Born in 1888 in Greece, METAXA® is a unique amber spirit.

METAXA® has its roots in the depths of a land like no other: Samos, a Greek island off the Aegean Sea.

Constantinos Raptis, our Metaxa® Master, rigorously selects the noblest and most aromatic Muscat wines and reserves them for future assemblages.

He then chooses one by one the best distillates - those most able to offer the suavity so much sought for METAXA® - and reserve them patiently in oak barrels.

Only when he believes that time has done his work, Constantinos Raptis assembles the distillates, Muscat wines and adds a secret bouquet of Mediterranean herbs and rose petals from May.

Aromatic profile: Nose: Honey, roses, apricot, vanilla and violet notes Palate: Peach, apricot, grape and brioche Body: Generous with notes of oak and almond