances, with the choreography of Emmanuelle Lecerf-Vakaryn.

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