1st and only gin of the island of Islay in Scotland signed by Bruichladdich, in GASTRONOMY EDITION 60% vol.


‘When distilling THE BOTANIST, we are creating something more than a drink. THE BOTANIST is a representation of the place we are from. It is a way of communicating our place in the world and our love for it. Distilling is a way of life and for us it is a way to communicate to the world. We use the art of distillation and a connection to the land, our home, to create a wonderful spirit that speaks of the place it is from.’


THE BOTANIST is the harmonious combination of a soft and satiny texture. The viscosity of an extremely slow distillation in a Lomond type still brings out the delicate essence of Islay. It is the balance between different flavors, the combination of 22 plants («berries», «petals and leaves»).


Aromatic profile: Nose: Fresh and delicate, the hatching of a bouquet of citrus, plants and juniper, opening to sweet and spicy notes of thyme and mint Palate: Rich and mellow, the balance between the freshness of the lemon at the beginning and the sweetness of the flowers and plants of Islay Body: Satin and smooth Finish: Relaxed and balanced, the harmonious combination of a soft and satiny texture