Amaretto is a sweet spirit drink originating in Italy, with the aroma of bitter almonds and nuts.

This drink is made up of fruits extracts, plants, spices including almonds and hazelnuts.

This unsweetened Amaretto flavors ideally tiramisu, panna cotta, semifreddo, mascarpone, panettone, truffles, milkshake, pancakes, ice creams, nougat creams, biscotti, sabayon. A touch of Amaretto is added to the coffee, accompanied by cream, milk, whipped cream or cocoa. This spirituous beverage also accompanies fruits, pies of fruits and crumbles.

Aromatic profile: Nose: Notes bitter almond then roasted, vanilla and caramel Palate: Bitter almond, toffee, vanilla and nuts Body: Gourmand and long in the mouth