The oldest brand of rum in the world:MOUNT GAY®, produced in Barbados, Caribbean island

The attention paid to its elaboration is undoubtedly the secret of its incontestable quality. Two major ingredients: a very pure water, filtered by the coral of the island to enrich the water tables, and molasses: sugar of Barbados, the finest of the world, resulting from the transformation of the sugarcane.

Open-air fermentation, with yeasts selected exclusively for the Mount Gay distillery, is followed by distillation in copper stills for more than 300 years. After aging in American oak barrels used to raise whiskeys, the Master distiller realizes the assembly: a complex alchemy between expert intuition and controlled knowledge.

The MOUNT GAY® rum dress has a beautiful amber color.

Aromatic profile: Nose: Complex notes of spices, grilled wood, followed by fruit Palate: Spicy balanced with aromas of vanilla, oak and sweet caramel Body: Warm and medium, glossy finish