A CALVADOS with the UNIQUE PERFUM OF APPLE, coming from the best ciders of the Norman hedgerow

The manufacture of Calvados PÈRE MAGLOIRE® requires several steps, each of which involves a craft, a know-how, a passion. Everything begins in the orchards where the apple trees are the pride of Norman gardens. The climate is ideal for the production of some 150 varieties of apples. Once harvested, the apples leave the orchard to be crushed and pressed in order to obtain the must. 

From the fermentation of the must, which is entirely natural, cider is born, which is then subjected to double distillation in the traditional copper alembic. Finally begins the patient work of the creator of Calvados in the secret of his cellars and the aging time.

The fruity and woody aromas of the Calvados PÈRE MAGLOIRE® will particularly perfume desserts based on pure chocolate cocoa, almonds and of course apples.

Aromatic profile: Nose: Apple, dry fruit and quince Palate: Apricot, cooked apple Body: Gentle and powerful