Emmanuel Ryon continues his demonstration

09/14/2023 - After Shenzhen, the M.O.F. glacier and World Pastry Champion, Emmanuel Ryon has just completed his demonstration in Shanghai before an attentive audience of professionals, nearly 70 people seduced by the chef's creations and the assets represented by the RÉMY COINTREAU GASTRONOMIE brands, true culinary flavours: Cointreau, St-Rémy brandy, Iles du Vent rum and Jacobert eaux-de-vie.

Thanks to Emmanuel Ryon, Sinodis and all the participants.

We'll be sharing these recipes with you, so stay tuned!

W1L31417.jpg W1L31426.jpg W1L31467.jpg W1L31523.jpg W1L31555.jpg W1L31577.jpg W1L31607.jpg W1L31609.jpg W1L31612.jpg W1L31653.jpg W1L31681.jpg W1L31696.jpg W1L31698.jpg W1L31707.jpg W1L31763.jpg W1L31770.jpg W1L31771.jpg W1L31778.jpg W1L31782.jpg W1L31790.jpg