The exhilarating bouquet of Cognac Fine Champagne is a perfume to be tasted.

The Rémy Martin house remains linked to the Charente lands where it was founded in 1724. It is in this small French terroir that Cognac Fine Champagne, born from a blend of grande and small Champagne, was born. The secret of one of the most aromatic grapes lies in the terroir that hosts the vine. The resulting brandy closes a complex palette of rich and unique flavors to give one of the finest cognacs in the world.

This cognac is distilled twice in copper stills and then aged for a long time in small limestone oak barrels. The result of the care given to its elaboration gives it qualities unique for a gastronomic use!

The dress of the Cognac Rémy Martin® is a beautiful amber with reflections of gold.

Aromatic profile: Nose: Apricot, peach, notes of jasmine and iris with a touch of cinnamon and wood Palate: Autumn fruits, wild flowers with notes of licorice and vanilla Body: Complex, deep and perfectly balanced