Magoa truffles from Giorgos Avgeros

03/22/2024 - Giorgos Avgeros, originally from Kalambaka, a small Greek town in Thessaly, initially turned to the fine arts. He studied woodcarving, free drawing, ceramics, hagiography and metalwork before working for 4 years as a sculptor.

His love of gastronomy took him to Thessaloniki, where he learned pastry-making. He completed his studies with numerous internships at the Ecole Lenôtre and with world-renowned pastry chefs.

In 2009, he won 1st prize for artistic chocolate composition in Greece and the Balkans.

A member of the French Embassy's jury for pastry competitions for 2 years, he has also worked as a confessional technical advisor, production manager in a confectionery, pastry chef in 5-star restaurants and hotels, and as a teacher in vocational training establishments in Greece.

From 2018 to 2023, he joined the Sani Resort as executive pastry chef, consulting in Greece, Cyprus, Russia and Germany.

Today, he has opened his own boutique, Magoa Patisserie in Thessaloniki.

Discover his recipe for Metaxa-flavored truffles!